The terminology WOKE is a new usage of a word used by Black Lives Matter (BLM), Antifa, National Basketball Association, National Football League, Major League Baseball, liberal professors and teachers, and democrats for describing what they call social injustice or systematic racism in America which is a falsehood.

We are living in a backslidden generation where Jesus Himself asked the question in Luke 18:8, “…when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth”.

In my first supernatural dream in 1985, God showed me that his heart was broken because his bride (the church) was in love with the world more than they were with him.  He said that the fault was with the pastor behind the pulpit who was more in love with the world.  God was not happy with most of the pastors behind the pulpit and he is more angry today!

There is heresy throughout the church today, condoning every manner of sin.  Galatians 5:19 says, “Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like:  of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.”

Many so called pastors today tolerate sin and encourage their people to watch Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.  God condemns sorcery, yet in these movies the heroes are sorcerers.

The world has transformed the pastor’s mentality and theology instead of the pastors challenging the morality of society.  Many pastors today are so ignorant or compromising of the word of God, they teach a false gospel of grace, condoning rebellion and every form of sin.  They also teach a heretical message of faith focusing on gluttonous prosperity that is not at all the teaching of Jesus Christ.  Jesus taught self-denial, sacrifice and giving of one’s income for the right reasons, not to gain wealth.  Some of today’s pastors would never go to Africa unless they could fly first class, stay in a five star hotel and eat at the best restaurants.  Instead of being servants, many pastors today act like lords and masters and think that people should bow down to them figuratively.

What is wrong with Woke pastors who pander and give credibility to BLM by supporting them in their messages or actions by walking with them in protests?  This should not be done since BLM is a Marxist organization designed to topple the Republic of the United States of America and move us from capitalism into Socialism, Communism and The New World Order.  How can Woke pastors be so foolish and just plain stupid?  I would suggest it is because their intimacy with God is lacking, consequently, they don’t have the faith to deny themselves and pick up their cross to the death.  I believe these Woke pastors are afraid to take a true position against these atheists, agnostics, evolutionists, Marxist, and Muslims.  They want the praise of men, as well as their giving unit’s money, which is why they tolerate sin in the church instead of preaching against it.

There is no systematic racism in America today!!  There is racism today, but no slavery in America unless you are talking about child sex trafficking etc.  Universal slavery has always been in the world, with whites also being victims, but there is no slavery in America today.  No black American alive today has ever been a slave.  Certainly not these multi-million dollar athletes living in their mansions.  They have no clue what slavery was like, even though some constantly whine about being treated like slaves, such as Michael Bennett; a former Seattle Seahawk NFL football player who says he feels like a slave.  He is quoted as saying “You’re property, so you don’t have the ability to be a person first.”  Poor guy only makes $11 million a year!  If that’s slavery, sign me up!!

BLM is against Jesus Christ; against the family; against Capitalism; against the church; against the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  They are racists and revolutionists working with Antifa to overthrow the government of America.  Many of them harass, riot, burn, loot, commit assault and kill.  They attack poor older Americans, tormenting them and beating them up.  Witches work with them to destroy Christianity, churches, and personal property attempting to create a civil war, which some are planning.

How can any pastor support BLM?  BLM protestors or revolutionists hate Jesus Christ and Christianity.  They have gone into churches and assaulted parishioners, threatening to burn down their church.  I am shocked at how totally naïve or stupid pastors are, such as Joel Osteen who marched with BLM.

Joel Osteen is the senior pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas and his wife, Victoria Osteen, is the co-pastor there.  They both appeared on Larry King Live stating that President Obama was doing a great job.  They claimed he loves the Lord, but Obama did everything he could to destroy America. He is still behind the problems in America today as he works with George Soros to move America into the New World Order. When Joel Osteen appeared on CNN’s The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, he stated he considers both presumed GOP presidential nominees Mitt Romney, a Mormon, and President Obama to be Christians.  When Joel Osteen was on the Bill O’Reilly show, he was asked if he believed that Jesus was the Way, the Truth, the Life, and the only way to God.  Osteen ignored the question, saying, “I don’t get into that.”  That evasive answer is indicative of his broad positive approach that attracts the masses.  When interviewed by Larry King on June 20, 2005, Osteen avoided a similar question and would not commit to Jesus being the only way.  King asked Osteen, “Where will Jews or Muslims go if they don’t accept Christ at all?”  Osteen answered, “You know, I’m very careful about saying who will or won’t go to heaven.  I don’t know.”  King asked again, “If you believe you have to believe in Christ, they’re wrong, aren’t they?”  Osteen said, “Well, I don’t know if I believe they’re wrong.  I believe this is what the Bible teaches and from the Christian faith, this is what I believe.  But I just think that only God will judge a person’s heart…I don’t know all about their religion.  But I know they love God.  And I don’t know. I’ve seen their sincerity.  So I don’t know.  I know for me, and what the Bible teaches, I want to have a relationship with Jesus.”  Osteen doesn’t want to talk about sin or judgment, just about the goodness of God.

Bishop T.D. Jakes is another one I believe is a racist.  He supported Obama both times he ran for the presidency, even though everything he was doing and backing was against Christianity.  Obama undermined America, purging around 200 military brass loyal to America, replacing them with Democratic military leaders and appointing far-left judges and deep state bureaucrats loyal to the New World Order.  Obama appointed a Communist, John Brennan, to run the CIA and used Brennan to commit a felony by spying on Candidate Donald Trump and then lying to Congress under oath.  Bishop Jakes is a friend of Oprah Winfrey who has a course on the “New Age teachings of A Course in Miracles”. Oprah teaches there is no sin, no evil, no devil, and that God is in everyone and everything.  She teaches that a slain Christ has no meaning and that man needs no blood atonement by Jesus Christ because man has never sinned and doesn’t need salvation or a saviour; no need to accept Jesus dying on the cross for ones sins. Jakes is another prosperity preacher who doesn’t preach on sin but on financial compensation for planting a seed.  How could Jakes be friends with Oprah and many movie stars and celebrities?  He appears on their programs and they all love him.  If he was a faithful witness of Jesus Christ and His deity, he would warn them of the dangers of their sins including their false religions.  Then they would not welcome him back on their programs time and time again like he was a celebrity himself in their friends club.

Pastor Kenneth Copeland’s net worth is $300 million and he still begs for money as he preaches a false prosperity gospel, displaying photos with the Pope.  God help the American church!

I finally named just a few pastors, as the Apostle Paul did in Galatians Chapter 2, who are hurting the church with their false teachings.  We are losing America because pastors compromise on sin and join BLM instead of being ardently opposed to it.  BLM is a Marxist, racist, violent, revolutionary movement that doesn’t care about black lives.  They have killed many black people, including black policemen and businessmen, who tried to stop them from vandalizing and looting.  Every single person who has been killed by the police was resisting arrest after they had committed a crime, and most of them were armed, however, the news media doesn’t share that truth and the Woke Pastors are too dumb to research it.

In his American Thinker, June 28, 2020 article, “God Save Us from the Woke Pastor” Jason Mattera wrote “Judah Smith is the senior pastor at the oddly-named ‘Churchome,’ which is based in Seattle and Los Angeles, and where it is ‘not uncommon to find the front row reserved for celebrities,’…It is very normal for ‘Caucasian Christians’ in this country “to insist that All Lives Matter,” for Caucasian Christians “to insist” that we should “also pray for business owners and police officers.”  But, implores Smith, “We don’t need to say that anymore” because “All Lives Do Not Matter until Black Lives Matter.”…why is a lead pastor, who has at least 10,000 people pack his pews each Sunday…instructing his congregation not to pray for law enforcement ... and black businesses destroyed by those killers and vandals marauding under the Black Lives Matter banner?”... Judah Smith now has a dedicated page on Churchome’s website boasting of their “commitment to racial justice,” wherein this dubious claim is made:  ‘Churchome recognizes the killing of black people as a national crisis,’ noting that George Floyd’s death was not a ‘standalone situation, but part of the ongoing issue of racism in America.’  That assertion is false, as anyone who tracks crime statistics can attest.  Unarmed black men killed by police officers didn’t even scratch one percent of the more than 7,000 black homicides in 2018.  To the contrary, the vast majority of those homicide offenders were black themselves.”

Carl Lentz is the lead pastor of Hillsong NYC, a trendy mega church that GQ dubbed the place where ‘the cool kids spend Sunday morning after Saturday night at the club.’  In the aftermath of George Floyd’s death, Lentz interviewed Bishop T.D. Jakes of the Potter’s House in Dallas, Texas to address what Lentz called the ‘incomprehensible lack of awareness’ from whites ‘across Christendom.’  In an attempt to suck-up to Bishop Jakes, who is black, Lentz pledged that exposing systemic racism is the ‘hill we got to die on.’ Predictably Lentz denounced his own ‘white privilege.’…He proceeded to ask Bishop Jakes for tips on absolution.”… A CNN reporter recently asked Lentz if he could see himself ever having a ‘different view on abortion or a different view on same sex marriage’ He answered, ‘Anything’s possible.’

Dear saints, these compromising, politically correct pastors and Woke pastors are sick and a cancer in the body of Christ. They are supposed to preach the gospel and represent Jesus Christ who operated through the gifts of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 12:8-10),  Word of Knowledge, Word of Wisdom, Working of Miracles, Signs and Wonders, Gifts of Discernment and Faith, Tongues and Tongues interpretations, Visions and Dreams, and manifested the character of God described in the fruits of the Holy Spirit defined in Galatians 5:22-24, “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance; against such there is no law.  And they that are Christ’s have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts.”

The BLM organization is filled with racism, cursing, hate, unforgiveness, violence, looting, arson, assault, rape and murder.  They are dedicated to overthrow Christianity, the traditional family, the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Capitalism, moving us into Communism and The New World Order.

Before I close this article I must touch on another church leader who has done tremendous damage to the gospel and the church of Jesus Christ.  His name is Rick Warren.

The article Evangelical Elites Exploiting the Coronavirus to Promote Social Justice states, “They say never let a crisis go to waste.  So, Woke Evangelical Elites are making sure to use the COVID 19, Coronavirus pandemic to promote Social Justice Theology to Evangelical churches.  A group of Evangelical Elites including E.D. Stetzer, Rick Warren, and Wheaton College are using a new website to promote Social Justice to unsuspecting churches.  The content includes promotions of Woke thinking using Social Justice Tropes of marginalization and racism to urge the church to social action.  ‘Trusted Resources from Leading Experts?’ Rick Warren is a mega church pastor and considered a leader of the church growth movement … a secular political scientist included this analysis of Warren and the church growth movement among Evangelicals.  ‘Rick Warren, whose Church Growth Movement has transformed many thousands of evangelical churches in recent decades, has put forth a similar therapeutic message.  His trademarked Purpose Driven Life movement emphasizes the importance of pastors attending to the felt needs of nonbelievers, de-emphasizing the traditional Christian doctrine in favor of an overtly psychological language.  Like Schuller, and like the California task force, he downplays sin and any judgmental aspect of traditional religion; the Gospel is more of an owner’s manual for how to achieve happiness in this life rather than in the one beyond.”

Rick Warren said on CNN Larry King Live on April 6, 2009, “In the first place, I am not an anti-gay or anti-gay marriage activist.  I never have been, never will be.  During the whole Proposition 8, thing, I never once went to a meeting, never once issued a statement, never once even gave an endorsement in the two years Prop 8 was going.”  Rick Warren told King that he was President Obama’s friend and prayer partner and that the issue of homosexuality is not on his agenda.  The Orange County Register February 23, 2010 writes, …”Rick Warren has embarked on an effort to heal divisions between evangelical Christians and Muslims by partnering with Southern California mosques and proposing a set of theological principles that include acknowledging that Christians and Muslims worship the same God.”

This is patently false!  We do not worship the same God.  If a person says Jesus is God the Muslims will kill you because in Islam Jesus is a human prophet that comes back to earth to kill the Jews and Christians and fights to bring the entire world under Islam!  Rick Warren is a politically correct, seeker sensitive pastor who is not concerned with sin or the consequences of sin which is judgment.  Warren is not concerned over converting his gay pastoral friends and stated he was Obama’s prayer partner.  What is Warren concerned over and actually trying to accomplish and what did he pray with Obama?  Obama never changed his supporting of sins of abomination such as idolatry, immorality, killing the innocent and hating Israel. Obama is a Socialist/Communist aligned with Islam and speaks perfect Arabic, which he learned attending an Islamic School.  He backed Islamic causes while he was president of the United States including bringing over one million radical Muslims into the United States.  He backed the Muslim Brotherhood and even now there is still a warrant for Obama’s arrest in Egypt etc.   Obama backs the most immoral sins such as abortion, homosexuality, LGBTQ, infanticide, dividing the land of Israel, etc. Obama is still undermining the American Government by backing BLM, Antifa, and supporting the riots which he calls protests.  If Warren and Osteen think Obama is a good man and a Christian, they are both too dumb to lead a church.  I believe Warren and Osteen are both a danger to the church.  They twist the gospel into something that deceives people about the consequences of sin and the power of God unto salvation which can even set free the homosexuals, lesbians, transgendered etc.



Rick Warren and his Purpose Driven Church has come to Africa like a storm.  It is amazing that almost every denomination is buying into his agenda, virtually without question.  Even the governments and presidents of Africa are welcoming him with hardly a question.  He is promising to bring millions of dollars to help churches and to help the nations socially and economically.

This Purpose Driven movement is an ecumenical, sociopolitical movement, where the church and state are uniting again. Why are churches and state governments so interested in his program?  No question he has money.  Everyone is interested in money.



1.  He was invited to the U.N. for an interfaith prayer meeting with Muslims, Hindus, etc.  Why would the U.N. have a prayer meeting?  They don’t believe in God.  Why would Rick Warren, a professing Christian pastor, accept to meet with those who don’t believe in Christ in a so called “prayer meeting”.

2.  He has spoken to the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).  Why?

3.  He has been invited to serve on Tony Blair’s Interfaith Foundation as an advisory board member and he accepted.  Why would Tony Blair, a politician, ask Rick Warren to serve with him?  Why would Rick Warren accept since ‘interfaith’ is merging all religions together under the guise of unity not Christ.

4.  Peter Drucker was Rick Warren’s main mentor and the architect of his Purpose Driven Life book. Peter Drucker was into German mysticism and Zen Buddhism.  He was also the architect for the United Nations Plan for World Governance.

5.  Rick Warren hosted Barak Obama, John McCain and Hillary Clinton to his church to speak.  Where did Rick Warren get the clout to command political leaders to come to his church?  Obama and Hillary both support abortion and homosexual marriage.  Why would a ‘Christian’ pastor have politicians in his church who stands for these anti-biblical issues?  Would a true ‘Christian’ pastor give exposure to politicians who stand for abortion and homosexuality?

6.  Rick Warren spoke at Robert Schuller’s church to a delegation of homosexual and lesbian pastors.  The topic was church growth.  Question?  Why would a true Christian pastor want to promote ‘church growth’ among homosexuals?

7.  Rick Warren quotes major New Age leaders positively in his PDL book.  He is connected directly and indirectly to New Age leaders.

8.  Where is Rick Warren’s endless supply of money coming from?  Newsweek did a special article featuring Bill Gates, Bill Clinton and Rick Warren together.  Why would Newsweek connect Rick Warren with Bill Gates and Bill Clinton?  Because of Rick Warren’s deep political connections, including working with the Faith Based Programs of President Bush, it appears he is a point man for political leaders helping them to expedite their agendas.  Perhaps this explains why his pockets are so deep.

9.  RICK WARREN’S PEACE PLAN is virtually a duplicate of the UNITED NATION’S PEACE PLAN.  It is just worded differently.

10.  His book, ‘The Purpose Driven Life’ uses the same globalization type of terminology as the U.N. Like the U.N. he is also calling for centralization and socialism.  In his PDL book he says that we should give up our ‘individual agenda’ for the ‘community agenda’.  In other words, we should give up our individualism.  That translates into ‘giving up personal freedom’.  That is totalitarianism.

11.  Rick Warren’s mode of operation is to work with religious leaders and politics leaders at the same time when he is working in a country.  He is playing both sides against the middle.  This is not ordinary operating procedures for a preacher.  The missionaries he sends are not preaching for people to be saved.  They are teaching his book.  His missionaries are working on development and social work, not preaching the Word of God.  He redefines ‘missions’ to say, fulfilling your mission in life is to do what is in your heart, rather than taking the Gospel of Salvation to the world.  This is a cunning perversion of the Word of God.


The world is already being regionalized preparing for this; i.e.:  The European Union; The North American Union (uniting Canada, U.S.A., Mexico), The South American Union, The African Union.



On May 23, 2005 Rick Warren was a guest speaker at The Pew and Religious Forum.  He was asked about Fundamentalist Christianity which is based on the Five Fundamentals.  Warren said that there are a few Fundamentalist Christians left and that Fundamentalist Christianity is a very legalistic and narrow view of Christianity.

Here are the Five Fundamentals he was referring to: 

1.  The Deity of our Lord Jesus Christ

2.  The Virgin Birth

3.  The Blood Atonement

4.  The Bodily Resurrection

5.  The Inerrancy of the Scriptures

He has openly declared he does not preach against sin or about hell.

Rick Warren is a Baptist pastor from California who does not believe in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and the Gifts of the Spirit.  Why would a Baptist pastor target Pentecostal pastors?  Why would Pentecostal pastors allow a non-Pentecostal to re-train and lead them?  Could it be money?


Newsweek Magazine reported that Rick Warren was going to Rwanda to make all the churches ‘Purpose Driven Life’ churches.  What would this mean?  It would mean that a foreigner would now be the bishop of all the churches in Rwanda.

He said he was going to transform the churches into centers of:  Feeding the Poor; Education; and dispensing Medicine.

No one is against those programs....Why does he want to transform the churches?  The church is supposed to be a ‘spiritual institution’ but Rick Warren wants to TRANSFORM the church into a social institution.

Rick Warren is working with the U.N., Tony Blair, and the Clinton Global Initiative, and other antichrist political organizations to takeover churches and transform them from spiritual institutions into secular institutions.

Remember, whoever controls the money and food, controls the ideology and the agenda.


Rick Warren’s big appeal is that he has money and is talking about development.  Recently he spoke in Nairobi at the Serena Hotel.  His theme was:  ‘Influence and Affluence’.  Do these sound like themes of a preacher of the Gospel?  During colonization there was development in Africa, but it was the African who benefited from it, not the colonists.  The colonists wanted Africa not only because of its rich resources, but cheap labor.

Inside sources said that Rick Warren gave 100,000 ksh to major bishops to come to his meeting; and gave money and paid for fuel to other pastors to come.  The place was packed.



Foreigners have studied Africans and know how to get to them.  Just as was done during the time of slavery and colonization, foreigners have learned that if you give African leaders gifts, they will give you their people and land.  Now, the ‘neo-colonists’ realize that the bishops and pastors are the ‘new chiefs’ of Africa who have the influence over the people.  They know if they bring money and gifts to the bishops and pastors, they can get what they want.  Like the chiefs of the past, most of the bishops today and many of the pastors care more about enriching themselves in this life than caring about the eternal souls of their people.  Here we go again!

Rick Warren is not a real pastor.  His book greatly perverts the scriptures in his PDL book.  He is a ‘change agent’ being used by major political forces to pacify the church and to neutralize it as a spiritual force.  Now, like the former colonizers, unscrupulous foreigners can takeover Africa again and re-colonize it.  A pastor friend in Molo, Kenya, said to me that a group from Wales, England came to Molo recently.  They said they wanted to make Molo a sister city to their city.  Now they wanted to come in and  help them make their hospitals and schools better.  My pastor friend told them, “I remember when Molo was the ‘white highlands’, where white colonists settled in the past.”  He asked them, “What are you planning to do, come back and re-colonize Molo like your grandfathers did?”  After he said that, the local community caught on and put up their guard.  Remember, you don’t get something for nothing.  “The Race for Africa” by Loren Davis

“Stetzer is a primary trusted voice and consultant to the Evangelical Immigration Table—a group partnered with the Soros—funded National Immigration Forum promoting progressive border and immigration reform plans.  Stetzer is also head of the 2020 SBC Resolutions Committee.  He is also involved in a major scandal involving ethical allegations with disgraced mega church pastor James MacDonald.”  Remember earlier I mentioned quote, “A group of Evangelical Elites including E.D. Stetzer, Rick Warren and Wheaton College are using a new website to promote Social Justice to unsuspecting churches.  Woke means being awakened to social justice only Woke promotes Marxism and racism!!

I personally meet with governments, presidents, prime ministers and politicians, but the difference is I don’t push the political leader’s agendas and goals if they violate the morality, values and deity of Jesus Christ.  Hitler worked with the church leaders to further his evil agenda and the pastors were too gutless and faithless to stand against him.  They cooperated with his plans and programs which incarcerated and killed millions of people.  I cannot work with political people to further the immoral goals of the United Nations that are against saying Jesus is the only way to God.  The United Nations agenda is against the old world order of morality in their constitution.  They now have a written statement that they believe in abortion, gender diversity, homosexuality, cohabitation and that all religions lead to the same God.

In the Bible, Daniel worked with governments, but he would not compromise and he ended up in the lion’s den.  Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego would not compromise with King Nebuchadnezzar and ended up in the fiery furnace.  John the Baptist would not compromise with the evil King Herod in adultery and lost his head.  The list of the heroes in the Bible who would not compromise with evil political leaders goes on and on.  They were killed and became martyrs.

Bishop T.D. Jakes, Joel Osteen, Rick Warren and many, many others are compromising the truth of Jesus Christ and other scriptural truths to find favor with men.  These pastoral traitors to the gospel and the church will work with the government in the future to cause the church to go along with the government’s evil agendas, policies and laws including taking vaccinations.  Evil governments always work with compromising ministers of the gospel to control the people.

The American people and the Christians attending churches are in serious trouble because the gate keepers, most of the pastors and leaders of the church, have become in love with the world more than they are with Jesus Christ.  Consequently, they have been led astray by their own lusts, imaginations, television, movies, liberal news, public schools and universities, and even much of Christian television and books.  They follow and incorporate these ideologies, philosophies and religious theories into their mentality and finally their personal beliefs.

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Dr. Jonathan Hansen

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