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The year 2022 has been a good year, but a very challenging one financially.     In March a... Read More


The 2022 mid-term elections are over, with the exception of a few states where the ballots are still... Read More

Reno, Nevada ~ Eagles Saving Nations Meetings ~ Nov. 11 & 12, 2022

I will be in Reno, Nevada holding meetings for two days in November.  Please see the flyer belo... Read More


Democratic member of the U.S. House of Representatives, Tulsi Gabbard, made the following statement ... Read More

Will Trump be President again?

On June 20, 2022, Israel's government fell.  On July 7, 2022, Britain's government collapsed.&n... Read More


We are living in unprecedented times.  Prophecy is unfolding daily as confirmed by the news rep... Read More

October 2022 Surprise

America and the Church are in serious trouble.  We are facing a Constitutional Crisis.  On... Read More


Lawlessness is sweeping America like never before. The Science of Judgment is happening right before... Read More

Attributes of an Eagle

EAGLES SAVING NATIONS is designed by the Holy Spirit to have people with the attributes of an Eagle ... Read More

Eagles Saving Nations - Part 5

America was founded on Jesus Christ. Eleven out of the original thirteen colonies had laws enforcing... Read More

Eagles Saving Nations - Part 4

The fight to build the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11:1-9), is back, only this time it is called THE NEW... Read More

Calling All Warriors!

Do you agree that America is in crisis and needs another Great Awakening if it is to survive?  ... Read More

Eagles Saving Nations - Part 3

In the book, THE CONSPIRATORS HIERARCHY: THE COMMITTEE OF 300—4th Edition Revised & Update... Read More

Sounding the Alarm! - April 11, 2022

Dear Partner:   We have already been on the road for three weeks. These are the states we have ... Read More

Eagles Saving Nations - Part 2

According to the book authored by G. Edward Griffin,  “THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND&... Read More


Matthew 10:34-36, “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, ... Read More

Marxism & Democrats - Communism in America

The radical left hates the Constitution which was written to protect people from tyrannical governme... Read More


II Timothy 3:1-8, “In the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of them... Read More

Trump or Biden and Civil War

On November 3, 2020, I prophesied that President Donald Trump would win the election in a landslide,... Read More

Rigged Presidential Elections

These three posts are on my WMI Facebook page at: World Ministries International with Dr. Jonathan... Read More

2020 Election

Today is November 3, 2020 and I believe President Donald Trump will win by a landslide, but as with ... Read More

Special Alert

We are living in dangerous, troublesome times in America and around the world.  Christian freed... Read More

Woke and Prosperity Pastors

The terminology WOKE is a new usage of a word used by Black Lives Matter (BLM), Antifa, National Bas... Read More

The Master Plan, U.S. Presidents & God’s call to Repentance

The Bible predicts and describes a New World Order and a One World Government that will eventually b... Read More

2017 Year in Review at World Ministries International - Kenya - Korea - Malaysia - Israel - China - USA

Knesset member Glick China Fox News - Amarillo, TX V.P. home - Kenya Huruma Redeeme... Read More

Prophecy Coming to Pass

Many of you remember the Prophecy to America the Lord gave me in 1995 ( The... Read More

2014 In Review - Kenya - South Korea - Israel

Let me start off by thanking all of those people who have supported me in prayer and finances. It ta... Read More



America's Worst President!

I write to you today, November 5, 2008 to declare that I believe America has elected the most danger... Read More

"America, I will shake you"

"America, America, awake out of your slumber; I will shake you, I will shake you with a shake that h... Read More

Loss of Freedom of Speech is Ahead for the Born Again Church

Freedom of Speech is currently guaranteed in the Constitution of the United States, but I am warning... Read More

The Church and America Face Tyranny

In August 1995 the Lord had me move my family from Africa back to America to lead World Ministries I... Read More

Modern Day Child Sacrifice and Perversion in America

The book of Hosea describes America perfectly in the respect that America is guilty of the same crim... Read More

Special Edition: A Call to Reach the Nations & The Feast of Tabernacles 2006 - Kenya - Ghana - USA

With this newsletter we ask that you join with us in making a difference for the nations. Please tak... Read More

Possessing the Land 2004

Urgent Requests From Prophet Hansen AFRICA From February 10th to March 9th, I will be leading a ... Read More


On the next two pages are some shocking pictures. The horrors of today’s world. I don’t ... Read More

Local Happenings At WMI - America Mission Trips

Our local campus of World Theological Centre for Evangelism and Missions has completed its first ye... Read More

Year 2001 In Review - Looking Forward to 2002 - America & Jamaica Missions Trip

Sharing across the nation with the conference, “Direction in an Age of Confusion”. The... Read More

Unholy Alliances Part 2

The Bible is so very clear that even if an angel appears unto men and preaches another gospel, &ldqu... Read More


AMERICA WAS WARNED! In August of 1995, the Lord had me move my family and headquarters back t... Read More

FALL NEWSLETTER ~ 2001 - America Mission Trips & Family

NEWS RELEASES! July 29, 2001 The Jordan Times “Shiite Cleric puts $1m Bounty on Israeli Rabbi... Read More

WMI: The Mission, The Purpose, The Plans and Goals

Greetings! Many of you have been enjoying receiving my teaching articles every two weeks. Th... Read More

A Christian's Responsibility to a Hostile Government

Matthew 5:13 reads: “Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour,... Read More

WMI goes to Florida - New York - Seattle - Dallas - Kansas - New Orleans - New Mexico - Yakima, WA - Missouri

Read More


THERE COMES A POINT OF NO RETURN ~ Continued: Ezekiel 7:8-9: “Now will I sho... Read More

January 2001 - Late Skirmish mars peaceful WTO II - Romania - Kenya

Read More

The Year 2000 In Review: LOOKING FORWARD TO 2001 - America & International

Time is moving on at warp speed. All spiritual eyes are on Israel, especially Jerusalem. An explosio... Read More

The Future Of Europe

Man versus God is the battle that the majority of Europeans are engaged in. Europe has now bec... Read More

The Fall Of America And Her Destruction

Herbert Schlossberg writes: “The Biblical explanation of the end of societies uses the c... Read More

May 2000 - The Seattle Times - America Mission Trips

Read More

Ground Breaking News at WMI! - America - Sweden Missions Trip

Read More

The Year 1999 in Review - What's In Store For 2000!

Read More

The Decline Of The American Culture Part 2 - Dress Codes For The 20th Century

It’s a startling fact that a two percent higher divorce rate exists amongst people who a... Read More

The Decline Of The American Culture Part 1 - Earrings and men and what they represent

According to the New Twentieth Century Unabridged, the definition of the word earring is &ldqu... Read More

July 15, 1999 Many churches today have lost their identity

Read More

Are You Ready? Economic Holocaust, Chem-Bio-Nuke Terror, WW3

Read More

June 3, 1999 - The church in America is sick

Read More

April 29, 1999 - WORLD WAR III is Imminent!

Read More

April 15, 1999 - Coming Financial Holocaust

Read More

Pastor Hansen Holds Revival Meetings at Bethel

Read More

February 1999 - 1993 World Parliament of Religions

Read More

WARNING!!! - Prophecy For Kenya Being Fulfilled

Read More

Warning!!! - President Moi's Re-election Prophesied

Read More

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