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Canada’s Radical Left Prime Minister

Pastoral Articles

In this newsletter, the term “radical left” means a Marxist, Communist, Socialist world ... Read More

Eulogy for my wife Jeannie Hansen

Pastoral Articles

    Jeannie, Jeannie, Jeannie, my wife, my lover, my darling, my friend. On Monday... Read More

An Urgent Request for My Wife Jeannie

Pastoral Articles

Thank you for your faithful prayers and intercession though the years. We have rejoiced in the numer... Read More

What Is Going On? A World Upside Down Where Good Is Evil And Evil Is Now Good!

Pastoral Articles

What we are seeing throughout the nations today is the final conflict of Genesis 3:15. Good versus e... Read More

2015 Radio Guests

December 2014 Annika Daley Annika Ministries Int'l (Program #645, Pts. 1-5 Air Date: 3/16 ... Read More

2015 TV Guests

December 2014 Dr. David Rotem,  Knesset Member, Yisrael Beiteinu; Chairman, Christian... Read More

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