Time is moving on at warp speed. All spiritual eyes are on Israel, especially Jerusalem. An explosion of catastrophic end-time events in God’s calendar are about to take place, setting the stage for seven years of tribulation.

The church in America is asleep in false teachings of peace, security, prosperity and holiday traditions and celebrations. Many, many Christians in America have been taught the damnable theory of pre-tribulation rapture, lulling to sleep the majority of believers into a worthless body of sheep ready to be slaughtered.

This heresy, along with the false teachings of grace and prosperity, has created a church filled with people in love with the cares and lusts of this world. Gluttons, fornicators, adulterers, liars, slanderers, homosexuals, and hirelings fill our churches across America. The mentality is “eat, drink and be merry. No need to worry about the tribulation or the troubles in the world because my pastor says that we are going to be taken out of here. So be happy and make all the money you can”.

I was witnessing to a professional man just a few weeks ago who asked me what I thought of “the old woman on television who wears a wig and dresses like a prostitute”. I told him that I was ashamed of the merchandising of Christianity and explained to him the difference between a real Christian and the religion called Christianity. I told him that I cannot stand to watch the majority of Christian programming on television today because they have twisted the Scriptures to form a different gospel than what Christ taught. The Bible tells us that we are to provoke the Jews to jealousy. Instead of provoking them to jealousy by our righteousness, they, along with the majority of Gentiles, think Christians are a bunch of hypocritical con men and shysters. I have heard many professionals and businessmen tell me that they feel that most pastors and televangelists act like used car salesmen and are not trustworthy.

No, the apostate teachings warned about in Thessalonians concerning the last days has pulled the teeth out of and taken the weapons away from the majority of the army of God who should be in the battle sounding the alarm and preparing for trouble. Instead, they are in a party mentality; an orgy of lusts.

The Word of God, servants and prophets of God are being ignored, slandered and framed. God has no choice but to allow suffering and death to run its course, as He has done throughout history, documented in the Scriptures out of mercy and grace to shake them up. He will do this under grace hoping to bring them out of deception so they can repent and embrace the truth unto salvation.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans are going to die, leading to catastrophes and plagues, with millions upon millions of deaths in America alone. Finally, over a billion people will die in the world before it is all over. Time is running out...will you help?

Last year I warned dogmatically in writing through our articles that Y2K would not be a major problem. Instead, I was concerned about what would happen after Y2K. Now I am warning you that a crisis in on the horizon. A major problem is going to happen very soon!

Please...each person getting this article...send in a donation today so we can put the warnings out on radio and shortwave, in articles and newspapers. Please do not bleed this ministry by taking advantage of it, but be a blessing instead and help us get the messages out. We need concerned men and women across the United States and around the world that understand the seriousness of the season and will back us in prayer and finances so we can continue to get the warnings out. Time is critical for Europe... Russia will attack...Israelis and Arabs are going to WAR!

This year I traveled to Sweden, Finland, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Romania, Luxembourg, France and Switzerland. In Sweden I spoke and passed out the article, “The Decline of Sweden.” In Finland I spoke and passed out the article, “The Fall of Finland and The Beast.” Throughout the rest of Europe I spoke and distributed “The Future of Europe.” We need to get the warning throughout Europe that a nuclear war is coming with fallout throughout Europe. Also, they will experience a world wide economic crash with the rise of a New World Order.


A Day-long Apostolic Prophetic Conference

From August 19th to October 21st, I spoke in conventions across the United States in the following cities: Portland, Oregon; Midland Texas; Spokane, Washington; Superior, Wisconsin; Delray Beach, Florida; Denver, Colorado; and Atlanta, Georgia.

The conventions were sponsored by The Information Radio Network. The team I spoke with was Dr. Larry Bates, economist, and publisher and editor of “Monetary and Economic Review”, a monthly economic and financial publication that analyzes the economy and financial markets from a geopolitical perspective. He also is Publisher and Editor of “Unraveling The New World Order”, a monthly expose of how government, financial and religious insiders are deciding your future. He is a former bank CEO and is a nationally recognized expert on political systems, the Federal Reserve and how they affect the economy and your assets. He was 3 terms as a member of the House of Representatives in Tennessee and served as majority floor leader. Chuck Bates is a Special Assistant for Political and Economic Affairs at First American Monetary Consultants, Inc.. He formerly served as an Assistant to the Deputy to the President for Political Affairs in the White House; Sid Roth hosts the syndicated radio program “Messianic Vision”, as well as the television program “It’s Supernatural”. Larry Pratt is President of Gun Owners of America.

Pratt, Roth, Hansen, C. Bates, L. Bates

I found this an excellent team, bringing to the conferences information from different perspectives, sharing how our freedoms are being taken away in America with the intent to dissolve the sovereignty of America and place us under the United Nations.








Ladies and gentlemen, time is running out! The computer chip is already here to mark you. Your privacy is being compromised and taken away.

In April I was in New Orleans for a week of meetings with different pastors and churches, as well as a pastors’ conference, sharing on what is coming on America and why. And in June, I held meetings in Kenya speaking on the prophetic warnings for Kenya that the Lord gave in 1992, which are still coming to pass.

From August through December, my video, “Warning-Prophecy to America” was shown on New York television. Besides our own radio programs, God opened the doors for me to be interviewed and give the warning message to hundreds of other stations throughout America.


Fellow believers, time is extremely short. The Stock Market is crashing! There is going to be a Nuclear Attack, Civil Unrest, Social Security Collapse, Natural Disasters, Chemical-Biological and Nuclear Terrorism, Mammoth Tidal Waves, Earthquakes and Eruptions throughout America. Some of these things are already coming to pass! People with eyes to see understand the season we are in. Great troubles and trials are coming on America and the world. Without warning, crisis upon crisis will come upon us! Your life is about to change forever as end-time events take center stage over you and the world.

From February through April, 2001, I will be speaking in conventions in the following cities: Seattle, Washington; Albuquerque, New Mexico; Colorado Springs, Colorado; Dallas, Texas; Saint Louis, Missouri; Lake Havasu, Arizona; Wichita, Kansas; New Orleans, Louisiana; New York, New York; Central Washington and others.

During the remainder of 2001, I will be returning to the following cities: Portland, Oregon; Midland, Texas; Spokane, Washington; Superior, Wisconsin; Delray Beach, Florida; Denver, Colorado; and Atlanta, Georgia.

Once again, these conventions will be sponsored by The Information Radio Network, and I will be traveling and speaking with Dr. Larry Bates and Chuck Bates.


The world is about to change forever as judgment is falling and great plagues are about to be poured out. I plan to return to Africa, as well as Europe and Asia in 2001, and hold crusades, conventions and revival meetings. Taiwan will be attacked by China; Africa will continue to sink into a pit of desperation as the gospel has been maliciously abused to make hirelings wealthy. Europe continues to either reject the gospel or twist it into a gospel of greed, gluttony and lustful prosperity. Only chastisement manifested in temporal judgment will open the eyes of the callous church living under false grace taught by greedy pastors and televangelists.

Time is so short!
Please help us reach these countries and others!

Please make a monthly donation today so that we can go around the world on short wave. We will also put articles in the major newspaper in each country, if God will provide us the finances to do it.


On the back page of this article you can see the radio stations we are on Monday through Friday. We also are on two short wave stations. I send out articles twice per month and travel to cities and countries sharing the warnings of God. BUT TIME IS RUNNING OUT! I need to reach 300 million people in America, as well as the billions of people around the world. In order to do this we must enlarge our vision and reach the masses. The Holy Spirit has told me to add short wave stations and put the messages in the major newspapers in the nations. In America we want to put Warnings in USA Today, The New York Times, and others.

If you are receiving these monthly articles, please make a donation each month. If everyone will do this, I know we can accomplish this vision. Please do not hurt this ministry by getting these articles and draining our resources by not helping financially to get them printed.

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Please be faithful. Tithes and offerings go to those who minister to us (apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers), as well as the poor, the widows and the orphans.

My prayer now is that God will meet your need and you can bless His kingdom.


WMI is now focusing on the following 38 nations: The United States, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Philippines, India, Kenya, Madagascar, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Ghana, Rwanda, Burundi, Zaire, Iran, Sweden, Norway, England, Russia, Germany, Finland, Austria, Poland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Yugoslavia, Romania, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, and Turkey. In these countries we are trying to saturate the nation with the prophetic warning through articles, newspapers, radio, television, et cetera. We encourage you to study the prophecies on these nations at our Website at www.worldministries.org. They will help you know how to pray for each nation. We also need intercessors in and for these countries.

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