June 2015

Dr. Hansen interviewed by Mike Siegel on 6/17/15
(Program #670 Air Date: 2/17 - 2/19/16)

  • Day 3: Christian discrimination exists within public schools, yet Islam and pagan religions are accepted. School students are told they cannot write about Jesus as their hero.
    Day 4: Unless Christians exercise their voice, they will lose their freedom. Removing Judeo-Christian values and beliefs is an attempt to remove the republic of America as a nation under God.
    Day 5: Discussing the biblical purpose and role of Christians within society. The people of America are to blame for their own moral backsliding.

February 2016

Rev. Linda Liberty
Light to the Nations from Canada
(Program #671 Air Date: 2/22/16)

Day 1: What is Going On? A World Upside Down: When people eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, they have the wrong values. Linda explains how Canada has radically changed, turning away from God with the recent generations.

February 2016

Evangelist Paulette Williams
Keys of the Kingdom Ministries
Honolulu, HI
(Program #671 Air Date: 2/23/16)

Day 2: What is Going On? A World Upside Down: Much of the Church is upside down by following the world, instead of leading society toward God. God exposed Hawaii Governor's illegal re-allocation of funds for projects.

February 2016

Evangelist Paulette Williams
Keys of the Kingdom Ministries
Honolulu, HI
(Program #671 Air Date: 2/24/16)

Day 3: Anti-Islam billboard banned in U.S. refugee hot spot: Hawaiian politicians voted in a Muslim holiday for their state to observe. The Governor of Hawaii started bringing in 40 thousand Syrian Muslim refugees.

February 2016

Evangelist Paulette Williams
Keys of the Kingdom Ministries
Honolulu, HI
and her husband, Orrys Williams
(Program #671 Air Date: 2/25/16)

Day 4: Rush: What about Vatican's border 'walls'? Pope Benedict tried to get priests that wouldn't vote for a Jesuit Pope. Prophecies predict a Jesuit Pope to be the last Pope which would destroy the Catholic Church.

February 2016

Evangelist Paulette Williams
Keys of the Kingdom Ministries
Honolulu, HI
(Program #671 Air Date: 2/26/16)

Day 5: The Great Falling Away, Protestants and the Pope Parts 1-2: Pope Francis, the first Jesuit Pope in the history of the Catholic Church. Most Catholics are unaware of the Catholic persecution and murder of 50-80 million Christians and Jews throughout history.

February 2016

Dr. Hansen is interviewed on TruNews by Rick Wiles on 11/30 - 12/1/15
(Program #672 Air Date: 2/29 - 3/4/16)

  • Day 1: There is a rapid increase in crisis events and an appearance of being on the verge of WWIII with nuclear bombs.
    Day 2: London Telegraph published an article about the secret plot to establish a New World Order (NWO). Toothless Eunuchs behind the pulpits of the Church are to blame for the condition of the world today.
    Day 3: New York City attack; the destruction of New Orleans. The 9/11 observance prayer was a prayer of blasphemy which will bring 1,000 times more death than the New York City twin tower attack.
    Day 4: Russian General speaks of new Russian submarine armed with cobalt warheads that have such a radiation release that impact zones would be uninhabitable for a long time and can generate a 1,600 foot tall tsunami that would travel up to 950 miles inland.
    Day 5: Christians must walk in the garden with God as Adam did in order to be led by Him during trouble.

February 2016

Larry Bach
West Region Leader
Christian Motorcyclists Association (CMA)
(Program #673 Air Date: 3/7/16)

Day 1: Larry expresses great concern over the Supreme Court. The situation in America is dire as the Church is out of the battle and warnings of serious danger of judgment coming if the nation doesn't repent.

February 2016

Annika Daley
Annika Ministries International
(Program #673 Air Date: 3/8/16)

Day 2: Annika's January 2016 Mission Trip to Compeche, Mexico: She served in a ministerial conference to more than 300 ministers and 16 apostolic leaders. Her focus was to widows, widowers and single people. Annika warns us not to be drawn to marriage to address loneliness.

March 2016

Rev. Emmit Glanz
Mountain Top Ministries of Puget Sound (Program#673 Air Date: 3/9 - 3/10/16)

  • Day 3: Council of American Islamic Relations leader openly stated that Islam is in America to dominate and overthrow the nation.
    Day 4: Former Muslim terrorist calls Islam the religion of the anti-Christ. We must fight against our real enemy as stated in Ephesians.

March 2016

Sarah Glanz, wife of Rev. Emmit Glanz
Mountain Top Ministries of Puget Sound (Program#673 Air Date: 3/11/16)

Day 5: Sarah gives her testimony of salvation and how she is led by the Holy Spirit. She tells how she seeks God daily for direction. If you don't read the Bible, you will not know God or His direction.

March 2016

Evangelist Paulette Williams
Keys of the Kingdom Ministries
Honolulu, HI
(Program #674, Air Date: 3/14 - 3/18/16)

  • Day 1: Paulette leads the congregation in intercessory worship and prayer for Jeannie Hansen, who was just diagnosed with incurable cancer.
    Day 2: A daily repentance is required to remain unpolluted from sin that you can hoard to yourself.
    Day 3: Demons cannot be repented of, they have to be renounced.
    Day 4: Paulette shares that the Holy Spirit can lead a person in intercessory prayer for others before the need is known.
    Day 5: If you build your house without a firm foundation, it will fall. You must renew yourself daily to maintain your foundation.

April 2016

Captain Milton Alvarez
ex-mafia, and
Ron Brandon
author of the book, "A Smoldering Wick - a Vietnam Vet Chronicles His Life from Hell to Redemption"
(Program #675 Air Date: 4/4/16)

Day 1: Captain Alvarez's testimony of a hedonistic life and accepting Jesus as Savior after a suicide attempt. Ron shares how he became a Christian at a prison crusade meeting. After leaving prison, he graduated from Bible college and entered prison ministry.

April 2016

Mihaela Kovacs
Founder/Executive Director of The Beraca Foundation in Romania
(Program #675 Air Date: 4/5 - 4/7/16)

  • Day 2: The Beraca Foundation ministers to the Roma people and abused women in Romania. Her passion is to help the Roma people in their own self esteem and to educate the world that the Roma are no different than anyone else.
    Day 3: There are two types of people, those that hurt and those that hurt more. Mihaela shares how the Lord used her to help a severely abused woman and the miracle of the Lord blinding the eyes of the abuser.
    Day 4: Mihaela shares her testimony of salvation and being healed to identify with fellow Roma people. Her family went from being wealthy under communism to becoming very poor after the revolution.

April 2016

Rev. Gwen Ehrenborg
Founder/President of Supporting Women in Ministry International (S.W.I.M.)
(Program #675 Air Date: 4/8/16)

Day 5: Rev. Gwen describes the work of SWIM for women in the roles of the five-fold gifts of ministry. SWIM recently led a pilgrimage tour for 36 people of seven different languages throughout Israel.

April 2016

Ps. Jack McKee
New Life City Church in Belfast, Ireland
(Program #676 Air Date: 4/11 - 4/15/16)

  • Day 1: The IRA attempted to kill Jack twice while he was serving as a British soldier and he has had more death threats as a pastor than as a soldier.
    Day 2: Christian politicians must hold to the standard of God's Word rather than compromising to maintain political position.
    Day 3: They discuss the United Kingdom (UK) breaking away from the European Union (EU): Northern Ireland has been in conflict since 1969, Catholic vs. Protestant.
    Day 4: The EU started as an economic union and has grown to become political and dictates law on nations.
    Day 5: Ps. Jack walked the wall of Belfast carrying a 12 foot cross that had a plaque with John 3:16 written on it.

November 2015

(Originally recorded 11/21/15)

Dr. Jeannie Hansen
"Divine Encounters Along Life's Journey - The Road to Emmaus"
(Program #677 Air Date: 4/18 - 4/22/16)

  • Day 1: Jeannie shares the account of Elijah when the Lord instructed him to go to a widow woman who lived in the home town of Jezebel, for his provision during a time of famine.
    Day 2: Elijah experienced the same things he prophesied in order to learn compassion. Joseph, Moses and Jesus all had desert experiences that shaped them for ministry.
    Day 3: Cherith was a place devoid of all responsibilities where God provided all of Elijah's needs for a season. We all have a journey to travel toward God's Holy of Holies and there will be desert experiences along the way.
    Day 4: Painful memories can blind us to blessings along the road. Don't allow your hurts to cut you off from friends & relatives. Give all your focus in worship toward God and He will bring healing to your heart, soul and body.
    Day 5: Everything around us can seem to be dead, yet we can still choose to praise God. Hard times are opportunities for divine appointments.

February 2008

(Originally recorded 2/9/08)

Dr. Jeannie Hansen
"Don't Give Up"
(Program #678 Air Date: 4/25 - 4/26/16)

  • Day 1: God has an individual plan for each one of us. God saved mankind through Noah. Abraham believed for 25 years that God would give him a son. Moses led Israel through ten plagues and the parting of the Red Sea.
    Day 2: Our profession of Christianity is evidenced by living a surrendered life to Jesus. It must come from a heart of humility. There is always an element of risk if we are going to step out in faith. You have to step out and do something before you are actually exercising your faith and trusting in God.

June 2008

(Originally recorded 6/7/08)

Jeannie Hansen
"Prayer is God's Gift and Invitation to Intimacy with His Children"
(Program #679 Air Date: 5/2 - 5/6/16)

  • Day 1: God delights in our communication with Him and we can do so freely without ritual or sacrifices. We are His children and because He loves us, He rebukes us to bring us back into alignment.
    Day 2: God is pleased with us when we pray to Him and He sees our prayers as incense, an acceptable offering unto Him.
    Day 3: Even in the upper room, the disciples hadn't made the spiritual connection between Jesus and His Father. We need to come to the place where we put our complete trust and faith in Jesus' authority when we pray. Mustard seed faith speaks of the entire potential for all that is needed for life to be present within the seed. A lack of trust dishonors God!
    Day 4: We are to walk in the unseen in faith, not sight. You cannot force faith, you must let faith grow through experience. We are to ask in faith without wavering according to God's will. We walk in faith regardless of circumstances.
    Day 5: Jeannie led the staff in prayer, lifting up Dr. Hansen, the mission team and needs of their families, for protection, healing, thanksgiving, wisdom and growth in faith.

May 2016

Michael Boldea
Hand of Help, Romania
(Program #680 Air Date: 5/9/16)

Day 1: Judgment is coming to America because of a watered down message and Communism is creeping into America politically. Corporations are socially engineering the public into a liberal way of thinking. Michael sees homosexuals and Islamists as strange bedfellows. As the Church goes, so does the nation. The Church has given in to the cancer of political correctness. We are to hate sin, but many are preoccupied with the love of vacation and time off.

May 2016

Daniel Boldea
Hand of Help, Romania
(Program #680 Air Date: 5/10/16)

Day 2: Hand of Help has raised up pastors for support of seventy churches throughout Romania. They are an outcast group within Romania and are a fertile mission field. Hand of Help assists and operates a nursing home ten hours away that cares for seventy patients. They also educate and raise up indigenous people as pastors to their communities and regions. The European Union (EU) regulations have restricted how many children the Hand of Help orphanage can have in their care. They formerly cared for one hundred twenty-six and are now down to eighty.

May 2016

Michael and Daniel Boldea
Hand of Help, Romania
(Program #680 AirDate: 5/11/16)

Day 3: Michael carries on the mantle of his grandfather, Prophet Dimitru Duduman of Romania. Dimitru suffered physical health issues because of his service to God. He smuggled Bibles into the former Soviet Union and Romania. Angels ministered to him after the beatings he suffered for his Bible smuggling. He was kicked out of Romania and migrated to America. Daniel remembers the reality of his grandfather's dedication and faith.

May 2016

Michael Boldea
Hand of Help, Romania
(Program #680 Air Date: 5/12 - 5/13/16)

Day 4 & 5: Dimitru Duduman came to America, not knowing English, with a mission from God to warn the nation. The American Church has embraced a doctrine of prosperity and discounted any notion of persecution.

November 2004

(Originally recorded 11/6/04)

Jeannie Hansen
"Jacob, a Chosen Vessel"
(Program #681 Air Date: 5/16 - 5/20/16)

  • Day 1: Jacob did not start out as a man of faith. He was a supplanter, schemer and deceiver who deceived his father and brother with the help of his mother, Rebekah.
    Day 2: Jacob was a thief with a corrupt heart who had not had a life changing encounter with God. God placed him next to a man just as crafty as he was in order to experience being deceived himself.
    Day 3: Jacob endured twenty-one years of deception at the hands of Laban. We have to be broken by God to be used by Him for His purposes.
    Day 4: It took a face-to-face encounter with God for Jacob to accept God. He went from being a supplanter to becoming a prince with God, but was still a schemer after seeing God's face.
    Day 5: God asks, "Why are you afraid to come into My presence?" If we continue pressing in and seeking the face of God, we will receive the victorious breakthrough that God has for us.

May 2008

(Originally recorded 5/31/2008)

Jeannie Hansen
"Developing our intimacy with God"
(Program #682 Air Date: 6/28 - 7/1/16)

  • Day 2: Intimacy with God should be the closer we get to Him, the more we want to be closer to Him. Intimacy bring changes to our thoughts, attitudes and our responses to God and to life.
    Day 3: A love for God's Word is another evidence of intimacy. We get comfort from the Word of God, knowing that He has put boundaries around us.
    Day 4: Without giving praise to God, our intimacy will not grow. When God is the center of your life, you can praise Him every day.
    Day 5: Jeannie prays that we will all grow in the desire to be more intimate in our relationship with God.

July 2016

Marty McClendon
2016 Candidate for Lt. Governor, WA State, Republican
(Program #683 Air Date: 7/11/16)

  • Day 1: There is an attempt to hide all US history prior to President FDR's tenure so that students aren't exposed to our Christian heritage.
    Day 2: Marty calls Governor Insley a sycophant for Obama and the PC agenda. Marty wants to restore God in Government and believes Christians are to be proactive in government in order to be blessed. Pastors are supposed to be biblical preeminent leaders in society.
    Day 3: There has been a push for privileged rights for special interest groups. Fifty-two percent of people now believe abortion is murder. America is now like pagan nations in her beliefs.
    Day 4: We as a people are responsible to hold politicians accountable to serve the population and not to become dictatorial career politicians.
    Day 5: Government should not dictate the definition of marriage and sexuality in America, outside of the established biblical definition accepted until now.

July 2016

Ronald Higgins
Candidate for Washington State Superintendent of Public Education
(Program #684 Air Date: 7/25 - 7/29/16)

  • Day 1: Ron shares how a pastor recently told him there is no such thing as right and wrong.
    Day 2: He speaks of the ingenious method of using tax payer's money to brainwash children in public education.
    Day 3: Ron speaks of the dangers of globalists forcing the use of "Common Core" which removes God and the Bible from education and society, replacing it with humanism.
    Day 4: Ron said the government should abide by the constitution; which says nothing about public education.
    Day 5: Ron is pro 1st and 2nd Amendments, pro life, pro property ownership/rights and pro family.

September 2016

Marty McClendon
2016 Candidate for Lt. Governor, WA State, Republican - Gen. Election
(Program #685 Air Date: 9/12 - 9/15/16)

  • Day 1: Marty explains how our freedom is at stake. He will defend truth, justice, liberty and protect the freedom that comes with property rights.
    Day 2: He will protect our Constitutional rights, enforce the government constraints built into it and implement the Golden Rule back into government.
    Day 3: Marty wants to hold government accountable to the original intent of the Constitution. Less than one percent of elected officials in America are Christians.
    Day 4: He describes the 2016 general election as a pivotal election between good and evil. A person that is bold against evil political correctness, encourages others to stand up for truth and righteousness.
    Day 5: Washington is the second highest taxed state in America and is being pushed toward following a globalist humanist agenda. Marty is a Christian, a conservative and a father, in that order.

September 2016

Stephen Pidgeon
2012 Attorney General Candidate for Washington State
(Program #686 Air Date: 9/26 - 9/30/16)

  • Day 1 & 2: Discussion of the criminality of the Clinton Foundation. The Clinton Foundation is used as a tool for a pay-to-play scheme by Bill and Hillary and they have sold national security interests for personal gain.
    Day 3 & 4: Discussion of the Hillary Clinton email scandal. Attorney Pidgeon explains how WikiLeaks and others have Hillary's emails while the Comey FBI claims to have a small number of them.
    Day 5: Hillary Clinton and the Jezebel Spirit/Molech

October 2016

Dr. Randal Langley
President of Christian Life School of Theology Global and Christian Life Educators Network
(Program #687 Air Date: 10/3/16)

Day 1: Dr. Langley discusses the importance of having a Bible College through the local church where members can receive their Christian education at a fraction of the cost and be more effective in sharing their faith.

October 2016

Farah Saada Marvil
CEO of Hope for Ishmael/Seeds of Hope
(Program #687 Air Date: 10/4 - 10/5/2016)

Day 2 & 3: Farah explains the difference between Hope for Ishmael and Seeds of Hope. She also tells about the renewal of her relationship with her father.

November 2016

Attorney Stephen Pidgeon
2012 Attorney General Candidate for WA State
(Program #688 Air Date: 11/7 - 11/11/16)

  • Day 1: Bret Baier: FBI sources believe Clinton Foundation Case moving towards "Likely an Indictment".
    Day 2: WikiLeaks: Clinton Camp plotted to circumvent clean election laws.
    Day 3: Emails show Clinton campaign coordinated with State Department official before email revelation.
  • Day 4 & 5: The criminality of the Clinton Foundation.

December 2016

Rev. Norm Willis
Senior Pastor of The Church Without Walls
Kirkland, WA "How to Be a Friend of God"
(Program #689 Air Date: 1/2/17)

Day 1: We can allow God to use us to take/reform nations if we are friends of God. If we want a friendship with God, we must purpose to develop a relationship with Him. We are spirit beings within an earthly vessel that need spiritual food from God and we are all invited into a friendship with Him.

December 2016

Stephen Pidgeon
2012 Attorney General Candidate for Washington State
(Program #689 Air Date: 1/3 - 1/6/17)

  • Day 2: "A Nation Divided - 508(c)1(a) - Fake News - CIA assassination attempt on Donald Trump". After the 2016 US elections, the nation is divided as never before. Trump has recruited and hired security personnel from around the world, including Russian special forces.
    Day 3: "Christians have a reprieve - Looking ahead to 2017 - War with the CIA - Federal Reserve". The liberal side is plotting to take back power as soon as they can. The Federal Reserve is planning interest rate hikes in an attempt to crash the US economy around Trump.
    Day 4: "The Post-November 8, 2016 United States Presidential Elections". In TV programs recorded with Attorney Pidgeon prior to the 2016 presidential elections, we expressed concern over the possible loss of our religious freedoms if the wrong candidate was elected.
    Day 5: "The Projection for 2017". America has been led by the liberal left and because enough evangelicals got scared of what they saw in Clinton, they voted for Trump and now we have a reprieve.

December 2016

Rev. Gwen Ehrenborg
S.W.I.M. - Supporting Women in Ministry International
(Program #690 Air Date: 1/10/17)

Day 2: She shares of leading trips of pilgrimage to Israel

December 2015

(Originally recorded 12/12/15)

Dr. Jeannie Hansen
"Hanukkah - Light"
(Program #690 Air Date: 1/11 - 1/13/17)

  • Day 3: The many aspects of light: direction, illumination, guides us, a beacon that leads to safety, warmth, life and dispels darkness.
    Day 4: Speaks about the many names of Christ that pertain to light: the light of Israel, the light of the Gentiles and a wall of fire.
    Day 5: Walking in a world that has no darkness at all. Jesus is not only our light, but the hope giver in our life and the brightness of His glory.

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