On the next two pages are some shocking pictures. The horrors of today’s world. I don’t like looking at these type of pictures nor do I like showing them to others. But this is the reality which we all live in. This is what is happening every single day. Think of it! As you are reading this article people are being tortured and killed in different countries throughout the world. Babies are being torn apart, cut apart, crushed to death. One and one half million babies each year in the United States of America alone are systematically butchered as callously as cattle in the slaughter houses across our nation. We have now killed 42 million babies in America since 1973.

Saints, I cannot adequately describe how angry, sick, repulsed and grieved I am feeling. On the next inside page of this article are pictures that were sent to me from Sierra Leone, Africa. On the third page are pictures of babies that were killed in America (abortion). The spirit of murder has no discrimination. It matters little whether the victims live in third world countries or America. The Beast spirit is a murderous, barbaric, unsympathetic spirit.

Sierra Leone is emerging from one of Africa’s cruelest ten year wars. Atrocities and Human Rights violations were committed by both rebel and governmental forces. “Sierra Leone Measures Terror in Severed Limbs” reports that Jarka, 46, ‘father of six children, lost his arms when rebels invaded his neighborhood in Freetown...The rebels forced Jarka and his neighbors under a mangrove tree, where the axe-wielding Junior made them rest their arms on a flat root. ‘Then I was amputated and the man told me go to Tejan Kabbath the president of Sierra Leone... These hands I used to vote for Tejan Kabbath. So I will never vote for him, no more again... If there is no peace,’ said Jarka, ‘everybody will be killed or everybody will be amputated.” Today the government forces do not yet exercise complete authority. There are 17,500 peacekeepers of the United Nations Mission in Sierra Leone who assist the government in providing security.

Liberia also has been involved in a long, bloody and ugly civil war. On my desk right now I have an invitation letter from Leadership in Liberia. They want me to come for a 3 day Leadership and Prophetic Seminar. They also want me to meet with the President of Liberia and then speak to the Parliament on “What will bring peace to Liberia.”

The following is an urgent plea for me to come to Sierra Leone as the people there have experienced unimaginable cruelty.

“Dear Sir,

I bring you greetings on behalf of my wife, brothers and sisters in the name of Jesus Christ. I am greatly filled with joy and appreciation to be given the opportunity to communicate with such a ministry as yours. I want to especially send appreciation to Rev. Hansen and his team of able ministers for the good work God is helping you do. I have been personally blessed and challenged by Rev. Hansen’s undiluted and uncompromising messages. The indifferent and hateful need nothing more than such a message. May God bless you and all those who in one way or another are helping you in your ministry. I love you all. I am sure that one day we shall see each other in the glorious heaven.

My name is Pastor ? (I removed his name for security reasons). I am married with three children and we are all serving the Lord in the same church. I was a very strong Muslim who hated Christ, Christians and Christianity with a bitter hatred.

At one point I wanted all Christians to die in a single day. But the Lord Jesus arrested me with His marvelous and inexhaustable love and today I am working for Him! My wife’s grandfather and father are Imams and all the other members of her family are still Muslims. She was converted a year after me and God has been good to us. Although we have been going through rough times, the Captain Jesus is in our boat and He is calming the storms of life for us. (I removed his wife and children’s names and ages for security reasons).

The pictures in this letter are not meant to embarrass or make anybody feel bad. If it does, I am sorry but it is just the thing that happened. When God touches your heart to come, you will see a lot of amputees and you will be able to talk to them. Once again, I am sorry for what these pictures might cause. The Bible says the whole world lieth in wickedness. Those who committed these crimes are with us after being integrated into society and all they need now is the gospel of Jesus. One came to my church and told me that he has been having sleepless nights and restlessness as a result of what he has done. Our plea to everyone that may hear us is to help equip us (the church) in Sierra Leone to capture these people for the Lord. You can be a part of that if you can.

I do get your program on short wave although not every day. I normally get you on Sunday mornings at about 7:00 AM Sierra Leone time.

I wish you all a blessed and prosperous new year. May the Lord provide all you need to make this trip a reality. Please help the spread of the gospel in Sierra Leone. God bless you all in Jesus’ name.

Yours in His service,”
Pastor ? (from Sierra Leone)

The sentences/descriptions below each picture are the words of Pastor ? from Sierra Leone.

These are bodies of corpses abandoned outside the hospital.

Decomposed bodies within the streets of the city.

Someone with a tire around the body ready to be burned alive.
A lot were killed in this way. One of my lecturers was burned alive.

The head of someone used at a checkpoint.

This body was mutilated in the street.
The remainder of his body is in the next picture.

Mutilated body in the street of the city.

I (Rev. Hansen) had this picture removed because I thought it was too gruesome for some eyes. The Pastor described what happened to the woman.

This woman was raped with this large stick. Notice the blood stain on the end of it. Afterward, she was mutilated. What a wicked world!!

Heads of young boys and girls.

This baby is the victim of partial birth abortion. Above and to the left of the head you see the sole of a foot, below left a hand. Additionally, the left eye is gouged out and the back of the skull is caved in.

A pathologist verifies this baby was aborted at 22 weeks.

At least three murdered children are visible in this picture. This is what you will find in the dumpsters behind these murder parlors; our future, thrown in the trash.

A pathologist verifies this baby was aborted at 24 weeks.

Do these pictures make you sick? Do they make you righteously angry? I believe time is very short. It is certainly short for the people being plundered, raped, tortured and killed in Sierra Leone and Liberia. Right now I do not even have the finances to purchase the tickets to fly to these countries, not to mention to organize a crusade there.

Will you partner with me for the greatest revival that Sierra Leone and Liberia have ever seen? Will you partner with me so I can put our “Warning” program on national TV here in America?

Will you help me stop the killing of men, women and children in Sierra Leone and Liberia and the babies in America? I must have finances to go to these nations! I must have finances to address the United States of America on national television.

I firmly believe we have a brief window of opportunity. Ask the Lord how He would have you respond in this brief window that we have. We can reach millions for the Lord Jesus Christ if we seize the moment now!

I know that some are able to give $1,000 and others $10,000. Regardless of the amount, every gift, even a gift of $5, will help make a difference. You may be hearing the Lord Jesus prompting you to send a sacrificial gift of $500, $1,000, or even $50,000 or more. Just be faithful whatever the amount. As you do, Jesus will multiply the fishes and loaves.

Please send in your love gift today and help me bring peace to Sierra Leone and Liberia, as well as preaching against the sins of abortion and homosexuality, etc., in America.

Love and prayers, Jonathan Hansen

© 2003 World Ministries International