The timing of God is perfect. Before judgment of a nation, the LORD sends His prophets to give warning. “He that receiveth a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet’s reward...” Matt. 10:41 He who does not...

On January 16, 2013, Dr. Jonathan Hansen arrived in Nairobi, Kenya. In 1992 the Lord had given Dr. Hansen a prophetic Word for the nation of Kenya. It was delivered to President Moi at that time. In 1995 the Lord had given a release to begin publicly sharing the five major points of the prophecy: 1) God is going to judge this nation. 2) A spirit of rebellion is sweeping the nation followed by fighting. 3) A spirit of drought is sweeping the nation followed by famine. 4) A spirit of Islam is sweeping the nation followed by riots. 5) Finally, if the Christians, and especially the pastors, of this nation do not repent of their hypocrisy and start to develop a relationship with God, the Christians will lose their religious freedom. Please visit our website at to see the complete prophecy for Kenya.

Kenya is currently on their fifth and final point. Last year a new constitution was approved that allows Kadhi Islamic Courts and abortion into Kenya Law. On March 4, 2013, Kenya will hold their presidential elections. The last election five years ago erupted into violence with over 1,000 people being killed, primarily motivated by tribalism incited by politicians. Two of the main political candidates are currently being tried by the International Criminal Court in the Hague over the killings. It is with this backdrop of history that Dr. Hansen came back to Kenya from January 16 to 24, 2013. This newsletter briefly shares some pictures and information from that trip.

Part of the week was dedicated to continued development of our Bible School in Kenya. Dr. Hansen is pictured here with Bishop Arthur Kitonga with whom an agreement was made to put bible schools in some of the over 2,000 Redeemed Gospel Churches Dr. Kitonga oversees throughout the nation.

Dr. Hansen also met with Pastor Francis Koriata who is heading up several groups of intercessors in line with our goal of having 2,000 WMI intercessors in Kenya, as well as in all nations.

Pictured is the intercessor team with Dr. Hansen and Pastor Francis in front of the Oloosirkon Church

The intercessors listen intently as Dr. Hansen shares his burden for the nation of Kenya

This intercessor group is from the Maasai tribe, one of the last of 42 tribes in Kenya who still widely follow their cultural traditions and dress. Dr. Hansen is pictured standing with some Maasai women intercessors in traditional garments.

Apostle Dennis and Marya Moore joined the WMI team in Kenya, flying in from Uganda the same night as Dr. Hansen arrived from the USA. Apostle Moore has worked with Dr. Hansen in the past on a mission trip to Washington D.C. at the White House.

Pictured is Bishop Thomas Muthee from the Word of Faith Church in Kiambu.

Dr. Hansen spoke at the Word of Faith Church service

Thousands of people received the Word of God.

The WMI Bible School in Nairobi was happy to present their first
Doctor of Theology Degree in Kenya to Rev. Christopher Owiny.


Dr. Hansen was invited to speak at a Bishops and Pastors Fellowship meeting held at the Gospel Tabernacle Worship Centre Church. The prophecy to Kenya was declared to the church leaders.

The chairman of the Bishops and Pastors Fellowship, Rev. James Muoka, stood up and shared that in the 1980’s he had reached a low point as a pastor. He was considering leaving the ministry and had decided not to attend his own church one weekend. Instead, he attended the Calvary Charismatic Church at Railways. This was the church that Dr. Hansen had planted and was the pastor over at the time. He met Dr. Hansen and shared what was on his heart. Dr. Hansen laid hands on him and prayed for him, encouraging him and prophesying over him. Rev. Muoka shared that everything Dr. Hansen had prophesied has come to pass and that he is standing here as a bishop and chairman over the fellowship because of how God had used Dr. Hansen at his time of need.

The WMI team visited our Dental Clinic at South C. Dr. Hansen and Dennis Moore shared devotions with the dental team. The clinic now hosts a dental laboratory that can fabricate crowns, bridges, partials and dentures. We are also starting a medical clinic and medical lab at the facility.

Here the team is pictured walking through the Mukuru Kwa Njenga slum towards the Comido School which is operated by Pastor James Kariuki, who was trained up by Dr. Hansen and is currently running for Parliament.

Dr. Hansen shared a message of hope with the students at the school who have seen our ministry assist them in digging a water well borehole, building new classrooms, providing student scholarships, building a new kitchen with an energy-saving oven and other projects.

Outside the school at the water dispensing kiosk, Dr. Hansen displayed his confidence that we are providing clean, pure water to the community when he drank directly from the source.

During this mission trip, the LORD had opened up the door to meet with political and church leadership. He had been given a Word from the Lord to share especially with politicians who are running for office this March. Dr. Hansen is pictured meeting with Dr. Joe Kayo, who has a daily service at City Hall in Nairobi.

Dr. Hansen met with Dr. Eli Rop, a bishop who owns and operates one of the top television stations in Kenya, Sayare TV, out of Eldoret. For years Dr. Rop had been downloading the WMI “Warning” television program from satellite to show his viewers. Now he has agreed to play our programs where we can provide DVD mastered discs directly to him.

Dr. Hansen is shown meeting with Miriam Mwakali, mayor of Athi River, who is running for County Rep during the coming elections.

Dr. Hansen also met with Dr. Solomon Kimuyu and his wife. Dr. Solomon is a good friend who has ministered with us in the past and is currently running for Parliament.

The WMI team made several home visits in the evenings, including a visit to Pastor Mike and Nancy Adipo and their children.

We also visited Pastor Tobias and Judy Nyamwaya and their children. Both pastors were trained up by Dr. Hansen. Pastor Mike is pastor of the Smart Cathedral and the chairman of the KEGMA Pastors Fellowship. Pastor Tobias is on staff as a director of WMI Kenya and is a pastor and on the executive board of the International Pentecostal Holiness Church.

As soon as Dr. Hansen arrived in Nairobi word got out that he was in town and during our meetings in the boardroom at the WMI office in Nairobi, many people stopped by and made appointments for a visit and prayer. Prophet Japheth Kaendi is seen visiting. Dr. Hansen prayed for him.

Margaret Olouch is a bible school student
and runs an environmental NGO in Kenya.

Dr. Lillian Omondi is a physician, a bible school student,
and is starting a position at our South C medical clinic.

Fouzia Abdi is a spiritual daughter of Dr. Hansen's
and is currently a student at the WMI Bible School.

Pastor Mike Adipo, Dr. Hansen's spiritual son,
came to the office for prayer.

Ernesta Jalipa, International Board of Advisors for WMI,
is helping Dr. Hansen in giving warning to leadership
in Kenya and the nations.

Ernesta Jalipa is standing with Samuel Karanja from the Samira I.C.F. lobby group and GEEKS (Good Governance for Economic Empowerment of Kenya) and Bishop Akiiki Muyu.

WMI Kenya receptionist Margaret Mueni had a
sick daughter, Esther, visiting her at work
and she wanted to see Dr. Hansen for prayer.
Who could resist praying for such a cutie pie?

We had appointments during the week to see the very top politicians of Kenya who are running for office in the upcoming elections. God had opened the doors and given a Word to share. Some of these appointments did not come to pass as our schedule and their campaigning prevented the meetings. They wanted Dr. Hansen to extend his trip to meet with several of the teams running for President and Vice President of Kenya, but he could not. Pray with us as the elections in Kenya are set for March 4, 2013, and Kenya's destiny is in the balance between continued freedom for Christians or an escalation of persecution toward the church and Islam slowly taking over leadership. They want Dr. Hansen to return to Kenya before the election. He is willing, but we need your help financially to return. Please send in a donation immediately for Dr. Hansen to return to Kenya prior to the elections! PLEASE RESPOND NOW!!!!!!!!!

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