January 9-10, 2009

Dr. Melvin L. Johnson
Heart of Christ Community
Church, Brazoria, TX

Dr. Johnson is the author of "Overcoming Racism Through the Gospel. His book discusses the fact that most Afro-American pastors back the NAACP, the Democratic Party and the Marxist philosophy, but not the ethics of Jesus. "The Negro Project", by Margaret Sanger, seeks to eliminate the black people. Radical liberal politicians are using black pastors. He discusses the roots and the foundation of the NAACP and ACLU, the Congressional Progressive Caucus, the Democratic Socialists of America, and much more. (#DVD062409, #DVD070609, #DVD072009, #DVD072709, #DVD080309, #DVD081009)

January 12, 2009

Walid Shoebat
Author, "God's War on Terror"

Walid Shoebat was born in Bethleham, Israel, into a Muslim culture. He was raised to hate the Jews and became a jihad terrorist and participated in many acts of terror. He later emmigrated to the U.S. to train terrorists here. He married a Catholic woman who challenged him to read the Bible. Walid was saved and became an activist for exposing the lies of the Islamist agenda. His book shares the end times scenario from a Middle Eastern point of view.
(#DVD041309, #DVD042009, #DVD042709, #DVD050409, #DVD051109, #DVD051809)

March 11, 2009

Larry Stickney, President
Washington Values Alliance

Mr. Stickney's organization is dedicated to the defense of Judeo/Christian values, a deep commitment to the Constitution of the U.S. and the principals of limited government. The current fight is against same-sex marriage in Washington State and the Obama administration's attack against godly morals and beliefs. Unity is needed in the church to fight for America. Warning: Graphic images of aborted babies in closing. (#DVD052509)


March 11, 2009

Mr. Russell Johnson
Director of Governmental Affairs
Family Policy Institute of Washington

Dr. Hansen and Mr. Johnson discussed the article in the Seattle Times Newspaper titled "Action Over Gay Rights Bill". Other points of discussion were Charles Darwin's evolution leading our nation instead of Christian values; America is becoming a socialist nation; America's Christian heritage. The pacifism of the German church gave rise to Hitler, like it has to Obama. The church should be giving leadership to the nation instead of radical liberals.


April 15, 2009

Pastor Jack McKee
Ambassadors of Reconciliation
Belfast, Northern Ireland

Pastor McKee shares about the division in Ireland - two countries on one Island; 32 counties (6 northern and 26 southern). Ireland suffers from tribalism and cultural war. The Protestants' allegiance is to Britain and the Catholics' allegiance is to Ireland. Pictures were shown of the fighting and violence in Ireland, as well as pictures of the 20' high wall dividing Protestants and Catholics. Pastor McKee's vision and ministry is to bring peace to the situation. (#DVD061509)


April 27, 2009

Dr. Flo Ellers
Global Glory Ministries
Maricopa, AZ

Dr. Ellers has written the book entitled "Angels on Assignment". She shared with Dr. Hansen that there are Watchers/Angels ready to execute judgment on the earth. There is a releasing and a purpose of the moving of the Holy Spirit. Dr. Hansen and Dr. Ellers discussed the dynamics of faith and the martyrs of the gospel. Dr. Ellers shared some insight on her Indian culture and how it differs from the culture of God. (#DVD060809)


June 15, 2009

Pastor Lars Enarson
The Watchman Intl.
Jerusalem, Israel

Pastor Enarson is a native of Sweden, but was called of God to move to Israel 10 years ago and establish a prayer ministry focusing on the end-time restoration of the land and the people. He discussed the un-biblical effects of the Oslo Accords and the giving away of the Gaza Strip, ending in a long season of drought for Israel. Pastor Enarson's son-in-law, Doron Keidar, a reservist in the IDF also shared how angels have protected them during times of war. (#DVD020110, #DVD020810, #DVD021510)


June 16, 2009

Senator Val Stevens
WA State Senate, 39th Dist.
Rep. Matt Shea
House of Representatives, 4th District
Mr. Larry Stickney
WA Values Alliance

Senator Val Stevens has represented Snohomish County as a conservative voice in the Senate for many years. Rep. Matt Shea is a veteran of the Middle Eastern wars and is also a strong conservative. Mr. Larry Stickney stands strong as a lobbyist for conservative values. These faithful Christians working in the Washington State political arena in regards to Referendum 71, coming against the attempt to legalize same-sex marriage in Washington State.


June 29, 2009

Mr. Mike DeLorenzo
Pastor, Prophetic Painter,
My Father's House Ministries
Des Moines, WA

Mike DeLorenzo is the leader of a home church that welcomes servants of the Kingdom from all over the world. The Holy Spirit brings in guests as He wills. Mike is also an accomplished prophetic painter. Each painting has a story to tell about the work and moving of the Spirit. You can view these at www.myfathershouse.com.


June 30, 2009

Senator Val Stevens
WA State Senate, 39th
Legislative District

Senator Stevens returns to the studio again in the effort to reach the people of Washington State through television and radio about their need to join the fight to defeat the legalization of same-sex marriage in our State. She is joined again by lobbyist, Larry Stickney. (#DVD0071809)


July 1, 2009

Pastor Ray Hannah
and wife, Maria
Inter-National Evangelical Ministries
Chermside, Australia

In these six programs Pastor Ray Hannah gives us tremendous testimony of his travels in other nations where the Lord uses him to minister the Gospel truth and healing to the people who welcome him. The Holy Spirit moves freely in these programs as we find Dr. Hansen and Pastor Hannah ministering to the listening audience.
(#DVD030810, #DVD031510, #DVD032210, #DVD032910, #DVD040510, #DVD041210)


July 15, 2009

Rev. Wachira Karani
Dist. Superintendant,
Kenya Assemblies of God
Nyeri Christian Centre,
Nyeri, Kenya

Dr. Hansen again shares the prophecy to Kenya. Bishop Karnani discussed the environmental bill that labels street preachers in Kenya as noise pollution. He talked of the Islamic conspiracy in his nation to rewrite Kenya's constitution to introduce Shari'a law.  Raila Odinga, who is running for the office of President, says he is Barak Obama's cousin. (#DVD081709, #DVD083109)


July 29, 2009

Senator Joseph Zarelli
and wife, Tani

Washington State Senate, 18th District

Senator Joseph Zarelli is an outspoken conservative from South Western Washington who is seasoned in the Washington State Senate. His voice is often heard on local news stations speaking out for the issues that affect the direction of our State. He and his wife, Tani, are passionate supporters of Israel, and Tani organizes tours for business, church, and political leaders to help them see the truth of what is happening in Israel. (#DVD030110)


July 30, 2009

Apostle Dennis Moore
Vision International Support Ministries
Wenatchee, WA

Dr. Hansen discussed the bullet points of the prophecy God had given him for America. He and Pastor Moore discussed that God chose Israel, but America chose God. They agreed that the Church must rise up and take the land by speaking truth. They both see an apostolic anointing being poured out for restoration of the governance of the Kingdom of God. (#DVD082409)

September 12, 2009

Mr. Terry Cook
Ret. L.A. Deputy Sheriff,

Mr. Cook is a retired Los Angeles Deputy Sheriff, a retired California Deputy Real Estate Commissioner/Fraud Investigator for National Real Estate Services, Inc. He is a Licensed Broker/GRI/Loss Mitigation Expert/ WA and ID Notary.

Part 1: Author of the three books: "Comrade Antichrist, Earth's Final Dictator", "The Mark of the New World Order, The Cashless Economic System Of Global Electronic Enslavement Is Ready Now!", "Big Brother 2010, The National Security Agency's Global Surveillance Network" - Implanting the economic ID chip - High Treason
Part 2: People Guilty of High Treason - Was John F. Kennedy assassinated for signing Executive Order 11110? - Articles on Economic Collapse, Nuclear Attack, Collapse of America - Bohemian Grove - VeriChip (Mark of the Beast)
Part 3: Articles on Economic Collapse, Nuclear Attack, Concentration Camps - Presidents working for the New World Order - Perjury/Treason - Tape recordings of New World Order (George Bush Sr.) - Skull & Bones - Islam - End of U.S.A. predicted - Swine Flu - Martial Law
Part 4: David Rockefeller admits being internationalist working for The New World Order - Kissinger: Obama's task is to bring forth a New World Order - Military in Afghanistan to protect poppy fields (Opium) - The Pope is working for a New World Order - The Illuminati consists of the Rockefellers, Rothschilds and the Windsors, etc., who are Luciferians - U.S. media owned by five major media companies - National ID cards to be issued as Biometric Smart Cards - Vice-President Joe Biden admits Manufactured Crisis & Collapse - Martial Law, Concentration Camps & Foreign Troops on American Soil
Part 5: Warning of coming created economic crisis/Revolution - The Illuminati - Secret Cabal - Fiat Money - Rothschild, Rockefeller & J.P. Morgan - President Lynden B. Johnson - Presidents Lincoln & Kennedy assassinations/Federal Reserve - Articles on Internment Camps - Totalitarian Police States to control populations - Nazism, National Socialism, Mussoliniism, Totalitarianism, Enslavementism - Doctors refuse to take the Swine Flu Shot - Medical Martial Law/Swine Flu Shot made up of Animal Cancer Tissue, Mercury & Nerve Poison - The Dangers of September/October - May Day - Ramadan - Halloween - Mahdi/Caliph (#DVD100509, #DVD110209, #DVD110909, #DVD111609, #DVD112309)

September 30, 2009

Mr. Larry Stickney
WA Values Alliance
Atty. Stephen Pidgeon
Everett, WA

Mr. Stickney returns to the WMI studio again, this time with Atty. Stephen Pidgeon, to continue fighting the same-sex marriage issue through television and radio. This is a public awareness fight, and WMI is more than happy to provide this service in the battle for truth.


October 12, 2009

Promo for December 2009 Israeli Tour
Peggy Magnuson,
Dr. Jeannie Hansen and
Pastor Harold J.

Pictures of May 2009 Tour & June 2006 Tour - Pastor Harold J. Hansen sings "Holy City" (#DVD101209)


October 30, 2009

Pastor Peter Kulakevich
Senior Pastor
Harvest Christian Center International
Everett, WA

Pastor Kulakevich was born in the Ukraine and raised in Estonia. He was persecuted by Russian Communism (Soviet Union). He came to America for religious freedom. Pastor Peter is now Senior Pastor of a Russian Church in Everett, WA involved in traditional values, Romans 13:1-7 delegated authority, and Church responsibility. He gave testimony of what Christians endure under communism in the Soviet Union. He states that the U.S.A. is heading toward a Soviet Union type Nation. (#DVD122109)

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