March 23, 2008

Dr. Hansen,
Dr. Mike Hyodo

and Peggy Magnuson
Kenya Mission Trip,
Feb. 2008

Dr. Hansen, Dr. Mike and Peggy discuss the amazing events of this trip to Kenya after the 2007 elections and the violence that followed. Against the advice of many leaders, we drove through the burned out district north of Nairobi to Bungoma. Dr. Hansen preaches at Faith Evangelistic Ministries in Karen. This was also Dr. Hansen's first of many visits with Vice President Stephen Kalonzo to give counsel and guidance.
(#DVD042308, #DVD043008, #DVD050708, #DVD051408, #DVD071608)

April 1, 2008

Dr. Ron Charles
C.U.B.I.T. Foundation
Monroe, GA

Dr. Charles is an author and an archeological missionary to Muslims.
Part 1: The lie of America's political stance on Islam. Political and Church leaders turn their backs on the persecuted Christians in Muslim countries.
Part 2: Evangelizing Muslims through the aid of archaeological evidence. Dr. Charles is the author of the book, " The Search - A Historian's Search for Historical Jesus". (#DVD072308, #DVD073008)


April 28, 2008

Pastor Randy Bach
Gateway Church
Tacoma, WA

Pastor Randy Bach visits WMI from his church in Tacoma, WA, Gateway Church. Pastor Randy is a worship recording artist and author of the book "God's Realm of Faith". The Address of Faith - Living in 'Normal' Faith. Pastor Bach sings "God of My Heart". (#DVD080608) 


April 29, May 2 & 9, 2008

Pastor/Evangelist Ray Hannah
Inter-national Evang. Min.
Chermside, Australia

Pastor Ray Hannah is an Evangelist who has been traveling world wide for many years, particularly to Africa and India. During his stay with us at WMI we recorded the following six-part series:
Part 1: Seizing Divine appointments - The need for true spiritual fathers - The Church today needs to be an 'action' word.
Part 2: The miracles of God in ministry - The reality of angels and demons - The supernatural is going to the natural in the Church.
Part 3: Pastors must stop relying on their own strength and trust God at His Word - Dr. Hansen and Pastor Hannah share testimonies of walking in faith.
Part 4: How do people become afflicted with demons? - Heretics behind many church pulpits are not preaching the reality of Heaven & Hell - Dr. Richard Caro of Rod of Aaron International Ministries in Seattle and host to Dr. Hannah sings "I'll Dance Like David Danced".
Part 5: The power of the Holy Ghost is unchanging and needed today - The decision you make today will determine your future. Dr. Richard Caro sings "This is the Day that the Lord Hath Made".
Part 6: The gifts of the Holy Spirit are not only for today, but the Holy Spirit outpouring is increasing. Dr. Richard Caro sings "This is the Day that the Lord Hath Made". (#DVD111908, #DVD112608, #DVD120308, #DVD121008, #DVD121708, #DVD122408)


May 25, 2008

Rev. Dr. Aaron Matti
Revival & Harvest Min. Intl.
Nairobi, Kenya  

Dr. Matti shared that he was abandoned as a child by his Kenyan polygamist witch doctor father. He was later delivered from many demons and curses. His life went from extreme poverty to earning six college degrees. (#DVD021809)


July 1, 2008

Pastor Mark Biltz
El Shaddai Ministries
Puyallup, WA

Pastor Biltz teaches on his beliefs regarding lunar and solar eclipses and the Feast of Trumpets as he feels they warn about the beginning of the Great Tribulation.
Part 1: The sun, moon and stars are first for signs and warning. There is a need to be on the Biblical calendar. The Church must wake up!
Part 2: The Church needs to know their Hebrew roots to understand Biblical eschatology. The seeker-friendly Church must get ready for the tribulation. (#DVD081308, #DVD082008)


July 11 & 12, 2008

Rev. Martin Pangburn
Prime Directive Ministries
Dewey, AZ

There is pastoral fear of losing their church's 501c3 status - The Church must transform the media today - The Church must take back the airwaves - The Church is responsible for electing political leadership - Only 9% of Christians have a biblical worldview- Bishop Martin states the great need to support the "Warning" TV program on more and larger networks to get the message out - What is the American church using as their "Truth Detector?" - We are responsible for the truth we know. (#DVD121809, #DVD010410 #DVD011110, #DVD011810)


July 28, 2008

Mr. Jeff Simunds, Director
Tower of Light Ministries
Bothell, WA

Mr. Simunds shared his testimony about how he came out of the homosexual lifestyle and discusses the importance of fathers being in the nurturing process for their sons. Some of the following questions were addressed: Do people choose to be attracted to the same sex? Can people be cured of homosexuality? How does the change process occur? Can people involved in a homosexual lifestyle develop attractions for the opposite sex? Are people born gay? Can someone be a Christian and live in a homosexual lifestyle? How should we respond to non-Christians who are in a gay lifestyle? How can we, as Christians, help those who are struggling with same-sex attractions? How should we respond to people who say that they are Christians but live a gay lifestyle? Where can people go for help?

July 19, 2008

Mr. Henry Gruver
Joyful Sound Ministries
Woodbine, IA

Part 1: Mr. Gruver shares his vision of Russia and China attacking America. He sees a nuclear attack and a ground invasion. He also described Russia and China's siphoning of Western Aid for arms buildup.
Part 2: Mr. Gruver continues with his description of the vision he saw regarding Russian and Chinese troops land on American soil with guns firing! He states we need to break the curses of the Dalai Lama on America's headwaters. (#DVD110508, #DVD111208)


July 24, 2008

Dr. Hansen, Dr. Mike Hyodo
Peggy Magnuson
Kenya Mission Trips,
Feb. 2008
and May, 2008

Dr. Hansen, Dr. Mike and Peggy come together again to discuss their amazing memories of these two trips to Kenya this year--from the grinding suffering in the refugee camps to the powerful meetings at Bishop Harrison Benson's church, Christian Fellowship Foundation, to the memorable National Day of Prayer Breakfast where Dr. Hansen and Peggy were seated with VP Kalonzo, his wife Pauline, and the Ambassador to Kenya from Zimbabwe. (#DVD042308, #DVD012809)



July 30, 2008

Yisroel Stefansky
Israel Support Fund
Jerusalem, Israel

Part 1: Mr. Stefansky is involved in anti-terrorism to help protect Israel and the West. He is also a first responder to casualty sites of bomb victims. He shares the sheer realty of a dedicated Muslim attitude toward a non-Muslim friend.
Part 2: Mr. Stefansky shares how ill-trained our United States law enforcement is in the area of detecting terrorism. Americans need to understand the religion and mind set which drives most terrorists. (#DVD091708, #DVD092408)


September 4, 2008

Prophet Christopher Cole
Operation Nineveh Rescue

Part 1: Prophet Cole states that it is the end of America as we have known it and the beginning of God's Kingdom as we have not known it. - The Lord has said that there is an epidemic of STDs spreading throughout the Church.
Part 2: Prophet Cole continues sharing that true freedom of speech is being taken away from America under the guise of anti-discrimination legislation. He calls us the "Divided States of America". (#DVD100808, #DVD101508)


September 22, 2008

Prophet Len Phelps
Shiloh Fellowship Ministries
Colville, WA

Part 1: Prophet Phelps gives a moving testimony of his salvation experience and early church service. He also had a prophetic word for America which he had shared many times in Washington, DC.
Part 2: Prophet Phelps states that the Red Horse of Revelation is about to Ride. This refers to war. He predicts a nuclear attack on Seattle, Washington. He shares about his vision to establish "Cities of Refuge" which he calls "Goshens". There has been a network of refuges established all over the Pacific Northwest. (#DVD102208, #DVD102908)


November 2, 2008

Pastor Joe & Elizabeth McNally
New Bethel Ministries
Wallagrass, MA

Part 1: Prophecy to America with pictures - Some pictures of government leaders Dr. Hansen has met - Prayer walks in many nations - Praying against strongholds in other nations and their influence in America - Seven levels of spiritual authority - Requirements for authority - Proper submission of the wife to her husband.
Part 2: Discussion of Prophecy to America with headline news - Seven levels of spiritual authority - Pastor Joe talks of the baptism of the Holy Ghost and hearing God - The time to prepare for crisis is NOW! - Beth talks of the wife's duties and their 143 acres to be used as a place of refuge. (#DVD090709, #DVD091409)


November 23, 2008

Prophet Christopher Cole
Operation Nineveh Rescue

Part 3: Continuing with what he shared in September, Prophet Cole states that since 2009 false prophets have been deceiving America. He describes America as being in "Babylonian captivity".
Part 4: Prophet Cole states that 2009 is "the beginning of the last 'Dark Ages'". He shares the seven points of law and legislation that have been used to put America into Babylonian captivity. (#DVD033009, #DVD040609)


December 10, 2008

Dr. Ken Gaub
World Wide Ministries
Yakima, WA

Part 1: Mr. Gaub has traveled to over 100 nations with 125 tours to Israel alone. Some pictures are shared of Israel. He told of a miracle telephone call received at a public pay telephone booth! He shared how God sent an angel mechanic to fix his vehicle
Part 2: Dr. Gaub shared about his book "What's Your Passion?" He gave testimonies of leading people to Jesus on planes.
Part 3: Dr. Hansen shared the Prophecy to America, 9/11 and Katrina. He brought some of his articles to the public's attention: America's Worst President Article, Racism & Prejudice, Kings, Dictators & Presidents Article. Some of Israel's Prime Ministers were discussed; Golda Meir, Shimon Peres, Ehud Barak and currently Benjamin 'Bibi' Netanyahu Maps of Muslim Population Density and Terror Activities were mentioned. Ken leads Wanda Green to Christ, who died on Flight 93 on 9/11/2001.
Part 4: Ken is a Russian-German-American Jew who leads people, including Muslims, to the Lord. American Muslims are not welcome in the mosque in Jerusalem. Pictures were shown of Ken's tour to Israel. Discussions of Ken's books. (#DVD092109, #DVD092809, #DVD113009, #DVD120709)


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