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Central America


The most important part of any building is the foundation.  If the foundation is inferior, then... Read More

Tattoos and the Pagan Nations

Many Americans are starting to look like they live in India or some other pagan nation where they ha... Read More


Matthew 10:34-36, “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, ... Read More

Mexico, May 14-20, 2013

I travel to nations that God has instructed me to give the warning message, attempting to wake up th... Read More

The Middle East Showdown: The Beginning of WWIII and the Attack on America - Liberia - Romania - Russia - Kenya - Ghana - Jamaica

Since 9/11, newsmen have reported various leaders declaring that World War III has started. The Ne... Read More

WMI Outreach Ministries - Romania - Jamaica - San Salvador - Kenya - Russia

Dr. Mike Hyodo heads up World Ministries’ arm of outreach to the world. Dr. Mike is a dentist... Read More

WMI: The Mission, The Purpose, The Plans and Goals

Greetings! Many of you have been enjoying receiving my teaching articles every two weeks. Th... Read More

April 29, 1999 - WORLD WAR III is Imminent!

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April 15, 1999 - Coming Financial Holocaust

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February 1999 - 1993 World Parliament of Religions

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