Our daughter Melita (Mimi), when she was only 4 days old, being premature by one month, was found on the streets in the capital of an African nation. A United Nations soldier picked her out of the rubbish where she had been stabbed in the throat and left for dead. But life is in the Spirit, and unless God authorizes it, nobody can take your life. CNN World News broadcasted her story, “Miracle Baby Lives!” as she was flown to Kenya to the Nairobi Hospital where she was put in an incubator. In August of 1995, my family moved to the United States and she was that little brown baby running around the church with a tracheotomy.

God uses me around the world to give a word to different nations, church leaders, and heads of state. I see tremendous miracles and healings. Within that last year, the Holy Spirit prompted me at different times to seriously pray and fast for the healing of Melita, but I failed to heed to His small voice. Four days prior to Mimi’s operation, during a time of prayer with my family and Sally Mascis present, the Holy Spirit convicted me of not obeying Him and I immediately started to confess out loud before God, my family and Sally of my slothfulness. I then asked Sally to lay hands on Mimi and pray. Once again, on Dec. 10, 1996 during the pastoral staff meeting, the Holy Spirit told me to confess my sin of not praying and fasting for Mimi responsibly but instead relying on the operation. Now the Holy Spirit has asked me to confess before the church in order to help bring truth, understanding, and obedience into our daily lives.

I do not feel God would have necessarily healed Mimi supernaturally even if I had obeyed Him through His Word, Scriptures, and Spirit because I feel that God in His sovereignty wanted to use this situation to develop my family in more faith (reliance and trust in Him). I also felt and have seen how God wanted to and has used our time in Children’s Hospital to be a witness of His reality to hospital staff, patients and their families.

Each day and night we told the story of Mimi’s miraculous survival in Africa as doctors would come from all over the hospital into her room in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and say, “I have heard about your child. Can you tell me the story?” I would then tell how God saved her life and the reality of Jesus Christ. I have witnessed doctors break down and cry as I told Mimi’s story. Each day, we would pray and share with approximately 6 to 10 people. You might ask, “Why would God ask you to pray and fast if He does not intend to heal supernaturally immediately?” The answer is the same as when God asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac: To test Abraham’s faith. Abraham’s obedience counted as faith/righteousness. Righteousness is doing the will of the Father versus selfishness, which is rejecting the Word and the Spirit to do what we want. God had wanted me to fast and pray for Melita much earlier for my own righteousness even though He fully had determined what He was going to allow my family to go through for our faith to continue to mature. He is making His glory to be made known to patients, parents, and hospital staff and for all of us to learn the mysteries of God and accept His will.

When Mimi’s surgery was finished (over 5 hours), we were advised to report to the ICU. There the head surgeon briefed us on the complications, ramifications, and possible effects of the surgery. He warned us that she might suffer temporary amnesia, and that she might not even know us as her parents. They had cut her from ear-to-ear to try and stitch the damaged trachea, and had taken some of her rib cartilage to add to the trachea. She was now on life support, depending totally on a respirator to breathe. Jeannie and I were shocked at the reality of the situation and condition as we looked at her lying paralyzed from a drug with approximately 10 tubes going into her nose, mouth, arms, and legs. Our nightmare, that God had allowed, had started as she lay in ICU from Dec. 12th to the 21st. Daily she faced obstacles and attacks of Satan that we had to be faithful to stand in the gap for her and intercede through fasting, prayer and witnessing of His reality through it all to those whom God wanted us now to touch. Daily her situation kept changing and I would have to keep in focus that God was teaching my family and me His truths so our faith could be increased. I also kept in focus that He allowed us to go through this experience to touch lives in the hospital that we could have never touched any other way than in being in daily contact with these professionals for these 10 days in ICU. Yes, many times I was worried. However, my family and I would go back to God and encourage one another and pray for one another discussing her condition in family conferences and openly repent out loud for our excessive worries and fears.

What do you do when you are in a battle? You get the soldiers together and attack. Even though I had a Word from the Lord that He allowed us to go through this and that she was going to be healed after this experience, I knew through His Word that I had a part to play. We know as Christians, that salvation is available for all people and that God wants all to be saved, but people have to play their part or His will for all to be saved cannot happen. Because many will not play their part and accept Him as Lord and Savior (His Word and Spirit), God’s will for their salvation will fail. Some people state, “The devil was defeated at the cross and we have authority over him”. This statement is only true if you are walking according to the Lord’s Word and Spirit. Like a soldier who must go through training in order to be effective in battle, most Christians try to fight the devil but are not effective for lack of preparation and determination to do the Will of the Father. They do not know how to load or aim their spiritual weapons at the enemy, and have no real authority or victory in their battles.

I telephoned my parents who were in Spokane and briefed them and asked them to intercede for Mimi. I had confidence in their ability to fight the enemy. They had been missionaries and had pastored eight different churches. Their faith had been tested. During WW II, when my father and grandfather and his family were ordered out of China, they refused because God had told them to stay, and they were put in a concentration camp. My father’s brother-in-law, a pastor, was shot in the head, thus martyred for Christ. But when they came to rape my aunt who was standing next to my father, they could not see her. An angel had blinded their eyes. Their faith had weathered the storm and they did not falter. God was in control as they stayed in China watching the miracles of God and accepting His perfect will.

I asked them to pray that Mimi would not suffer amnesia, and that God would heal her. It was a serious operation and we needed to stand in the gap. I also rallied different ones in the church that knew how to fight the enemy through prayer. My parents had an immediate Word that God was healing Mimi and that she would suffer no amnesia. Monday morning, December 16th, after examining Mimi, the doctors decided to run different culture tests because something was wrong. She had a fever and needed air leakage around the drainage tube coming out of her throat. They had wanted to go back to the operating room the next day to try and remove the breathing tube, but now they thought it was impossible. The fever had to be gone and an air leakage was needed. At approximately 11:20 A.M., my wife and I laid hands on Mimi and rebuked the fever. We asked God to create an air-leak so they could remove the respirator from her mouth. Doctors and nurses had been watching the faith in our lives. One nurse came into our room and said, “Pastor Hansen, why don’t you lay hands on your daughter?” I answered, “We already have.” Daily we had been witnessing to doctors and nurses. Before the operation, on the 12th, I had led the team of eight doctors and nurses in prayer, asking God to be with them. In ICU on the morning of the 13th, I had laid hands on a nurse as the Holy Spirit led, and prayed that God would heal her, as she had lost a daughter through cancer. God’s Will was happening as nurses, doctors, patients and parents were being ministered to daily, which was one reason Mimi was there.

That evening when the doctors examined Mimi they were amazed that an air-leak had developed and her fever was down. That evening when I returned, Tamara (my eldest daughter) told me how she was encouraged by the way my parents (her grandparents) had prayed for Mimi around 11:20 A.M. (the same time Jeannie and I had laid hands on her, although neither of us knew the other was praying). Tamara related that as they were sitting in the kitchen praying for Mimi, my mother looked at my father and said “Bud, what do you see? Is it the flu?” Dad said “No, Esther, it’s not the flu! It is a spirit of infirmity.” Mom said, “Let’s pray.” After a season of praying, Dad said, “It’s gone, the air passage is open.” In a vision, my father had literally seen the air passage open and he immediately proclaimed what he had seen. Now, ladies and gentlemen, what is so wonderful is we had not talked. I had not yet briefed them about Mimi having no air passage, yet they were led to pray at the time my wife and I had laid hands on her in the ICU.

Tuesday, when the culture tests returned, they were negative in accordance with our prayers. Once again the plan was to remove the tube in the operating room the following day. Wednesday, as they were wheeling her into the operating room, my wife and I prayed. I received an immediate word on how we were going to now face a crisis because we needed to learn to apply more truths in prayer together as a team. Sure enough, serious complications arose and they could not bring her out of her anesthesia. Her pH/CO2 level was dangerously imbalanced. When they tried to pump out her stomach, she vomited, causing some liquid to flow into the lungs. Now they were concerned about the possibility of full-fledged pneumonia. The attempt to remove the respirator was a failure, and we were now praying that no liver or brain damage would occur due to the pH/CO2 level. In prayer we came against the pneumonia. That evening, my parents, daughters, and myself met in a circle in our kitchen and started to intercede. All of a sudden, my mother received a vision surrounded by an extremely bright light. She started to shriek, “I can see her. She is standing and smiling. She is healed. There will be no pneumonia.” We all rejoiced and my daughter Tamara started confessing in prayer aloud, asking God to forgive us for a lack of reliance on Him. I asked God aloud to continue to teach us His ways. Before my mother saw the vision of Melita healed, she felt there was something else wrong. As we prayed, my father suddenly discerned two spirits of infirmity trying to get an entrance. As we resisted them, they fled. One was a fox that turned and ran with his tail straight behind him; the other was a bird of prey flapping his wings in flight away from Mimi. I believe these two spirits of infirmity were trying to bring the physical sickness of pneumonia and metabolic damage upon her, but we had now effectively resisted them through faithfulness (prayer). The next morning in ICU we were waiting for her chest X-ray to see if she had pneumonia. I stated to them that there was no pneumonia. I told them about my mom’s vision. Sure enough, when the results of the X-ray returned, there was no pneumonia or any other damage found within the liver or brain. Once again, the plan was to try and remove her respirator that afternoon.

This time, her doctors decided to allow my wife and I to be present during the attempt. This was extraordinary, as parents are usually not allowed within the room during this. But they had seen our faith in the midst of different situations and I believe that the Holy Spirit had prompted them to have us present. Earlier they had brought her out of the paralyzing drug. Her pH/CO2 level was normal and she became awake. As they removed her respirator, she strongly gasped for breath. Finally, they were about to give up, sensing that she could not sustain this effort much longer. Her heart rate had soared to 199 beats per minute, much higher than normal. I felt prompted by the Holy Spirit to lay hands on her and pray aloud right there among the team of medical staff working under these emergency conditions. I did not know what they would think, or if they would attempt to have me removed thinking that I was out of control. The doctors watched as she immediately improved. They decided to give it more time before she was put on life support. Again she faltered, and I laid hands and prayed aloud. Immediately she improved. For the third time she faltered, and for the third time I once again laid hands on her in front of the team of medical personnel and prayed aloud. This time she continued to improve. The decision was made to keep her off of life support. She was to be continually monitored. The medical staff was shocked at the drastic turn about. The head surgeon said he could not believe her improvement. I said, “You know, a lot of people are praying. This is God.” Within two days she was transferred from ICU to a normal hospital ward under observation, with all marveling at her drastic turnaround. I continued to share her story on the new floor and laid hands on people, including a cancer patient who had no hope. Her hair totally gone, I felt led by the Holy Spirit to ask her father if I could pray. He said “Yes, pastor, please pray.”

My family was present, along with Ty (my now son-in-law), and I asked all of them to join me as we laid hands on this little girl, and I asked God to have mercy on this child. I asked God to use this to reveal the reality of God, and have him and his wife (whom God had already revealed was not there because they were divorced) come to truly commit their lives through this to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. I then asked God to heal her. Two days later the girl was released. The man told me that he could not believe it. He never expected this to happen. He said she improved so quickly that he was shocked when he arrived at the hospital and was told of his daughter’s unbelievable recovery; that she now was out of her bed playing. That is why Mimi and our family were allowed to go through all of this. It was to increase our faith and be a witness who could minister for the Lord at Children’s Hospital. I do not believe this man’s daughter has a permanent healing, but a reprieve. You might ask, “how do you know?” The Word and Spirit have spoken to me that God has allowed this to get their attention. Now I am going to follow up on both man and divorced wife and ask them to repent of their sins and accept the ways of Jesus Christ totally, and their child will be whole. God allows sickness sometimes to get our attention; to teach us His ways. He allows death sometimes for the same reasons; out of His eternal love.

Blessed be the name of the Lord. Thank you all for your prayers. Let us continue to learn the truths of God and be faithful to Him in and during all circumstances and we shall receive our reward. God is in control.

NOTE: Mimi came home with us on December 24th. Her tracheotomy had been removed and she was breathing normally. God answered prayer and stimulated her vocal cords, which my father saw were bruised in a vision during prayer. Before she left the hospital, she said, “Momma,” PTL! Her birth date is April 4, 1993.

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