On the morning of March 21, 2013, I arrived in the Grand Cayman Islands. Senior Pastor Torrance Bobb of First Assembly of God in George Town picked me up and took me to a wonderful buffet lunch. He then took me to his church and showed me the facilities. I was surprised to learn that my cousin, Rev. Richard Nicholson and his wife, Cynthia, Regional Directors for Latin America and the Caribbean for the Assemblies of God World Missions, were charter members of First Assembly of God, George Town, Grand Cayman, and had pastored the church themselves in the beginning. During the six days I spent ministering in the Caymans, I was with Rev. Bobb several times, and I can testify that he is a real statesman, and his wife and family are quality people.

That evening, while having a fantastic dinner of steak smothered in onions and black beans with my host, Raphael Bodden, President of Cayman Outreach Association (COA), we had a wonderful time discussing the things of God.

Later that evening, Anson Autry Foster, Treasurer for the COA, came to join us, and the three of us had a good time of fellowship.

I was housed in an apartment that was located on the beach. Directly outside my kitchen and living/bedroom windows was my deck overlooking the ocean.


Each day different cruise ships would drop anchor. Instead of grass, my yard was white sandy beach. I did have an opportunity to enjoy the deck as well as a swim.

Friday, March 22, I shared with the high school students during chapel at Triple C Christian School and challenged them on the power of the living God. I gave examples, as an ambassador of the Lord, of how I meet with heads of state and members of parliament over a prophetic word from the Lord. I gave the example of Burundi after the genocide and how God revealed sins of murder through a word of knowledge while I was speaking to leaders, including some members of parliament. Elizabeth Bowen and Miriam Powery, two Cayman ladies, also shared and showed pictures of the work they are doing in Kenya with children in a school. The school has many dedicated teachers including the Bible Teacher and the Principal and Chief Administration Officer, Mable Richardson.


Later that day I met Senior Pastor Kathy Ebanks at Agape Family Worship Centre where we discussed the things of God and prayed together. Pastor Kathy and I are both Regents for Christian Life Educators Network. Her deceased husband, Al, and I had served on the board of Christian Life School of Theology together. The Ebanks are fine people and leaders and are doing a great job. Kathy’s son, Pastor Andrew Ebanks also serves with her with distinction at the church.

In the evening I had dinner with Raphael and Esther Bodden and Carl and Rena Cargill, who work with President Raphael with COA as Ministry of Education, as well as Ishmael Allison. Before leaving for dinner with the Boddens, I took a picture of them outside my apartment on my deck with the sand and a Caribbean cruise ship in the background.

That evening I went to the First Assembly of God in George Town where I shared briefly at an all night prayer meeting. I was sincerely blessed that Pastor Bobb knew the importance of sometimes praying through the night. They prayed until 6:00 AM Saturday morning, as they were concerned with the elections coming up soon.

Saturday morning, March 23, I took a few more pictures of the beautiful surroundings outside my door.

That afternoon Pastor Enrique Matienzo and his wife took me for a tasty meal at a Chinese Restaurant where we discussed the work that he is involved with in Cayman and Florida and how God is moving in Cuba. Later they showed me their food relief program, and I was blessed by their service to our Lord. I look forward to working with them in the future as God ordains.

On the lighter side, everywhere I went I saw iguanas running around. It reminded me of the time I pastored in Lebuan East Malaysia where the iguanas used to chase my daughters.

COA Pres. Bodden

Autry Foster

Rev. Ed Nacion

That evening I spoke for the Cayman Outreach Association. President Raphael Bodden and his wife Esther are wonderful people who have genuine love for Jesus and such true servants' hearts that it was a real pleasure working with them. After President Bodden welcomed the audience, Treasurer Autry Foster read a scripture and Rev. Ed Nacion, pastor of Faith Christian Church, prayed. The people enjoyed a wonderful buffet dinner before various singers sang solos; Opal Lorraine of Living Water Praise Ministry, Oscar Tapis and Earl Bryant. I then spoke a prophetic message titled “Sounding the Alarm” on Rev. 6:1-2 (the white horse) and gave illustrations of prophetic warnings I had given to political leaders in Zaire and Burundi, as well as examples of angels appearing. After the message, solos were sung by Angel Hawkins and Margaret Bennet.

Opal Lorraine

Oscar Tapis

Earl Bryant

Angel Hawkins

Margaret Bennet

Devon Wright

While I was praying for the sick for two hours, Devon Wright of Worship in the House led in worship. It was a wonderful, fruitful evening for God's Kingdom.


Sunday morning, March 24, I spoke at that great church, Agape Family Worship Centre. I thoroughly enjoyed the worship service as we all entered into God's presence, led by Senior Pastor, Dr. Kathy Ebanks. Pastor Andrew Ebanks introduced me and I spoke on the "Power of the Resurrection", explaining the Feasts of Passover, Unleavened Bread, First Fruits and Pentecost, all of which have already been fulfilled by Jesus, and how Trumpets, Atonement and Tabernacles are about to be fulfilled as Jesus will soon come back at the battle of Armageddon and throw out Satan who is ruling the nations with evil men. Jesus will appoint worthy saints to rule and reign with Him, and there will finally be peace on earth. I read from Luke 19:30-38 where Jesus entered Jerusalem to celebrate Passover and fulfilled the four spring feasts and how He will return to fulfill the three fall feasts. I explained the white, red, black, and pale green horses in Rev. 6:1-8. In closing, I challenged the congregation to finish the commission that the Lord had given Dr. Al, now led by Kathy and Andrew, even as Moses passed on the responsibility to Joshua. We had a great service with much celebration, singing and worshipping again after the message. After the service we went to the beach where Pastor Andrew did a baptismal service. It was so great to watch this service in front of the world in the ocean.

Andrew Ramdon

Donald Watler

The Bobb Family

That evening I spoke at the First Assembly of God Church at George Town. Once again, we had a tremendous service as God spoke through revelation to the people as I shared that unity and loyalty produce Victory. A Jamaican singer, Andrew Ramdon, sang several songs which were terrific. I met Donald Watler, a retired Cayman Police Officer, who I enjoyed talking with after the service since my background is also Law Enforcement. Also I spoke with a son-in-law of Pastor Bobb, Pastor Phillip Hyre and his wife, Kevon. I had a picture taken with Pastor Bobb’s family who are all such wonderful people.

Monday morning there were two gorgeous cruise ships outside my kitchen window. I did take some time to take a plunge into the ocean and then lay on my apartment deck where a lizard and iguana appeared.

Later that morning I had a wonderful time discussing the things of God with Sandy and Debbie Staab. Sandy is retired from Microsoft and is currently working in Cayman. We talked about serving God closer together in the future as time is racing on and I sure could use his expertise. Pastor Torrance Bobb came by for a visit and then later I had a break and went snorkeling with Sandy. God’s beauty is everywhere, especially underwater. It was windy and the ocean was rough, so I had to be careful not to get dashed against some corral cliffs that I had swum close to so I could see the beautiful fish. I did find myself periodically looking around to make sure I wasn’t being hunted by a shark, though they say there is seldom a shark attack. After our hour of snorkeling, a friend of Sandy's came by, Willy Davis (left). I do believe in divine connections, and we all talked and prayed together as I again looked toward the future to see what God has in mind.

Monday evening I spent with Dr. Clarence and Janel Charles. They are good people concerned over the kingdom of God, Cayman and Israel. I had a wonderful time with them and closed the evening in prayer.

Tuesday morning, March 26, I spent the morning hours with Angel Hawkins. We had a nice breakfast together and talked about the kingdom of God. I prayed with Angel that everything God has placed in his heart will come to pass so that the kingdom of God can be extended. I look forward to good reports from Angel as he shared with me what God had told him to do.

I again enjoyed the company of Pastor Torrance Bobb and his wife Elsa over lunch. They truly are wonderful servants of God. Before my evening engagements, I prayed for a sick boy at First Assembly of God and then came back to the apartment to see that there were now three cruise ships outside my window.

That evening at exactly 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM when the 22nd Annual National Day of Prayer and Thanksgiving was taking place at Heroes Square, I met personally with Cayman Premier (Prime Minister/President) McKeeva Bush where I counseled and prayed with him. God had given me a prophetic word for him. I look forward to returning and meeting with the current Premier and Speaker of the House.


Pastor Bobb and Lisa

After that meeting, I went to a venue adjacent to the Parliament where the National Day of Prayer had taken place and met up with Pastor Bobb and Lisa there, as well as several other leaders. We also visited the Wall of Honor.

After eating a beautiful dinner with Raphael and Esther Bodden, we met with Edward Bodden (left; no relation of Raphael). Edward is the President of Executive Air Services Ltd., a flying ambulance ministry. It was a brief but sweet time as we talked and prayed together and looked toward the future for God’s purpose.

Elmslie Memorial

Wednesday, March 27, before flying back to Seattle, Rev. Sandra Lauglois and I prayed for several people. There was one lady God sovereignly led us to. I had been looking for her employer to pray for his wife and in doing so found that his employee also needed prayer.

Zoe Bodden
, who ministers with destitute ladies at Elmslie Memorial United Presbyterian, prayed with me for another lady and then I was able to minister in prayer for Zoe's grand niece. Later, I received an email stating that the niece had made a miraculous recovery that baffled the doctors. Zoe attributed the recovery to my proxy prayer.

At 12:35, I flew from the International Cayman Airport, a small airport where one has to walk out on the pavement to board. It reminded me of 1959 when I flew to Hawaii for the first time as my father had pastored in Hawaii.

Pray with me as I look forward to returning very soon to the Grand Caymans as God has opened the doors to give the prophetic warning to them. Their time is NOW


Dear Concerned American:

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Dr. Jonathan Hansen

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