Greetings in our Lord’s strong name!

In the last two meetings I sent you copies of articles that I had put in the Northwest Christian Journal. This monthly publication has subscribers throughout the Northwest, but we discovered that newspapers around the United States began printing the articles. Today, I am sending you the prophecy concerning Kenya and Hong Kong. I promised people at several conventions I would send this as time did not allow me to present it to them while I was speaking there.

As you read both the Hong Kong and Kenya prophecies, you will find a general theme which correlates to the condition of the church and people in the United States, that is, man in rebellion against Jesus Christ and his fellow man. This type of selfishness is exactly why God must finally bring eternal judgment to the people of this world so another world will not form as insane as this one has become.

In both prophecies you find the church and society have adopted the same values of selfishness and reliance on self. In the Hong Kong prophecy God warns Hong Kong that the “sea will give up its ghost”. This immediately began to be fulfilled as health officials came out with warnings that you eat the fish at your own risk because the ocean around Hong Kong was becoming polluted from their own waste etc. The warning went on to say they would “become squatters in a land they once knew and a land they know not.” Once again, this immediately began to come to pass as people voluntarily migrated to other countries. Also, the remaining portion of the prophecy will happen two to five years from the time China took over Hong Kong. Presently China is deceiving the World and H.K. They want to get the west’s technology and they want Taiwan to come back under their authority but after two to five years China will manifest its true character (spirit) and persecution will come to the Church in H.K. This is when H.K. will see revival in the Church and nation. Also, you will notice a warning about “Hong Kong’s financial money markets failing”. This has already started with the Asian Stock Market Crash which I prophesied over those very countries experiencing this crisis between 1993-1995.

In Kenya, the Lord warned about “a spirit of rebellion sweeping the nation followed by fighting; a spirit of drought sweeping the nation followed by famine; a spirit of Islam by riots.” When this was prophesied, none of these problems were present, but now thousands of people have died in tribal and political fighting. The Muslims have openly declared in the newspapers in Kenya that by the year 2000 Kenya will be Islamic and they have rioted many times in Mombasa. In January 1996, President Daniel Moi of Kenya declared Kenya a Natural Disaster due to drought and famine and begged the International Community for food aid. Presently, the country is in great tension as different leaders have called for an overthrow of the government and as the prophecy states, if there is not a genuine revival they will lose their religious freedom.

World Ministries International is dedicated to faithfully give the warnings of the Lord throughout the World and America without compromise. Even though I am personally ordained with a major denomination I have promised the Lord I would not become the puppet of man. I am not a political minister but a servant of the Lord sounding the alarm. A watchman shouting that the church is in trouble today as many churches are led by men behind the pulpit that are either in love with the things of this world and cannot see the danger that the church is about to go through, or they in reality are not even born again. The voice of God today has been silenced by many pastors who have sold their voice to the government for the benefits of a 501c3, or the political advancement within their denomination that they so eagerly covet instead of pleasing Jesus Christ. Please pray with us for a revival!

Yours in Jesus Name

Rev. Jonathan Hansen


God’s Judgment to

By Jonathan Hansen

My name is Jonathan Hansen. I am an ordained minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, residing in Kenya. I minister both locally and internationally. The following Word has been very difficult to give. Some hypocrites will scream racist, but God does not look at skin color or nationality, but only the heart. God loves the people in Kenya and so do I. God in his love, mercy, and grace is calling the Church in Kenya to repent of their disobedience of the Word of God, to draw nigh unto Him so he can forgive and restore the land out of faithfulness to the Lord Jesus Christ. I share with you what the Lord is allowing to come upon Kenya.

On June 4th and 18th 1992, on Thursday nights, the Lord woke me up out of my sleep and gave me a message for the nation of Kenya.

The reason why the Nation of Kenya is in trouble is because most of the professing ‘Christians’ have the knowledge of the Word of God but they do not have a relationship with God.

They, like Lucifer, Adam and Cain have rejected the known ways of God and have brought on the consequences for their disobedience.

The pastors/leaders of most of the churches in Kenya are in reality serving themselves, not Jesus Christ. Instead of teaching the people the ways of God, they are teaching the people by their own testimonies, both in the preaching and personal lifestyle, to rebel against the teachings of the Bible. Today’s church leaders are not instructing the people to obey the Holy Scriptures. or to pray for the President and bring about peaceful change in a Godly manner. Instead they are going directly against the Bible and speaking words of slander, strife, discord, rebellion and anarchy. People are plotting revolt, curse and openly malign maliciously. They criticize the President because pastors are in sin and serving themselves in the name of Christ.

Many, many people today who call themselves ‘Christians’ no longer help preserve the nation. They lie, cheat, steal, fornicate, commit adultery, have abortions, live in homosexuality, slander, curse, gossip and commit every sort of evil and uncleanness that the heart can imagine. The ‘Christians’ today say “Praise the Lord.” shake your hand (like Judas kissing Jesus), than stab you in the back by accusing you falsely. They are filled with jealousy, bitterness, selfishness and guilt. Today’s professing ‘Christians’ in Kenya have broken, and are breaking the laws of God and are about fit for nothing but “the dunghill.”

READ Luke 14:34

Because of rejecting the truth/knowledge of the Word of God into one’s heart so a relationship is developed (the born again beginning with anon-going relationship). Isaiah 59:12-13 is quickly coming to past. “For our transgression are multiplied before Thee, and our sins testify against us: for our transgressions are with us; and our iniquities. We know them in transgressing and lying against the Lord, and departing away from our God. Speaking oppression and revolt, conceiving and uttering from the heart words of falsehood.


1. God is to judge this nation.

2. A spirit of rebellion is sweeping the nation followed by fighting.

3. A spirit of drought is sweeping the nation followed by famine.

4. A spirit of Islam is sweeping the nation followed by riots.

5. Finally, if the Christians and specially the pastors of this nation do not repent of their hypocrisy and start to develop a relationship with God, than the Christians will lose their religious freedom!

Church, people who call themselves ‘Christian,’ if you fear God you must have a change of heart and develop a true relationship with Him. You must be Born Again. If you fail to hearken to this WARNING, there will be fighting (even family against family); there will be famine; you will be persecuted by another religious group; the nation will lose its religious freedom and the nation will not fully recover until Jesus returns.

Note: Prior to 1990, Rev. Hansen had already been warning that a spirit of Islam was sweeping the Nation. That rebellion and violence would follow. That the nation was a Religious nation but the majority of the people did not have a relationship with God.

There is hope!

This prophecy is literally being fulfilled right in front of our eyes.

•  But, “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land”.

•  If your heart is not pure than repent before all is fulfilled and you lose your religious Freedom!


To the Christians
and people of
Hong Kong

By Jonathan Hansen

Reverend Jonathan Hansen is a messenger from God. He travels now to countries where God has given him a Warning to proclaim.

On 8 October 1994, the Lord Jesus Christ gave the following Warning.

“Money is your God and you had been deceived by deception believing a twisted gospel. I will use China to draw you to me. If you draw near unto me there will be a reprieve. If not, the churches now will be absorbed.”

On 14 July 1995, the Lord again spoke to Rev. Hansen concerning the people of Hong Kong:

“Hong Kong, Hong Kong, a land of steel and might. For you have depended upon yourself and the sea. But, the sea will give its ghost. Your stench has raised up to the heavens, but I will bring you down to earth again. cast your eyes unto me. For I am looking toward you. I have never left you although you have left and are leaving me. Awake, awake, all your people. For you will become squatters in a land you once knew and in a land you know not. I will remove the shackles from your spiritual eyes so you can see the eternal again. And you will know I AM that I AM. Look up for your redemption draweth nigh.”

Dear people and fellow believers in Hong Kong. The Holy Spirit through prophecy has forewarned you that great trouble lies ahead of you. That you have forsaken the God of the Universe; the God who created the land and the sea; the fish, animals and all they that dwell on and in the earth. God is telling you that He in His Mercy and love is sending great plagues upon you in order to remove your wayward hearts. The spirits of this world have blinded your inner eyes to the eternal future. All of your senses are in tune with gods of this world. The gods of rebellion, strife, discord, lust, greed, covetousness, vanity of vanities. You have depended on your own strength. Wisdom and understanding. You have worshiped yourselves and your fathers. The living God, the one and only God has called you back to Himself through Jesus Christ His Son. The Holy Spirit which is the only God has called you back to Himself through Jesus Christ His Son, is warning you. That you, the people of Hong Kong, will become squatters or visitors, not owners of your own country. Both in Hong Kong and in China, you will dwell and wander. God will deal with you wherever you go or are sent. And through this trying time, you will come to know what is real, eternal, and what is temporal and passing. Many many of you will find your eternal life, real joy, peace, and true prosperity. Others will continue to reject God’s love until they are damned.

Christians, God is going to use China to turn your hearts back to your first love, Jesus Christ. Be not afraid, but look to the author of your faith. The Word (Holy Scriptures), Jesus Christ is calling and coming for a people with a pure heart. The riches from Hong Kong’s financial money markets will fail! The sea will fail! Turn to your only security, The Lord Jesus Christ through God’s Word.


Read these Scriptures in the Holy Bible. Turn to the Lord Jesus Christ with all your mind, soul and heart.

Revelation 14:6-20
Revelation Chapters 15-22

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