January 14, 2011
Dr. Hansen with Dr. Buckardt and Peggy Magnuson
WMI Staff

Dr. Hansen, Dr. Buckardt, and Peggy Magnuson discuss highlights of their visit to Israel in May of 2010. Shown are film clips of a tour of the city of Sderot with Jacob Shrybman, Asst. Dir. of Sderot Media Center. Also in Sderot Dr. Hansen interviewed the Director of SMC, Noam Bedien, where you get a chance to see some of the more than 8,000 rockets that have been fired at Sderot. SMC attempts to get the word of truth out to the world about events in southern Israel. (#DDVD013111, #DVD012411, #DVD020711)

Another clip is shown of a visit and tour with David Wilder, spokesperson for Hebron in the West Bank. He is seen here with Dr. Hansen and Atty. Stephen Pidgeon. (#DVD011011)

February 14, 2011
Dr. Hansen, Esther Hansen (Grandma Bubbles), and Deborah Gliebe of Firegate Ministries, Hawaii

Esther Hansen, Dr. Hansen's mother, shares her miracle testimony of protection during a severe roll-over car accident in 2010. She states she felt no pain while tumbling around in the rolling car and had only bruises while her brother had 16 fractured ribs, 2 broken collar bones, a fractured sternum and many compressed vertebrae. Deborah Gliebe related a story of a drug over-dosed man resurrected from the dead. Dr. Hansen related the miraculous healing of his adopted daughter who was found as a newborn in the streets of Mogadishu, Somalia, cut through the throat and left for dead. Deborah prays for people afflicted with spinal meningitis, cerebral palsy, and other ailments. (#DVD022811) 
February 14, 2011
Tom and Deborah Gliebe
Firegate Ministries, Hawaii

Many scriptures were read concerning the last days, and in the last days our works will be tested by fire. Deborah shared her burden of 1 Cor. 3:14 relating to prodigals. Deborah said in one of their meetings that people were being healed as they listened to cell phone calls from people at the crusade meetings. Deborah told how their prodigal son heard the audible voice of God and accepted Christ as Savior. Deborah prayed for people watching this program against fear, illness, infirmity and the spirit of death in cancer. (#DVD030711) 
March 2, 2011
Bishop Wachira Karani
Kenya Assembly of God, Nyeri, Kenya

Dr. Hansen and Peggy Magnuson discuss their visit with Pastor Wachira Karani at his Assembly of God Church in Nyeri, Kenya. Dr. Hansen shared about his prophecy to Kenya being given to President Moi and the present leadership. He warned that Christians are being enslaved by another religious group (Islam). He stated that Church leaders need to unite and bring the Church under Jesus Christ. Dr. Hansen stressed that tribe and nationality means nothing when we are in Christ. He stressed the responsibility of Christians to be righteous leaders and influence their nations. Romans 14:17 tells how Christian leaders save and preserve nations. (#DVD031411, #DVD032111) 
March 21, 2011
Evangelist Fouzia Abdi and refugee, Abran Ali

These two Somali ex-Muslim women, who are now Christians in hiding, visited with Dr. Hansen in WMI's Nairobi office. Fouzia shares her testimony of how Jesus appeared to her as she was about to commit suicide with rat poison. She saw a bright light and Jesus said "Come here, my daughter" three times. She has been fired two times from jobs because she accepted Jesus. Now she helps ex-Muslim ladies who have accepted Jesus because their families are trying to kill them. Abran was badly beaten by her uncle for choosing Jesus and was hospitalized for three months and then released by a Christian guard because of and Islamic threat to kill her. (#DVD032811) 
April 1, 2011
Rabbi Moshe Goldsmith and wife, Leah
Itamar, (Samaria) Israel

Dr. Hansen and staff members Dr. EJ Buckardt and Peggy Magnuson discuss their visit in May of 2010 to Itamar in the mountains of Samaria in the northern part of the West Bank. Dr. Hansen interviews Mayor Goldsmith and his wife, Leah, in their home. Mayor Goldsmith tells about their deed to the land of Israel. Muslims have renamed Shechem to Nablus to rewrite history, hiding truth of Joseph's tomb. Palestinian desecration of Joseph's tomb and the promises broken (media coverup). The U.S. supplied arms that the Palestinians used to fire upon Israeli soldiers. Rabbi Moshe shared that those who help Israel receive blessings from God and those who come against Israel are cursed. (#DVD041111) 

April 14, 2011
Dr. Solomon Kimuyu
Intl. Dir. of Solomon Center for Leadership in Kenya and Solomon Home for Children in the United States.

Dr. Kimuyu ran for Member of Parliament in Kenya in 2007and is author of the book "Solomon on Leadership - The Genesis of the Dark Side of Leadership in Kenya: The Culture of Tribal Hatred,Violence,Impunity and Corruption". He and Dr. Hansen discuss how politicians have bribed Bishops and Pastors to gain votes for elected office. The U.S. Ambassador gives money to Kenyan Church leaders to influence addition of Islamic law and abortion to constitution. (#DVD042511)
April 20, 2011
Evangelist Deborah Gliebe
Firegate Ministries
Aloha, Oregon

Dr. Hansen reviewed his prophecy to America and its interpretation, including the bullet points of prophecy. The Lord has been showing Deborah Gliebe the "lukewarm" state of the Church, especially leadership. She said the Lord is going to reveal the sins of leadership (the "Achans" in the camp). Deborah named three spirits that martial the Church (the ungodly trinity). Deborah appealed to viewers to allow God to clean out spiritual closets. Deborah made an appeal to viewers to allow God to clean out their spiritual closets. (#DVD050211)
April 25, 2011
Mr. Prosper Ndabishuriya
General Coordinator, Youth in Reconstruction of the World in Destruction Bujumbura, Burundi, Africa

A video is shown of Prosper's ministry in Burundi. Within four months 60% of all homes were destroyed and up to half a million people were killed in the war between the Hutu and Tutsi tribes. Prosper shows a video about "Youth in Reconstruction of the World in Destruction" and the orphanage/school being built. The Hutu and Tutsi stood up for each other saying "If you're going to kill them, you must kill me first". (#DVD050911) 
April 26, May 17, 2011
Attorney Stephen Pidgeon
Everett, WA

Dr. Hansen and Attorney Pidgeon do three programs on "The Continual Felony Crimes of the President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama". Mr. Pidgeon shares extensively about Obama's history, including his Kenyan family, his adoption by Indonesian, Lolo Soetoro, and some of his schooling. Obama spoke the Islamic confession of faith (Shahadatain) in public as a child and as an adult. Mr. Pidgeon names four American politicians who recite the Shahadatain without accent. He points to Obama's intended destruction of America. (#DVD051611, #DVD052311, #DVD053011) 
May 26 and June 15, 2011
Mr. Hugh Fleet
American Heritage Flag Presentation
Candidate for WA State Rep. 38th District

Mr. Fleet describes how in schools he uses three dozen flags to give an education on American history relating to those flags. He speaks of the real significance of the U.S. Declaration of Independence. Mr. Fleet recites many quotes from American historical leaders: Ronald Reagan, General Douglas MacArthur, Benjamin Franklin, Daniel Webster, Henry Clay, Samuel Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Payne, Patrick Henry, James Madison, Thomas Shea, George Washington, John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln. (#DVD062011 & #DVD062711) 
June 28, July 6, August 3, 2011
Attorney Stephen Pidgeon
Everett, WA

Muslim Brotherhood: Sharia in America. U.S. involvement in Libya; Obama's role in the uprisings in the Middle-East and North African Muslim nations and his ties to the Muslim Brotherhood; Teen girl who converted from Islam to Christianity asking courts not to send her back home fearing for her life. (#DVD071111)

World Economic Collapse and the Liberal Left: Discussion of U.S. Leadership acting as loyal to Global Elite instead of U.S. Constitution; U.S. industry moved overseas; Social Security in permanent deficit; U.S. spending exceeding GDP; Stock Market 2008 Crash; U.S. at bottom of list of World Debtors; Government abuse of Eminent Domain; Chinese Housing Bubble; Congress wanting to audit Federal Reserve; NWO's involvement in destroying America through the economy and world wide collapse of fiat currency; and more. (#DVD080111)

"Behold! A Pale Green Horse!" New book by Pidgeon. Luciferian worshipers; various world elitists involved in the NWO Eco-Fascism; U.N. Agenda 21 map of U.S. Global warming is a lie to control people and to kill billions; Christians and Patriots looked upon as terrorists; U.S. politicians committing treason; U.S. Government attempting to control churches; Scientists disagree with the global warming lies; Bill Gates pushing to enact population control through vaccinations; U.S. Government agencies backing the Global Warming agenda; U.S. Government destroying agricultural land; and more. (#DVD080811) 
July 17, 2011
Resurrection and Life Ministries Hawaii International

Dr. Hansen operates in the office of Apostle and Prophet and was invited by Senior Pastor Randy Iaea to minister to their church. Dr. Hansen shared that there is nothing better than to flow with the wind of God! God wants to break us out of our boxes of sin and set us free from the little foxes. God revealed to Dr. Hansen that the current governor is a disgrace to Hawaii as he protects the President. The congregation is exhorted to seize every opportunity to take advantage of the hour of their visitation. (#DVD081511 and #DVD082211)

August 14, 2011
Pastor Shahram Hadian
Candidate for Governor, Washington State, 2012

Mr. Hadian shared that he is a former Muslim from Iran and is now a Christian pastor running for Governor of Washington State. He gives a first-hand testimony of Islam's dangers and how Iran regressed 300 years after the Islamic revolution. Candidate Hadian shared that the revolutions currently taking place in many Muslim nations are all heading toward a new Muslim caliphate. Dr. Hansen and Pastor Hadian expose the lie of Islam's definition of peace. Mr. Hadian described some of the teaching he has on his DVD warning about Islam and Shari'ah law. (#DVD082911)
August 15, 2011
Dr. Solomon Kimuyu
Candidate for Member of Parliament in Kenya

Dr. Kimuyu declared that national decline is due to the failure of leadership in the church, both in Kenya and in the U.S. Dr. Hansen and Dr. Kimuyu share about church leadership that received bribes from Obama to allow constitutional change in Kenya , making room for Shari'ah law and abortion in that nation. Dr. Kimuyu states that there is a leadership crisis, politically and spiritually, in Kenya that is enabling Islam to spread. (#DVD091211)
August 16, 2011
Mr. Prosper Ndabishuriya
General Coordinator, Youth in Reconstruction of the World in Destruction, Bujumbura, Burundi, Africa

Discussion of death tolls of Burundi and Kenyan violence. Prosper shared that church leaders who are weak and quiet bring destruction to a nation. He gives some history of how tribal strife came to the Pygmy, Hutu and Tutsi as a result of Colonialist division of races/classes. Dr. Hansen gives example of how tribal hatred and weak leadership brings about slavery. Prosper stated that silent church leadership led to the Burundi genocide of 1965, 1972,1988. (#DVD090511)
August 24, 2011
Ye'shi Reinhardt
Israel Hands of Mercy
Sderot, Israel

Ye'shi's ministry was birthed from a visit to wounded Israeli combat soldiers.He shared that 40% of Israel's population is now below the poverty level, suffering malnutrition. There is a great need for dental care in S'derot, Israel. Sderot suffers continued rocket attacks from Gaza. Video footage shared by Ye'shi shows children running for shelter during a rocket attack. WMI's Benevolence Department establishes dental clinics around the world, and a plan to help put one in place in Sderot, Israel is being devised. (#DVD091911)
September 7, 2011
Dr. Bree Keyton
Bree Keyton Ministries

Dr. Keyton shared that the Pygmies are the most hated people in Africa. She reported being attacked by rebel soldiers while in the jungles and that African Christians call Pygmies animals and told them to leave revival meetings. The Church must put aside their racism and treat all people as brothers and sisters. Dr. Keyton has led 47,000 Pygmies to salvation in Jesus. She provides them with clothing, machetes, salt, soccer balls. She purchases land for them, builds houses and churches, because they formerly lived in trees. She educates the Pygmies in the Bible. (#DVD101711)
November 18, 2011
Pastor Joshua Alvarez
Anchor of Salvation Intl. Ministries and The River Church, Vancouver, WA

Pastor Joshua shared a testimony of his visit to heaven at age 12, visiting with Zechariah and Malachi and the heavenly host interceding on behalf of every soul on earth. He shared of his recent trip to the Yucatan in Mexico and how God saved him from being taken hostage by corrupt police officers. Joshua shared of creative healings during his meetings--limbs growing, eyes formed, teeth restored, gums healed, arthritis healed. His meetings in Russia are attracting huge crowds of youth. (#DVD121211 & #DVD121911)

December 7, 2011
Dr. Jonathan Hansen and Dr. Mike Hyodo

Dr. Hansen, along with Dr. Mike Hyodo, CEO of our Kenya office, host this program, discussing their October, 2011, mission trip to Kenya accompanied by team members Rev. Reuben Esh of Beacon of Truth Ministries International in Kansas and Sean Bradley, WMI staff. There was discussion of the parallels between the American and Kenyan politicians being guilty of treason against their nations. During this trip Dr. Hansen spoke twice at Athi River First Baptist Church. 

Dr. Hyodo took the team to visit the Mathare Slums in Nairobi and then also to the Mcedo School where such good work is being done among the children there.

Dr. Hyodo speaks of the need for repentance and a hunger for God and His ways in order to receive the blessings of God. (#DVD122611)

First Service

Second Service

December 19, 2011
Mr. Doron Keidar
Reservist, Israeli Defense Forces, Northern Border
Founder of Project Gideon

Doron testifies that he and his wife tried to have a child for ten years. Dr. Hansen prayed for them to conceive and now they have a baby daughter. Doron founded an organization called Project Gideon and shares the need for new combat vests for IDF reservists. Doron speaks of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, his corruption and his inability to lead militarily. Doron is son-in-law to Swedish Evangelist Lars Enarson who has a prayer ministry in Jerusalem, Israel. (#DVD010912) 

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