January, 2002

Pastor Wondwesen Tefera
International Restoration Ministry
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Islam - Kenya - Ethiopia

Part 1 - Christianity vs Islam - Song by Tamara, Talitha and Kareen Hansen
Part 2 - Jesus Christ vs Allah - Song by Amarech D. Tefera
Part 3 - Biblical Jesus vs Islamic Jesus - Song by Talitha and Kareen Hansen
Part 4 - Prophecy to Kenya
Part 5 - Prophecy to the Ethiopian Church and Government

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Amarich Tefara

February, 2002

Pastor Bruce Haynes
Guest: Tamara Gulstrom

Mardi Gras

Part 1 - Spirit of Immorality and Religion - Prophecy to America - Spirit of Rome - Easter - Song by Tamara Gulstrom
Part 2 - Genetalia Sacrifice - Mockery of Jesus Resurrection - Baal Worship - Song by Tamara Gulstrom
Part 3 - Seducing Spirits: Incest, Adultery & Sodomy - Mannaseh - Leviticus - Politicians & Businessman in Costumes for Debauchery
Part 4 - Generational Spirits, Holidays, Festivals - Bathed in Bulls Blood - Catholic Compromise for Frolic - Easter - Christmas
Part 5 - Titles of Floats - Immoral Priests - Lot's Wife Possessed by Mardi Gras Spirits

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Tamara Gulstrom

May - June, 2002

Sophie Hui
Hong Kong, China

Peggy Magnuson
WMI Staff

Hong Kong, America, China, Canada and Israel

Part 1 - Interview with Sophie Hui - Prophecy to Hong Kong, Part 1 - Asian Economic Holocaust Begins - Judgment Begins to Fall
Part 2 - Interview with Sophie Hui - Prophecy to Hong Kong, Part 2 - China Will Draw Hong Kong to God - Corrupt Government In Businesses
Part 3 - Interview with Sophie Hui - Similarities Between Hong Kong and America - Warning to NY - Sophie in for America
Part 4 - Interview with Sophie Hui - Prophecies to China and Canada - Sleeping Tiger, Land of Blood - Land of Decadence and Arrogance
Part 5 - Interview with Sophie Hui and Peggy Magnuson - Israel and Jerusalem in Prophecy - WWIII and Armageddon

(Prog. #053104, #060104, #060204, #060304, #060404)

Sophie Hui

Peggy Magnuson

June , 2002

Pastor Ty Gulstrom
Rev. E.J. Buckardt
Mr. Wayne Taylor
WMI Staff

HELL - Medical Evidence & Doctors Testimonials of the Dying

Part 1 - 10 Doctrinal Truths That Cannot Be Compromised - LA Times, "Why Talk About It" (Hell) - The Surgeon and the Lake of Fire - Man Dies 3 Times and Sees Hell and Paradise
Part 2 - Pastor Ty Gulstrom Reports on Dr. Rawlings Patient Screaming, "Don't Stop; Can't You See I'm In Hell?" - Reuters Article, "Scientist Says Mind Continues After Brain Dies" (Over 3,500 People Clinically Dead With Lucid Memories)
Part 3 - The Herald Newspaper Reports, "Daytime TV Gets Spiritual" - Lorne Fox," I Have Seen Hell" Vision - Sections of Hell - The Sin of Fear! - Convict George Lennox Pronounced Dead, "48 Hours in Hell" - Dreadful 10' Demon
Part 4 - Prison Convict Lennox Testimony of Hell and the Lake of Fire, continued - Rev. EJ Buckardt Reports on Aline Baxley's Fatal Car Accident: The Death Angel Takes Her To Hell
Part 5 - Wayne Taylor Testifies of Medical Doctor Dick Eby's Death and Experiences in Paradise and Hell - Torments of Millions of Demons, Rotting Flesh and the Lake of Fire

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June, 2002

Dr. James Petillo, M.D.

Mr. Wayne Taylor
WMI Staff

Hell and the Mark of the Beast

Part 1 - Dr. James Petillo, M.D. Gives His Personal Testimony (Rev. Hansen Prophesied Over Him in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.) - CBN News
"Hell's Decline: Ignoring God's Judgment in P.C. America" - Dr. Petillo's Vision of Paradise and of Hell
Part 2 - Five Sections of Hell – Dr. Petillo Continues His Vision of Hell and the Lake of Fire – Dr. Petillo Testifies of the Lies of Evolution and Genetic Composition of Fallen Angels and Man
Part 3 - Six Explosions That Prove the Beast Will Appear in This Generation – The Beast Represents An Angel, A Man and A Government – Dr. Petillo’s Vision of the Beast Who Appeared Dead but Lived!
Part 4 - Daniel and John: Visions of Beast Governments, the Beast and the Anti-Christ – News Articles on the Chip (Human Implantation and Tracking) – Wayne Taylor Testifies of A Government Official’s Warning against the Development of the Chip & Believing the Government’s Excuses for It – Dr. Petillo Explains the Genetic Possibilities of the Chip and the Mark of the Beast
Part 5 - The Most Identifiable Trait of the Anti-Christ – Over 25 Names of the Anti-Christ – The Universal Product Code, the Seal of God and the Mark of the Beast

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Wayne Taylor

August, 2002

Rev. Harold J. Hansen
Retired Pastor

Pastor Brad Alford
Kingsway Assembly Worship Center
Arroyo, CA

Pastor Ty Gulstrom
Dr. Michael Hyodo
Rev. EJ Buckardt

Healing and Discerning of Spirits
Interviews with Various Men of God

Part 1 - Interview with Rev. Harold J. Hansen - Jamaica: Altar, Thursday, March 21, 2002
Part 2 - Interview with Pastor Brad E. Alford - Jamaica: Altar, Sunday, March 24, 2002
Part 3 - Interview with Rev. Harold J. Hansen and Pastor Ty Gulstrom - Jamaica: Altar, Thursday, March 21, 2002
Part 4 - Interview with Rev. EJ Buckardt and Dr. Michael Hyodo - Jamaica: Deliverance, Tuesday, March 19, 2002
Part 5 - Interview with Dr. Michael Hyodo and Pastor Ty Gulstrom

(Prog. #081202, #081302, #081402, #081502, #081602)


August, 2002

Prophet Terry L. Ball
Pastor, Word Explosion End Time Ministries
President, Ministers' Network of South Florida

Who Are Real Apostles & Prophets?
Jamaica Prophets Conference, Saturday, March 23, 2002

Part 1 - The Foundation is Built on the Apostles and Prophets
Part 2 - Discernment Between True & False Apostles and Prophets
Part 3 - Prophets Have A Specific Purpose/Singleness of Focus
Part 4 - The Heart of a Prophet - Frustration & Tears
Part 5 - God Chooses Based On Sacrificial Choices

(Prog. #080502, #080602, #080702, #080802, #080902)


September, 2002

Pastor Ty & Tamara Gulstrom
Tom & Melinda Roberts
Rev. EJ Buckardt

Wayne Taylor
Kareen Hansen

The First Anniversary of 9/11/2001

Part 1 - Interview with Pastor Ty and Tamara Gulstrom - Millions Will Now Die - Scripture Supports Judgment
Part 2 - Interview with Pastor Ty and Tamara Gulstrom - God Does Not Give Us A Spirit of Fear - Cup of Iniquity - Nineveh - Sudan - U.N.
Part 3 - Interview with Tom and Melinda Roberts - Intercessors Arise - We Have No Defense Before A Just God
Part 4 - Interview with Rev. EJ Buckardt and Wayne Taylor - Arrogant NY Mayor - Collegians Continued in Revelry and Patriotic Pride
Part 5 - Interview with Rev. EJ Buckardt and Kareen Hansen - The Seminarians Have Also Missed The Message

(Prog. #092302, #092402, #092502, #092602, #092702)

December, 2002

Talitha Hansen
Missionary to Japan

Divine Messages to Japan

Part 1 - Kobe Earthquake (Prophecy
Fulfilled) - Shoko Asahara Sarin Gas Attack
(Prophecy Fulfilled) - Pictures of Shintoism, Sumo Wrestling etc.
Part 2 - Prophecy Supporting Documentation News Articles etc. - Pictures of Shrines, Temples etc. - Talitha and Kareen sing, "Jesus, The One and Only"

(Prog. #122502, #122602)


December, 2002

Dan Furtney
Retired Deputy Sheriff
WMI Intercessor
Christine Wright

The Reality of God

Part 1 - Guests are Dan Furtney and his fiance', Christine Wright - Testimonies of Denver Crusade; it was like a war zone - Five Hundred slain in the Spirit, Healing of the Crippled, Bar Epstein Virus - Uganda Crusade - Hunchback Miracle

The Importance of Forgiveness

Part 2 - Dan Furtney and Christine Wright continue their discussion with Dr. Hansen: - Dan's wife of 35 years death experience - The emotional ramifications of disease and early death brought on by unforgiveness.

(Prog. #101603, #101703)

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