January 3, 2012

Rep. Matt Shea,
WA State House of Reps., 4th Dist. (right)
Rep. Jason Overstreet 42nd Dist., (left)

Dr. Hansen explained America’s Christian foundation with quotes from the early Founding Fathers' view and penalties for homosexuality. They discussed that many pastors and Christians are not in the battle to fight for freedom and being active in governmental matters. Rep. Shea called the Church to stand for marriage or face persecution. Rep. Shea and Dr. Hansen related how Christians in Germany kept silent as Nazis killed the Jews and then the Nazis turned on the Christians.

January 7, 2012

Captain Milton Alvarez,
Ex-Mafia, Intl. Evangelist

Cpt. Alvarez shared about being raised in a family of witchcraft, voodoo and Catholicism and the curses of his background released upon his accepting Jesus as Savior. He told of how God saved him from suicide when he heard Nicky Cruz's testimony on television. He shared how he survived four assassination attempts on his life while he was a member of the New York mafia. God kept Captain Alvarez out of prison by drafting him into the Viet Nam war where he became a drug counselor and drug addict. Evangelist Alvarez has traveled with some of the mafia killers of recent history, mass murderers who are now ministers for Jesus. Cpt. Milton gave an invitation to viewers to accept Jesus as Savior.

January 12, 2012

Dr. Art Coday,
Candidate for U.S. Senate
for Washington State 2012

Coday stated the importance of having a free and moral society under God’s statues to maintain freedom from government tyranny. Dr. Hansen and Dr. Coday discuss the importance of political leadership which upholds God’s laws. Dr. Coday shares that the U.S. is being used by globalists to bribe other nations to accept abortion and homosexuality in their nations or lose their financial aid. Dr. Coday is against same-sex marriage and abortion, agrees that homosexuality is sin, and believes that Jesus Christ is God. They discuss Obama’s mocking of Judeo-Christian values and moving the U.S. into the NWO; Obama’s association with U.S. terrorist William Ayers; U.S. politicians guilty of treason; Obama not being a natural born U.S. citizen; Federal government removing state’s rights, etc.

February 17, 2012

Veronica M. Nufer,
Host and Producer of
"Eleventh Hour Politics"
and "News & Views"
on KWVT Chan. 17, Salem, OR

Veronica explained how she uses her television programs to bring God and politics together. Dr. Hansen and Veronica discussed the politically hot topic of homosexuality and how most politicians avoid it for fear of intolerance. Dr. Hansen called for the Catholic leadership of Washington State to excommunicate Gov. Gregoire for backing same-sex marriage. Veronica stated when she attends meetings of the Yamhill County Republicans, it feels like being in church because of the atmosphere of prayer. They discussed laws that are coming to eliminate the Biblical worldview from broadcast airwaves.

February 27, 2012

Prophetess Phyllis Ramia,
"Heartlight Hearttalk" TV Program

Dr. Hansen is interviewed in Oahu, Hawaii, on the TV Program "Heartlight Hearttalk” by Phyllis Ramia. Prophetess Phyllis read the prophecy for Hawaii, and they discussed the spiritual situation in Hawaii today. Dr. Hansen shared how he draws on the power of the Holy Spirit to give the Lord’s messages to presidents of nations. Dr. Hansen shared testimony of how angels appeared in his conferences and miraculous creative healings at church meetings. Dr. Hansen and Prophetess Ramia discussed how most of the church today does not walk in God’s Apostolic alignment as the first century church did. (This program was adapted for the Warning TV program.)

March 6, 2012

Pastor Shahram Hadian,
Candidate for WA State Gov. 2012 (left);
Dr. Ken Hutcherson,
Sen. Pst. Antioch Bible Church, (center);
and Atty. Stephen Pidgeon,
Candidate for WA State Atty. Gen., 2012 (right)

These gentlemen discussed Washington State Referendum 74 and Initiative 1192, the Fight for Marriage. Explanation of the difference between R-74 and I-1192 and the great need for both to overturn same-sex marriage in Washington State and to define marriage as between one man and one woman to reinforce DOMA. Marriage is an absolute truth and a fundamental freedom given by the laws of nature and of nature’s God.

March 21, 2012

Rev. Dr. Joseph Fuiten,
Sen. Pst. Cedar Park Church (right)
Atty. Joseph Backholm,
Dir., Preserve Marriage WA (left)

Dr. Hansen explained the Church’s role in leading nations in the laws of God. Dr. Fuiten stated the need for Christians to stand and fight for God’s truth that is under attack. Attorney Backholm stated that children raised in stable heterosexual families produce people of virtue and integrity that serve to benefit society. Dr. Fuiten stated how WA State Governor Gregoire repudiated the Church based on the evolution of her political view. Quotes from U.S. Founding Fathers on the need for Christianity to lead the nation and on the abominable vice of homosexuality.

March 29, 2012

Mr. Jan Willem van der Hoeven,
Founder, Intl. Christian Zionist Center,
Jerusalem, Israel

Mr. van der Hoeven is the founder of the Intl. Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ), and director of the Intl. Christian Zionist Center (ICZC), which has been established to stimulate and activate world-wide Christian interest and support for the State and people of Israel. He exhorted Christians to be comforters and supporters of Israel. He conveyed the blessing that the Gentiles have received because of the Jews’ rejection of Jesus as Messiah.

March 30, 2012

Mr. David Bedien,
Bureau Chief of Israel Resource News Agency, Jerusalem

David Bedein told of the significance of the Lone Oak Tree and Kfar Etzion in the re-establishment of Israel on their native land. He related that the European Union has a strike force prepared to drive the Jews out of the West Bank in exchange for the PLO. Mr. Bedein explained why the Israeli government expelled 10,000 Jews from Gaza for the sake of economic trade. He shared about an Arab businessman he works with whose son was being taught songs in school about killing Jews, and that US government agencies are funding Palestinian schools to teach the children to hate and kill the Jews. A US Agency for International Development funded the development of a constitution for the Palestinians that mandates the most radical and dangerous form of Shari'a law, rather than US values and ethics. Dr. Hansen strongly exhorted Christians to hold their politicians accountable for their support of Israel or military aid to the PLO. Mr. Bedein told how the US Secretary of State knows what’s in the Palestinian textbooks.

April 16, 2012

Apostle Reuben Esh,
Beacon of Truth Ministries International

Leaders of America and Israel have expressed defiance against God and quoted Isaiah 9:10, including Pres. Barack Obama. Apostle Esh states that God has anointed him to prepare believers for the difficulties of the last days, God's outpouring of wrath on the nations, and Satan's attack upon God's faithful remnant. Apostle Esh identifies an arrogance in the American Church to think that persecution won't come on them. God's plagues are not for His remnant as God will have an angel mark them.

April 25, 2012

Dr. Bree Keyton,
Bree Keyton Ministries

Dr. Hansen shared his prophecy for the Democratic Republic of Congo (D.R.C.), formerly Zaire. Two-thirds of the Pygmies have been killed in D.R.C. Dr. Keyton has led 47,000 Pygmies to salvation in Jesus. Dr. Keyton shared how the rebels of D.R.C. were once in Rwanda and are responsible for the slaughter there. She tells how the Pygmies are the most hated people in Africa. Dr. Keyton reported being attacked by rebel soldiers while in the jungles. She shared that African Christians have called the Pygmies animals.

April 29, 2012

Evangelist Deborah Gliebe,
Firegate Ministries

Dr. Hansen shared on eschatology about the coming world wars, the rise and fall of Islam and the plagues of God's judgment upon those not sealed by God. Deborah related how the Lord has had her prophesy about tornadoes and earthquakes and about unexplained sounds coming out of the earth around the world. The Lord made Deborah aware of a man who received Jesus as Savior by allowing her to hear the angels rejoicing for his soul. Deborah gave an invitation for salvation through Jesus Christ.

April 30, 2012

Bishop Tom Barrett,
CEO of Golden Art, LLC

Dr. Hansen and Bishop Barrett discussed America's Christian heritage and its current slide toward socialism and how that slide affects the economy of our nation. Inflation was non-existent in American history before 1933. A $20 one ounce gold coin minted in 1933 is now worth $1,700, where a $20 bill is now worth 80 cents! Bishop Barrett explains how Christians should be investing their money wisely. Obama has increased the national debt by 50% in three years. Debt causes inflation, inflation causes the value of the dollar to go down, and the price of gold then rises.

May 4, 2012

Rev. Vryl Pember,
Integrity Plus

Rev. Pember shared that he is looking for sales associates to work for Integrity Plus who want to bless ministries and non-profits like WMI. He explained that Integrity Plus lowers merchant credit card rates and locks them in through Capitol Bank Card Services. Businesses can designate a portion of the savings as a donation to non-profit organizations such as ministries and churches. Rev. Pember believes that using Biblical principles and Holy Spirit-led creativity will bless the church financially.

May 15, 2012

Dr. Bahjat Batarseh,
Amman, Jordan

Dr. Batarseh and Dr. Hansen were speakers for the National Prayer Dedication Day at Uhuru Park, Nairobi, Kenya. Many government and church leaders attended from all over Kenya. Dr. Hansen filmed two programs for his "Warning" TV schedule with Dr. Batarseh. They discussed their similar views of what is happening on a global level as it relates to the nations and Israel. They see Kenya, the United States and Israel as facing similar challenges in the months just ahead. Christians are challenged to become a part of this end-time battle for the Kingdom of God.

June 1, 2012

Mike Siegel,
Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Host

Dr. Siegel shared that the Obama administration has been rude to Israeli PM Netanyahu and is pushing toward dividing Israel. He noted that American Jews seem to be deceived by Obama as European Jews were during the time of Hitler. Dr. Hansen and Dr. Siegel discussed how JFK was a patriot who stood up for sovereignty and stood up to Khrushchev in the Cuban Missile Crisis. Dr. Siegel exposed the Obama administration who ordered all reference to Islam removed from terrorism training and more.

June 3, 2012

Propser Ndabishuriye,
The Hope Project:
Friends and Friends of Friends Burundi

11% of Burundi’s population are orphans. The Hope Project is building an orphanage and school which will house 160 orphans and educate 800 students. The Tutsi, Hutu and Pygmie tribes of Burundi are living in peace together today. Hope projects are: rice fields for widows, a goat project, bedding for the needy, church leadership workshops, promoting peace and reconciliation through music, building a church.

July 20, 2012

Dr. Andy Nazario,
Attorney Stephen Pidgeon

Dr. Andy Nazario is Ret. Lt. of Bernalillo County Sheriff's Dept., New Mexico. He now serves as Adjunct Professor in the Criminal Justice Dept. at Eastern New Mexico Univ. He shared his conservative opinions on current political issues. Atty. Stephen Pidgeon practices in Everett, WA, specializing in Constitutional Law. He has a case pending with the Supreme Court regarding Pres. Obama's birth certificate. He has authored several books including "The Obama Error" and "Behold! A Pale Green Horse".

September 7, 2012

Ye'shi Reinhardt,
Israel Hands of Mercy
Sderot, Israel

Israel Hands of Mercy is an organization helping victims of the 10,000 plus rockets that have rained on Sderot, Israel, for the last several years. Dr. Hansen and his team visited Sderot in March of 2012 to observe the situation and to see how WMI might help these people with their desperate dental needs. Ye'shi visited us again in September 2012 to discuss with Dr. Hansen any progress made in behalf of these precious people.

October 2, 2012

Mary Ruth Edwards,
Washington State House of Representatives,
16th Leg. Dist.

Mary Edwards decided to run for office because the Republican representative of her district is pro-homosexuality, pro-abortion and pro-big government. Mary shared the importance of heterosexual marriage as God ordained for society and noted the progression toward 'gay' rights in Washington State. Other issues: Appointed judges who are ruling on UN/international laws instead of US constitutional law. Democrats want to raise taxes. Democrats removed God from party platform and when they re-installed reference to God, it was met with an eruption of boos from the convention floor.

October 5, 2012

Dan Matthews,
Candidate for Congress,
WA State, 2nd District

Dan Matthews graduated from the University of Puget Sound with a degree in Political Science. He holds a Masters degree from Golden Gate University in Public Administration/ Government.. Dan is a retired Lt. Col. from the U.S. Air Force. and flew in both Vietnam and Desert Storm. He retired three years ago as a commercial airline pilot and is now a pilot instructor for the Boeing Company. Candidate Matthews related why he is running for Congressional office. His goals are to remain connected to his core values and to truly represent his Lord and his district. Dan is against abortion, calling it murder of children.

Dear Concerned American:
Truth takes away deception and prayer brings conviction. All patriotic citizens in the United States of America are concerned with the lies that the liberal media, public schools and universities, and radio, television and movie industries are using to brainwash the public into buying into the immoral anti-Judeo-Christian values and beliefs of the United Nations which is pushing the agenda and acceptance of the New World Order. Yes, dear American citizen, there are people throughout society who are sold out to the creation and organization called the New World Order to remove the sovereignty of all nations and moving the world into the New World Order or what the Bible describes as the Beast Government. The Scriptures are clear that there will be some nations that will resist this New World Order and the only question is which nations are they? Will the United States of America cooperate or fight the New World Order? I believe that answer depends on whether Bible believing Christians rise up with spiritual backbone operating in mature faith to be true ambassadors of Jesus Christ to stand up for the faith and morality of the Bible and label immorality for what it is--sin. Christians and conservative Republicans seem to be afraid and ashamed to defend the morality of the Bible, which they say they believe in and which the Republican Party is composed of.
Ladies and gentlemen; anyone has ever watched the Warning television program will testify that there is not another program on television which is on the cutting edge of truth with the boldness and faith to proclaim it. I humbly say there is not a Christian television program that has the dynamic television guests from the political, business, legal and church fields of expertise and the Warning television program. My program is on cable stations in the United States but we need to be on national television stations. Once again, "my people perish for a lack of knowledge". Please become a television partner with me. For a donation of $100 USD per month a person would get four (4) of my thirty-minute television programs each month on DVD and one hour of my radio programs on CD. This is my way of saying thank you for helping me bring truth to America so the people of America can understand how they are being deceived into losing their freedoms, as well as the Republic of the United States of America. Your donation is tax deductible and it can be a love offering or, for some of you, part of your tithes. Time is short! If we as Christians don’t immediately get the truth out before a national audience on a weekly, if not daily forum, we will lose our Christian freedoms and persecution will certainly replace it.

Dr. Jonathan Hansen

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