January, 2013

Attorney Stephen Pidgeon
Everett, WA

In four 1/2 hour programs Dr. Hansen interviews Attorney Pidgeon regarding his new book, "Prime Crimes: Treason in Libya". The U.S. Ambassador to Libya was a victim of a ruthless Islamic slaughter. Attorney Pidgeon shares the sequence of events that took place at the U.S. Consulate to Libya in Benghazi on 9/11/12. The White House watched the attack on the Benghazi Consulate in real-time video from a circling drone for seven hours. Order "Prime Crimes" to learn the answers. (DVD020413, DVD021113, DVD021813, DVD022513)

February, 2013

Jack Roland Murphy (right)
aka "Murph the Surf"
Ex-Murderer and Gem Thief
Captain Milton Alvarez
(below left)
Ex-Mafia, Intl. Evangelist

Dr. Hansen interviews Jack Murphy who is known for pulling off the largest gem heists in history, along with being convicted of two counts of murder. His sentence condemned him to prison until the year 2244! (DVD042913) In the second two programs they include Capt. Milton Alvarez who was involved in the international drug cartels from a very young age. The programs are a testimony to the awesome grace and mercy of our God who had other ideas for these men's destinies, as He did for the Apostle Paul, who was a murderer of the first degree. Both of them are now powerful global evangelists. (DVD050613, DVD052013)

February, 2013

Apostle Dennis and Marya Moore
Vision Intl. Support Ministries
Wenatchee, WA

Apostle Moore and his wife, Marya, who is also a pastor, travel extensively to other nations, particularly Africa, in support and encouragement apostolically to pastors who serve in difficult situations. They were with Dr. Hansen on his last trip to Kenya early this year and expressed how blessed they were to be a part of this venture. They are now committed to work closely with WMI. (DVD070813)


April, 2013

Missionary to Turkey

"Aslan" was a pastor in Eastern Washington when God called he and his wife to a mission work in Turkey in 2002. They served nine years there before coming home for sabbatical and some healing time. "Aslan" shared how at the very beginning of their stay in Turkey God had to break him down to teach him deep spiritual warfare in order to be strong enough to minister in that country. He shared testimonies of many miracles, particularly in people coming to know Jesus as their Savior. Later this month they will be leaving for Cyprus where they feel called to serve next. (DVD071513)

April, 2013

Dr. Bree Keyton
Missionary to the Congo

Dr. Keyton again shares her work with the Pygmy tribe in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. She and her son, Dillon, spent the month of December, 2012, bringing gifts and supplies for a certain number of people, but were surprised to find that the number had increased by 3,000! This was due to the Pygmies' sharing the gospel and their new-found faith in Jesus with others. The Pygmies, who live in trees, are looked upon as animals by other tribes who hunt and kill them for food. Two-thirds of the Pygmy tribe have been destroyed in this manner. Dr. Keyton is building villages for them to live in which have become refuges protected by God Himself. (DVD072913)

April, 2013

Bishop Dr. Thomas Muthee
Word of Faith Church
Kiambu, Kenya

Kiambu is a town on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya. Bishop Muthee shared with us his struggles when God first sent him there to evangelize. He discovered witchcraft coming against his ministry and found its source to be a woman called "Mama Jane". You will find this a fascinating testimony of the glory of God responding to the deep and committed spiritual warfare by Bishop Muthee and his church. This work has now expanded into over 600 churches, even reaching into Rwanda, Uganda, Sudan, and Burundi. Wells are drilled and churches built in cities and villages, bringing fresh water and spiritual water to the people. A technical college is being built in Kiambu to equip people for jobs. (DVD080513, DVD081213)


May, 2013

Dr. John P. Kelly
Founder, Convening Apostle
Intl. Coalition of Apostles (ICA)
Dallas, TX

Dr. Kelly is a seasoned Apostle who has been traveling the world for many years, helping other leaders to build the Kingdom of God. He is Founder and Convening Chairman of the International Coalition of Apostles, which meets yearly in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Hansen has been a member of this group for the past three years. Dr. Kelly, along with many other church leaders, believes that God is restoring the apostolic ministry to the church and has written a book entitled, "Apostolic Ministry". He teaches this as an accredited class through Christian Life School of Theology (CLST). He and Dr. Hansen are both currently serving on the Board of CLST, as well as its sister organization, Christian Life Educators Network (CLEN). (DVD070113)


May, 2013

Attorney Stephen Pidgeon
Everett, WA

In a very lively conversation, Dr. Hansen and Attorney Pidgeon discuss the question of the details of the background of who was responsible for the bombing at the Boston Marathon. The discussion moves along so rapidly that you will want to order this DVD for yourself to understand the events leading up to this attack. You will also want to order all of the other programs that Attorney Pidgeon has done with Dr. Hansen in a valiant effort to bring truth to the American people. (DVD062413)


May, 2013

Apostle Eric R. Hurd
Associate Pastor,
Resurrection Life Min.
Pastor Leo J. Bogee, Jr.
World Leadership Trng. Min.
Mililani, Hawaii

Dr. Hansen exhorts that if America is to retain her liberties and freedoms, the Church must rise up as in the days of the American revolution. Apostle Hurd adds that the Sons of Issachar are to be watchers on the wall that understand the signs of the times and give warning with godly counsel to protect the people. Pastor Bogee states that Jesus was focused on marriage and family; showing that we are at war with Satan to keep the man in the family. Dr. Hansen emphasizes that we serve God first, then family, our health and then the job. Apostle Hurd exhorts that we are in a spiritual battle, above all, and the time is now for the Church to return to apostolic alignment. Dr. Hansen points out the state of war we are in against the realms of darkness that are making laws against Judaeo-Christianity. Pastor Bogee shares the importance of Christians living up to their word and the example of their testimony. Dr. Hansen exposes Satan's tool of racism dividing the Church and nations. Apostle Hurd exposes the war of the mind and how we should vote our convictions according to the morals and ethics of Christ. (DVD081913)


June, 2013

Andy Nazario
Professor, Criminal Justice
East New Mexico University
Portalis, NM

Dr. Nazario elaborates on Agenda 21, which is the George Soros plan for the 21st century NWO government. Agenda 21, under the guise of 'sustainable development', was initiated by George H.W. Bush with other U.N. members in 1992. Dr. Nazario exposes how, through misleading terminology, the global elitists are turning lies into truth and truth into lies. Agenda 21 institutionalizes healthcare, food production/ consumption. It determines how and where people live, environmental protection, feminism, governmental control of private enterprise, governmental education control and much more. Dr. Nazario shares the comparison between the U.S. Constitution, Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation, which give individual rights, as opposed to Agenda 21 control. Dr. Hansen and Dr. Nazario expose how Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is now being operated as a Federal Police Agency, which is a violation of the U.S. Constitution. (DVD082313, DVD083013)


June, 2013

Arch Bonnema
Businessman, Economist
McKinney, Texas

Part 1:
Dr. Hansen and Mr. Bonnema discussing the "Black Swan Event". Mr. Bonnema explains how the U.S. Government is no longer on a gold standard to back its currency. U.S. propping up stock market by printing $85 billion per month and buying stock. Governments are printing gold and silver certificates; selling more than 100 times each of gold and silver on paper than physically exists. If gold or silver certificate owners attempt to collect their metals, banks will only give cash. Mr. Bonnema gives examples of things that can trigger "Black Swan Events". Economist Bonnema states that the statistics the Government is using are "cooked" numbers; they are not using legitimate stats. The true unemployment rate is near 23%. There is high violent crime rate in cities that are severely economically hit. (DVD090613)
Part 2: "Has Noah's Ark Been Found?" - Dr. Hansen and Arch Bonnema discuss the expedition that Arch joined to find Noah's Ark north of Tehran, Iran in 2006. Arch explains how there have been many expeditions to Mt. Ararat in Turkey to find Noah's Ark; all with no success. U.S. astronaut James Irwin would zoom to a tight focus photographing Mt. Ararat from space in hopes of finding Noah's Ark. After 10 failed expedition attempts on Mt. Ararat, Irwin and others started searching older maps to see if there was another mountain(s) named Ararat. All the maps made before the 13th century showed the mountains of Ararat in what is now Iran. Turkey's Mt. Ararat didn't possess its present name until Marco Polo heard from some Armenians in the 13th century that they thought that Noah's Ark was on a particular mountain in Turkey; so he named it Mt. Ararat on his map. Hear the testimony of this exciting expedition and what has happened since. (DVD091313)


August, 2013

Avi Ben Mordechai
Torah on Location Ministries

Avi ben Mordechai resides in Israel and travels the world sharing how the truths of the Torah are still effective for all believers today and how the Torah and the prophecies of the Bible are impacting our global world. He teaches on the biblical covenant of marriage as it was instituted clear back to the Garden of Eden and why lack of understanding of those truths are destroying our families around the world. He also shares some clear insights on the book of Galatians, breaking down the walls of division in the church today over the teaching of the Apostle Paul. (DVD092013)



September, 2013

Dr. Jonathan Hansen
with Peggy Magnuson,

Dr. Hansen and Peggy share highlights from the many happenings during this mission trip to Kenya. Captain Milton Alvarez, Evangelist, was a part of the mission team, and he and Dr. Hansen shared powerfully at Redeemed Gospel Church pastored by Dr. Arthur Kitonga. Another memorable visit was made to the Comido School in Kwa Njenga Slum. Peggy shares her deep feelings about the wonderful improvements made on behalf of the slum children in this project. The team spent three days in Maasailand where Pastor Francis Koriata had asked Dr. Hansen to dedicate their land for a church building. The congregation has been worshiping under a tree for many years. (DVD101813, DVD102513, DVD110113, DVD110813)


September - October, 2013

Dr. Jonathan Hansen
WMI Mission Team
On Location in Israel

The WMI Mission Team consisted of Dr. Jonathan Hansen, Pastor EJ Buckardt (on video camera) and Peggy Magnuson (intercessor/watchman) of WMI Staff, along with Capt. Milton Alvarez, Evangelist, of River Church in Vancouver, WA. For two full weeks the team moved from appointment to appointment as scheduled divinely by the mighty Holy Spirit, filming interviews with leaders from around the world. You will be seeing TV programs for months to come as these programs are edited into the "Warning" TV weekly program.


Josh Reinstein
Executive Director
Knesset Christian Allied Caucus
One of Israel's 50 Most Influential Leaders

Dan Juster
Tikkun International
Advocate for Israel's Restoration
Chris Mitchell
Bureau Chief forCBN Israel
Filmed on CBN Set
Jerusalem, Israel
Oren Lev Ari
CEO, TBN Israel
Live on TBN Israel Set
Jerusalem, Israel
Timothy King
Co-Founder and Director
International Christian Embassy - Jerusalem (ICEJ)
for over 30 years
Pastor Roy Kendall
Worship Leader, Psalmist
School of Worship
Jerusalem, Israel
Majed El Schafie
Persecuted Egyptian Christian
Survived Extreme Prison Beatings For Four Days
Pastor Umar Mulinde
Persecuted Ugandan Christian
Survived Muslim Terrorist Acid Attack
Pastor Leon Mazin
Return to Zion Congregation
Haifa, Israel
Nichole Yoder
Director, ICEJ Aid Program
Example: Holocaust Survivor Home
Terry Hill
Owner - Coach
International Sports Dynamics
National Israeli Football and Basketball Teams
Mr. Michael Marder
88 Year Old Holocaust Survivor
Survived Nine Death Camps!

October, 2013

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson
Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny (B.O.N.D.)
Conservative Political Activist
Los Angeles, CA

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, the most outspoken critic of the civil rights establishment in America today, lays bare its corrupt leadership, courageously taking aim at the biggest names--Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters, among others--claiming they are nothing more than "scam artists", profiting off the hatred and disorder they foster in the black community. He says racism is throughout the black community against white America. He believes Obama is a racist who is dividing America.

Rev. Peterson's goal with the B.O.N.D. organization is to "rebuild the family by rebuilding the man", thereby restoring biblical order to black homes all over the nation. He is doing this through working with young men, restoring them first through their souls before the Lord and then through marriage and relationships. Rev. Peterson is also a fierce advocate for TRUTH in this nation regarding our dysfunctional political arena. He speaks regularly on his own radio program and as a guest on other radio and television venues. He has experienced death threats and persecution as a result of his strong stand. (DVD112913, DVD120613)


November, 2013

Dennis Peacocke
CEO and President,
Strategic Christian Services
Santa Rosa, CA

During the International Coalition of Apostles (ICA) Convention in Dallas, Texas, Dr. Hansen taped an interview with Dennis Peacocke where they discussed the economic situation and pending collapse both in the United States and around the world. The discussion led to their concerns of how these troubles will affect the church as a whole.


November, 2013

Pastor Randall Christy
Union Valley Baptist Church
The Gospel Station Network
Ada, OK

While visiting Pastor Randall Christy, Senior Pastor of Union Valley Baptist Church, Dr. Hansen taped an interview with Pastor Christy regarding the vision for his church, how he sees the church at large and the possibilities of what lies ahead as we move closer to the coming of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


December 28, 2013

Prophetess Phyllis Ramia
"Heartlight Hearttalk" TV Program
Honolulu, Hawaai

In this interview Dr. Hansen shared how the church is at war and how it is up to the Bride of Christ as to whether America remains free or becomes part of the New World Order! Dr. Hansen also shared some of his experiences with angels, including fifteen that appeared in the Cayman Islands when he was speaking there. Seven appeared vertically and seven horizontally with Dr. Hansen speaking in the middle. In country after country people have seen one giant angel standing behind him guarding him. He also explained how God uses him prophetically to speak to Presidents of nations, and that nothing can touch a person unless God allows it.



Dear Friends,
My "Warning" television program is like none other; secular or Christian. We are living in an age of Political Correctness. People are being intimidated, and they are afraid to speak the truth. The Bible tells us that truth takes away
deception and prayer brings conviction.
The purpose of God, through His Bride, is to reveal His glory over all the earth. (Psalm 72:19) God instructs you and I to take dominion, subdue, be salt, occupy and make disciples of the earth. (Genesis 1:26-28, Matthew 5:13; 28:19-20 and Luke 19:13) The Bible tells us in Revelation 12 that Lucifer rebelled against God and was expelled out of heaven to the earth where he rules today! (2 Corinthians 4:4, John 12:31)
Evil men lead their nations through the influence of satan on the earth today! When Jesus returns at the Battle of Armageddon, He will defeat the armies of the world; put satan in the bottomless pit; remove evil leaders and put in righteous leaders to rule the nations, ushering in peace and prosperity. (Zechariah 14:2-4, Revelation 16:13-16; 20:1-6)
Right now, though, the church is in a war whether they understand the seriousness of it or not. The enemies of the laws of God hate the Bride of Christ and want to shut it down or destroy it. More believers are being persecuted, arrested, tortured and killed in this generation than in all the previous generations combined. The devil is using the air waves through the media to change the minds and hearts of people to disobey the Judeo-Christian values and beliefs that this nation was founded upon and which made us the greatest nation in history. The battle is in the mind. We must transform peoples minds with truth; not the lies of the liberal media. We must take back the airwaves.
The Book of Revelation gives warning to the events in the near future that will take place. Evil men in governments are in the process of taking away Christian freedoms. They are committing treasonous acts to form a New World Order as the Bible predicts. Some nations will fight the coming world leader that the Bible classifies as the anti-Christ. Please help me turn back this evil tide sweeping America through secular television, and help me sound the alarm. Some Christian television programs twist the truth and most are afraid to confront politicians or clergy guilty of sins of abomination or heresy. My "Warning" television program fearlessly exposes the truth about corruption and sin, hosting guests that include Senators, Members of the House, attorneys, judges, economists, businessmen, Bishops, Pastors, and many others. If we are going to have a chance for freedom to continue and the Republic of the United States of America to survive, we must wage a fight by speaking truth over the airwaves. I must get on as many television stations as possible, including national television. Please partner with me! Our freedom is at stake, including the freedom of your families!

Dr. Jonathan Hansen

One of the very best ways you can help World Ministries International to get these "Warning" messages out to the general public through national television is to become a Television Monthly Partner. Please make this a matter of prayer in your home and see if our Lord would have you partner with us in this end-time battle for the Kingdom.

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