In October 2011, a mission team from World Ministries International traveled to Kenya, East Africa.

WMI Team members Apostle Reuben Esh
(Founder of Beacon of Truth Ministries),
Dr. Mike Hyodo, Apostle Jonathan Hansen,
and Cameraman, Sean Bradley

While there we met with Dr. Solomon Kimuyu and his team. Dr. Kimuyu is running for a parliament seat in Kenya and has been a guest in the Warning television program.

Apostle Esh, Dr. Solomon Kimuyu,
Dr. Hansen, Rev. Kathy Morgan,
Lila Farmer - Secretary to Dr. Solomon,
and Sean Bradley

The nation of Kenya professes to be 80% Christian, but Islam is attempting to take over the country.  Much like America, the people are losing their freedoms and the New World Order is moving toward removing the sovereignty of Kenya. This is being seen in all nations and will result in the persecution of Christians.

Some nations will fight the anti-Christ and the New World Order. Will the church in Kenya and America rise up and fight the One World Government, or will they go along with the rest of the nations?

During our first Sunday in Kenya we ministered at the Athi River First Baptist Church for two morning services. Dr. Hansen preached with great boldness and anointing. He proclaimed to the church the urgency of the hour we are living in and the need for the church to rise up and take back Kenya before they lose their freedoms and come under tyranny.

Dr. Jonathan Hansen speaking at
Athi River First Baptist Church

Athi River First Baptist Church
First Service

Athi River First Baptist Church
Second Service

Dr. Hansen with Dr. Wellington Mutiso,
Pastor of Athi River First Baptist Church
and General Secretary of
Evangelical Alliance of Kenya

Dr. Hansen met with various bishops and church leaders at our Nairobi office.

Apostle Esh, Dr. Hansen, Bishop
Arthur Kitonga, founder and overseer
of the Redeemed Gospel Churches
located throughout Africa, and
Rev. Wilson Mamboleo,
Prayer of Intercession Ministries
and Publications

Dr. Hansen and Rev. J.B.K. Murimi,
Founder of Truth Ministries International

Rev. Samson Tinega, Pastor
of Kenya Assemblies of
God Olympic Church
and Dr. Hansen

Stopping by our South C Dental office, Apostle Hansen and Apostle Esh spoke with the staff about the importance of having fresh manna each day. We need to spend time with God every day to be empowered and refreshed. Yesterday’s time with God will not work for today; we need fresh manna every day.

WMI South C Dental Staff
with Dr. Mike, Dr. Hansen,
and Apostle Esh to the right

The staff enjoys their time together with Dr. Hansen as he does not travel to Kenya very often to share.

WMI is involved in many benevolence projects in Kenya, one of which is the Mukuru Kwa Njenga slum. Over 100,000 people call this slum their home.

Dr. Hansen and Rev. James
Kariuki walking through
the Kwa Njenga slum.

Inside the Kwa Njenga slum WMI sponsors the Comido Education Centre, a school for children.

Dr. Hansen and Rev. James
Kariuki, School Administrator,
at the entrance of the Comido
Education Centre where
WMI helped build this beautiful
fence and gate.

Through the support of our partners who give financially, we have been able to provide a number of improvements to the school in order to better care for the children at Comido Education Centre.

A water well was drilled and installed. This provides clean water for the school children and serves those in the surrounding slum area.

Fresh water well at
the Comido School

Another project was completed in the school kitchen. These before and after photos show that the previous small metal cooking pots have been replaced with large, energy-efficient cooking pots, allowing for more food to be prepared in a safe and rapid manner.

Previous cooking pots,
with charcoal used to prepare food

New energy-efficient
cooking pots

In addition, a beautiful new library was built for the students to use.

Old library before renovations

Librarian at the new library

Student using the new library

Children at the Comido School
gather and listen as Dr. Hansen
shares about Jesus Christ.

Kwa Njenga Slum

Notice the difference between the living conditions in the slum area and the conditions in the school. Families and their children live in the midst of poverty and disease each and every day of their lives. This school represents hope to these Kenyans in what would otherwise be a dark future, and the people learn that there are godly people who really do care for them.

In an area filled with hopelessness, these benevolence projects are making a big impact on the lives and the hearts of people. We would like to do so much more to help people around the world. If God has touched your heart, would you please give a gift so we can do more to help families in the slums?

WMI has currently established eight dental clinics in Kenya, with the goal to complete four more quickly coming to pass.

Dr. Hansen and Benevolence director,
Dr. Michael Hyodo, stand in front
of the entrance to the WMI
Ngong dental clinic.

Rev Jackson Mbuthia, Assistant Bishop
of Kenya Assemblies of God,
sits in the chair as Dr. Mike
and his assistant, Maureen,
give service.

Upon invitation we met with the Vice President’s wife, Pauline, at the Kalonzo Musyoka Foundation. Dr. Hansen has agreed to partner with the foundation to put up a dental clinic in another needy area.

Dr. Mike, Dr. Hansen and
Hon. Pauline Kalonzo,
Rev. Reuben Esh

Ten years ago mosques were not a common site in Kenya, but Islam has been buying land and rapidly putting up mosques throughout the country.

A Mosque in Kibera Slum

Nairobi Muslim Academy
and Mosque in South C Area

A Nairobi Mosque

WMI sponsors and conducts bible schools in Kenya so that the leadership and the church body can be equipped and be strong in the Lord. Students come here to view 10 hours of DVD lecture per course after they have read the required study course text book.

WMI Telposta Towers Bible School
in downtown Nairobi

At the Nairobi Game Park animals can be observed in their natural habitat.



Female lion



A trip to this beautiful reserve is a treasured memory from many of the WMI mission trips to Kenya.

Dr. Hansen meets and prays for
former Nairobi Mayor Joe Aketch
joined by former Nairobi Mayor
Nathan Kahara to the right.

Dr. Hansen with Christin Wikisenga,
Protocol Officer for President Kibaki’s
daughter, Judy Kibaki, former
Nairobi Mayor Nathan Kahara,
and Apostle Esh

On Saturday, October 21st we were at Athi River First Baptist Church for a Pastors’ conference where Apostle Hansen and Apostle Esh spoke. Many pastors were bussed in from the outlying areas.

A group photo with pastors
attending the Pastors’ Conference

The following day our team was at Athi River First Baptist Church from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. In the two morning services, the difference in anointing of the Holy Spirit from the previous Sunday was even greater as the presence of God was more manifest and the expectancy of the people was increased.

Dr. Hansen declared that many leaders in the government are “dogs” as they are stealing from the people, and many bishops in the church are “hyenas” because they are feeding on the flock. He shared that the church in America and Kenya need to rise up and take back their nations.

Dr. Hansen shares with the
congregation at Athi River
First Baptist Church

Apostle Esh spoke on ministering angels. There are angels sent to help and minister to us, but there are also fallen angels that try to minister to us. We need to discern which is which. How can we know which are good and which are bad? By spending the time necessary to know the word of God, we can discern what is good and true versus that which is a lie and false.

Apostle Esh shares during
the morning service at
Athi River First Baptist Church.

After the two morning services, separate men’s and women’s meetings were held before coming together for a final combined service. At the men’s meeting Dr. Hansen, Dr. Hyodo and Rev. Esh all shared with the men.

Dr. Hansen sharing with the
men at Athi River First
Baptist Church.

Combined men’s and women’s
evening service at Athi River
First Baptist Church

Dr. Solomon Kimuyu, Apostle
Reuben Esh, Dr. Hansen and
Dr. Wellington Mutiso praying
for a gentleman who came forward
to receive salvation.

One of Dr. Hansen’s spiritual sons in Kenya, Dr. Mike Adipo, chairs a regular meeting of pastors called Kenya Gospel Ministers Association Fellowship (KEGMA) in downtown Nairobi.

Sean Bradley, Rev. Mike and
Nancy Adipo, Dr. Hansen,
and Apostle Esh

Ministers gathered at the KEGMA meeting for  time of worship, teaching and exhortation.

Dr. Hansen shares with the
pastors at a weekly
KEGMA meeting.

Dr. Hansen talks with
Apostle Judy Oumo with
Rev. Geoffrey Wainaina
in the background
at a KEGMA meeting.

Eastleigh is an area in Kenya also known as Little Mogadishu, having become dominated by Muslims.

Women in Eastleigh wearing burqas

You can witness the poverty in the area as you view the conditions of the streets.

Eastleigh streets

The Mathare Slum is home to over 700,000 people occupying and area two miles long by one mile wide.

Overlooking part of the
Mathare Slum

Adults and children find themselves living in conditions that most of us could never even imagine.

Apostle Esh and Dr. Hansen
standing beside open
sewage running through
the housing areas of
Mathare Slum

WMI sponsors a school in the Mathare Slum called the Mcedo School.

Apostle Esh showing pictures
to Mcedo School kids.

At the Mcedo School kids have a good place to learn. WMI has donated soccer equipment for nearly 500 children, plus library books, desks, and chairs.

Mcedo teacher Jacob Dee
with Dr. Hansen.
WMI sponsored Jacob’s
schooling so that he could get
a teaching certificate.

On Wednesday, October 26th Dr. Hansen and Apostle Esh spoke at a bishop’s meeting in Nairobi at Deliverance Church Langata.

Dr. Hansen sharing with bishops
at Deliverance Church on Langata
Road in Nairobi, Kenya.

Dr. Hansen is praying with
Rev. David Githii,
Rev. Geoffrey Njuguna,
and Rev. Wellington Mutiso.

Dr. Hansen with Rev. Maina WA
Gaithuru, Archbishop of the
Assemblies of Christian Churches

Dr. Hansen and
Rev. Bishop Imoite Papa

Dr. Hansen with
Bishop Robert Mahiri
at the bishop’s meeting

Dr. Hyodo, Dr. Hansen,
and Apostle Esh having
tilapia for lunch at a local
Nairobi restaurant.

At the house of professor Phillip Mbithi, former Cabinet Secretary for President Moi, Dr. Hansen shared and counseled for nearly eight hours.

Professor Phillip Mbithi and
Dr. Hansen at Professor
Mbithi’s home.

Afterward, Professor Mbithi expressed his gratitude because, in all his experience as a government official, no one had ever counseled with him like Dr. Hansen did.

One of the highlights of our trip was the invitation from Vice President Kalonzo to have the WMI team over for dinner. For three hours Vice President Kalonzo and Dr. Hansen discussed many important issues, including President Obama. The Vice President also introduced us to Dr. Solomon Joloimat Lenengwesi, the Secretary General for the Global Parliament.

Dr. Hyodo, Dr. Hansen,
Vice President Kalonzo,
and Dr. Solomon Joloimat
Lenengwesi at the
Vice President’s home

The next day Dr. Solomon Joloimat met with Dr. Hansen in the WMI office for further discussion and prayer.

Dr. Hansen prays with Dr. Solomon
Joloimat Lenengwesi.

Before the term left for home, we hadn’t our first ever WMI all-staff retreat. Staff from all of the WMI Kenya dental clinics came and were treated to a very nice setting and lunch. Included in the day were presentations on what the ministry is doing in Kenya and throughout the world.

WMI Dental staff enjoying

Dr. Hansen shares with
the staff at retreat.

Group photo of the WMI
Dental staff in Kenya
mission trip team

When we spend time daily with God, our relationship with Him is developed. We then become more sensitive to His voice and leading. As we listen and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, good things begin to happen. This trip was an example of that. The team members witnessed how the Holy Spirit brought people into our path and filled our schedule with divine appointments, such as with the Vice President of Kenya and the Secretary General for the Global Parliament. All in all it was a very fruitful mission trip.


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