Many of you have been enjoying receiving my teaching articles every two weeks. The Lord told me to “Speak the truth and My people will back you.” He told me that He would give me an army of believers who are as burdened as I am with the condition of the Church and the world, and that together we would shake the nations.

The Lord gave me a figure for a group of people I need to to army of Christians who are fully burdened and committed with me to get the wake-up message out to the church and the warning to the nations. I am now endeavoring to be faithful in making sure each person on our database actually is part of this heart and in backing.

Each person needs to sow back into this ministry each month whatever the Lord lays on your heart. There is certainly something you can give. If you have no burden to sow back into this ministry, then that tells me you are probably not meant to be part of this army. Consequently, neither should you be on our mailing list receiving these articles. Instead, I need to send them to Christians who truly are burdened and will help us get the message to the nations.

THE MISSION: To faithfully prophesy to specific nations and people proclaiming the WORD (warnings) from the Lord.

THE PURPOSE: To be faithful in representing the Scriptures and gospel of Jesus Christ to an apostate world that listens to heresy daily by their leaders in the government and many of their churches. To be faithful to give the message to the nation or person so they have an opportunity to repent and follow the Lord so their blood will be on them and not on you and I (Ezekiel 3:17-21).

THE PLANS AND GOALS: At this time I am focusing on 38 nations with a specific word from God! In each nation I try to get the warning from God out to the masses. In each nation I want to go and hold revival and/or crusade meetings in geographically strategic locations. All of this depends on the army of believers on the mailing list. It depends on you! It takes money to get the message before the people of a nation. Presently I am on satellite in America with the radio program “Warning” for 15 minutes daily. I also am on the short wave reaching all of Africa, Asia, Europe, The Middle East, Central and North America for one hour per week. This covers 90% of the world for one hour a week. But, most of the peoples of the world do not have a short wave radio. They are too poor. Consequently, we must get the message into their nations’ newspapers and get flyers into the hands of every person in every village throughout their country. All of this takes money. It takes faithful people; the people the Lord told me would join our mailing list if I would just keep “speaking the truth.” Several years before the bloodbath in Indonesia that the world is witnessing today God gave me the warning for Indonesia, showing me the persecution the Christians in Indonesia would experience. We put the warning on our web site, but we did not have the money to saturate the nation of Indonesia by putting it into their newspapers and flyers throughout the villages. I have constantly regretted not getting that prophetic warning to the majority of the people of Indonesia before it came to pass. The prophecy has come to pass, and innocent people continue to be killed. What an impact we could have had if we had had the finances to saturate Indonesia with the prophetic warning of God before it happened!

THE MOST IMPORTANT GOAL is to have each person who receives these articles back this ministry each month with their support! This is what the Lord promised; “Speak the truth and My people will back you.” My goal is to reach those people whom the Lord wants to be part of this army so we can have 100% participation in backing our efforts in prayer and financial support. Then we can accomplish the task of reaching every person within a specific nation with the warning from the Lord for their nation.

Please give something monthly or ask to be taken off the mailing list. I am trying to make sure that each article that goes out really is sent to people with a burden to help us reach every single person in every village in a nation. I am trusting that I will have those people on my mailing list that God said will help us get His warning to the nations.

Blessings and Shalom!

Prophet Jonathan Hansen

© 2001 World Ministries International