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TV Guests

2023 TV Guests

January 4, 2023 Tony Bonnallie, Owner of Mission Motors, Stanwood, WA - Cocaine & Grace... Read More

2022 TV Guests

January 21, 2022 Tracy Abuhl, Co-Host of WA for Change Education - Great concern over chi... Read More

2021 TV Guests

February 6, 2021 Vitalii Musienko & Ivan Tobilko from Ukraine defend Yaroslav Mysyak, a... Read More

2020 TV Guests

January 3, 2020 8th World Holy Spirit Conference in South Korea - "Humility & Spiritual... Read More

2019 TV Guests

February 15, 2019 (recorded on 1/26/19) Apostle Caleb Buna - Int'l Evangelical Church ... Read More

2018 TV Guests

March 2, 2018 (recorded on 1/29/18) Attorney Stephen Pidgeon - 2012 Attorney General Candi... Read More

2017 TV Guests

January 22, 2017 Jerusalem Baptist Church Jerusalem, Israel "A Life Worth Living with No Re... Read More

2016 TV Guests

November 12, 2015 An alliance between the International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders (ICA... Read More

2015 TV Guests

December 2014 Dr. David Rotem,  Knesset Member, Yisrael Beiteinu; Chairman, Christian... Read More

2014 TV Guests

January 7, 2014 Pastor Roy Kendall Roy Kendall Ministries Jerusalem, Israel (DVD#030814)... Read More

2013 TV Guests

January, 2013 Attorney Stephen Pidgeon Everett, WA In four 1/2 hour programs Dr. Hansen i... Read More

2012 TV Guests

January 3, 2012 Rep. Matt Shea, WA State House of Reps., 4th Dist. (right) Rep. Jason Ove... Read More

2011 TV Guests

January 14, 2011 Dr. Hansen with Dr. Buckardt and Peggy Magnuson WMI Staff Dr. Hansen, Dr. ... Read More

2010 TV Guests

January 7, 2010 Clint Didier Pasco, WA Candidate for Land Commissioner, Washington State, 2... Read More

2009 TV Guests

January 9-10, 2009 Dr. Melvin L. Johnson Heart of Christ Community Church, Brazoria, TX ... Read More

2008 TV Guests

March 23, 2008 Dr. Hansen, Dr. Mike Hyodo and Peggy Magnuson Kenya Mission Trip, Feb. 200... Read More

2007 TV Guests

February, 2007 Mr. Sean Bradley WMI Mission Team The Great Need in the Kenya Dental Proje... Read More

2006 TV Guests

February, 2006 Rev. Matthew Sethi Former Sikh, India Rev. Sethi's testimony - Many Gods a... Read More

2005 TV Guests

January, 2005 Rev. EJ Buckardt Pastor Tom Roberts WMI Staff New York December, 2004 Part ... Read More

2004 TV Guests

January, 2004 Bishop Herro Blair Faith Cathedral Deliverance Centre Kingston, Jamaica The... Read More

2003 TV Guests

January, 2003 Bishop Joseph Ade-Gold Jamaica The Power of God vs. The Power of Satan Pa... Read More

2002 TV Guests

January, 2002 Pastor Wondwesen Tefera Founder/President International Restoration Ministry ... Read More

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