The year 2022 has been a good year, but a very challenging one financially.
In March and April, we drove across 25 states in six weeks.  We spoke in churches and met with leaders spreading revival with salvation, healing, deliverance and the need for another Great Awakening.  God birthed Eagles Saving Nations and I am attempting to get millions of Christians involved with the goal of getting into stadiums, civic centers, churches and other arenas for powerful encounters with the Holy Spirit as on the Day of Pentecost.

I need your prayers and financial support desperately.  I have some real needs that I hope each person reading this will help me meet.

1.  At WMI, we are approximately $69,000.00 short of meeting our budget to close out the year.  We spent $69,000.00 more than we brought in!

2.  We are still $13,000.00 short of paying off the ministry vehicle needed to use for the ESN Great Awakening meetings.

3.  The Radio Computer just broke and we need another one immediately.  It will cost $1,002.36 more, including a $500.00 discount already given.
4.  Also, the social media computer gave up the ghost and the cost of a new one is $1,750.39 more, including a $350.00 discount already given.

5.  I would like to give my faithful, sacrificial, full time laborers a blessing.  I only have three staff, besides my wife and I, that serve daily.  One serves totally voluntarily.  If you feel like giving them a blessing, make sure you designate it for my staff.  Anything gathered over $1,500.00 will go for other needs mentioned above.
My plea is that each person reading this article, each faithful supporter will add something extra as an end of the year gift.  If you have never given, please do so now.
Remember, all gifts are tax deductible.  

Help me to continue to sound the alarm!  The gospel needs to be spoken without compromise and louder than ever before in this evil day as it is being twisted by so very many.
May God richly, richly bless each one of you!

Jonathan Hansen