Warning for 1998 - 2008

During 1998 Jonathan Hansen spoke in approximately 40 cities and 30 states concerning the condition and future of America.  The following was an advertisement in The Seattle Times on December 26, 1997 regarding the United States of America:

    Stock Market Collapse
    Nuclear Attack
    Civil Unrest
    Social Security Collapse
    Natural Disasters

tornadoes; the sea dying; 20 lb. hail stones; water poisoning; food shortages; red tides

    Chemical, Biological & Nuclear Terrorism
    Mammoth Tidal Waves (Tsunamis)

On television Dr. Hansen warned concerning what was coming upon America and why.  He read The Seattle Times advertisement then added the following items for the Northwest United States:

    Mt. Rainier will erupt
    Powerful Northwest earthquake
    The 520 bridge will collapse

(One mile long floating bridge across Lake Washington in Seattle.)

On several radio stations Dr. Hansen warned concerning what was coming upon America:

    Nuclear, biological, chemical terrorism and/or attacks in different cities throughout America as well as several attacks.  New York, Chicago, New Orleans, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Los Angeles and Florida. In remote areas there will be biological, chemical and nuclear experimentation. In the Pacific Northwest and Casper, Wyoming there will be a nuclear incident. There will also be a nuclear attack on the U.S.

    Throughout the United States, as well as in the Northwest, volcanic activity will occur and earthquakes across America.



To avoid the warned calamities, there must be a mighty, genuine revival (repentance) as in Nineveh (Jonah 3:5-10), or a powerful spirit of prayer must arise that will result in the mercy and grace of God as Abraham interceded for Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 18:23-33).  If we meet the conditions of God (2 Chronicles 7:14), He will hear our call, forgive us and heal the land! If we do not meet the conditions, judgment will fall and all of the prophecies will come to pass. Ladies and Gentlemen, we the Church and people in America need to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior in reality and practicality to keep these events warned by the Lord, from coming to pass.  The sins of our nation are allowing our enemies to hurt us.  God can only bless America if people align their lives according to the Scriptures. This is explained in my article series entitled "The Science of Judgment".  The only hope for the United States of America is to turn to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  If we do not turn to Him for redemption, our enemies will defeat us!


We are living in a world that is dangerously close to an unprecedented crisis.  The nations today are more interwoven than ever before.  America and other countries rely on each other for their prosperity, protection and actual existence.  The Bible prophesies of wars, famines, disease, and economic collapse prior to the return of Jesus Christ.  When Jesus returns,  it will be breaking news!  It will be no secret!  His feet will touch the Mount of Olives and it will split in two along a fault line from east to west for the entire human race to witness.(Zechariah 14:4)

Many chapters in the Bible warn about future events. These include:  Ezekiel 38-39, Daniel 7-12, Joel 2-3, Zechariah 12-14, Matthew 24, Luke 21, and Revelation. These catastrophes will occur before Jesus' Second Coming to earth at the Battle of Armageddon.

After I returned to the United States in August 1995, I started to warn the Church and those living in America that judgment was coming to this country.  Between 1998 and the Hurricane Katrina disaster on August 29, 2005, I traveled to New Orleans on three separate occasions, preaching repentance and warning of judgment coming to that city; it came to pass. Six months prior to the September 11, 2001 attack on the Twin Towers, I flew to New York to preach repentance and warn of impending judgment God had shown me for that city; it came to pass.

I believe that both New York and New Orleans are going to suffer judgment again. The first disasters on those cities did not cause the church to wake up, nor did the people of those cities take notice of God's hand trying to get their attention.  When rebellion against God continues without repentance, the consequences are activated like the law of gravity set in motion.  God  has been trying to get the attention of America for a long time now.  God increases the severity of His judgments as we fail to respond to His mercy and grace and change from our evil ways. This principle is called 'The Cup of Iniquity '.  (I explain this in my 14-part article series called, The Science of Judgment.)

Read the following newspaper and magazine headlines which reveal crisis in America and in the world today. These verify the biblical position of events occurring in the last days leading up to the return of Jesus Christ, and the Prophecy to America on the front page which I have been proclaiming since 1998.

www.time.com - May 14, 2006 - What Happened to The Gangs of New Orleans?  Before Katrina, New Orleans had a murder rate 10 times worse than the US average...New Orleans was a disaster before Katrina..."We were watching the lid come off," says Peter Scharf, a University of New Orleans criminologist..."It was chaos," remembers Jimmy Keen, a lieutenant with the New Orleans police department (N.O.P.D.) and the former commander of the homicide unit...

The Seattle Times - April 3, 2007 - headline news: Tsunami Leaves Thousands Homeless--"Honiara, Solomon Islands - Bodies floated out to sea and thousands of residents camped out overnight on a hillside above a devastated town in a western town of the western Solomon Islands today after a tsunami that struck without warning washed away coastal villages, killing up to 20 people.  The death toll was expected to rise."  (NOTE: Remember, the December 26, 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami that resulted in approximately 230,000 people dead or missing in 12 countries.  What is especially interesting is that Christians were being  persecuted in those countries.  In fact, the epicenter of that disaster is where the world's most severe persecution of Christians was taking place.  This crisis continues to affirm the Scriptural recordings of people and nations who persecute God's people and suffer the consequences for their actions.)

WorldNetDaily.com - March 30, 2007 - Nuclear War-Fear, America unprepared for 'likely' nuke attack: "Washington, DC- The most extensive study of the effects of nuclear detonations in four major U.S. cities paints a grim picture of millions of deaths, overwhelmed hospitals and loss of command-and-control capability by government...If a nuclear detonation were to occur in a downtown area, the picture would be bleak there...While America was once prepared for a nuclear war with civil defense shelters stocked with food and supplies and educational programs on how to react to a detonation, the report says the threat of a nuclear attack within the U.S. has grown significantly in recent years...The likelihood of a nuclear attack in an American city is steadily increasing, and the consequences will be overwhelming...one 550-kiloton detonation in New York City...resulting in the deaths of 5 million...Even a relatively small 20-kiloton blast in a downtown area would result in almost unimaginable devastation-leaving debris tens of feet thick in streets with buildings 10 stories or higher.  Roughly half the population in those areas would be killed, mainly from collapsed buildings.  Most of those surviving the initial blast would be exposed to a fatal dose of radiation..."

(NOTE:  Remember, since 1998 I have been publicly proclaiming that America will come under threats and attacks.  These include chemical, biological, and nuclear attacks.  I also warned the world situation was even more dangerous for nuclear attacks, because I felt that the Cold War was not won by America, but was actually a scam.  I claimed that Russia was deceiving the world and America into believing they had lost the Cold War, and wanted to become a democratic country.  This is to cause the United States to let its guard down. Russia is planning to attack America when they are more prepared than we are for a world war.  I always warned and maintained that Russia and China were our enemies, and have been lying to us from the start to get our financial aid, so they could strengthen their economies and be in a better position to attack us.)

Houston Chronicle - March 27, 2007 - Russia Slams U.S. Global Policy...Russia recently delivered 29 Tor M-1 air defense missile systems to Iran despite strong U.S. complaints...

Novosti Russian News - March 27, 2007 - Russian Intelligence Sees U.S. Military Buildup on Iran Border...The latest military intelligence data point to a heightened U.S. military preparations for both an air and ground operation against Iran...Col.Gen. Leonid Ivashov, vice president of the Academy of Geopolitical Sciences, said last week, that the Pentagon is planning to deliver a massive air strike on Iran's military infrastructure in the near future...

Novosti Russian News - March 27, 2007 - Moscow Warns U.S. Iran Policy may Spark "Clash of Civilizations...Unlike the U.S., Russia, which is building a nuclear power plant in southern Iran, has opposed any tough sanctions against the Islamic Republic...President Putin said the U.S. missile defense plans could trigger a new arms race, and accused the U.S. of ignoring international law and imposing its own rules on other countries.  We are seeing an increasing disregard for the fundamental principles of international law,  Putin said, adding that Russia would amend its military strategy in response.

Novosti Russian News - March 26, 2007 - Russia Starts Pacific Naval Exercise...A major naval force, Russia's Pacific Fleet has strategic underwater missile cruisers, multipurpose nuclear and diesel submarines, surface ships for operations in the coastal and open-sea zones.  The Pacific Fleet also has maritime missile-carrying, antisubmarine and fighter aviation, land troops and coastal guards...

www.GlobalResearch.ca - March 26, 2007 - UN Agrees to New Iran Sanctions as Military Tensions Mount in Gulf "Persian Gulf Incident" Could Spark a Wider Confrontation

Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) - March 23, 2007 - Exclusive: Embassies in Teheran Prepare Escape Plans

www.haaretz.com - March 18, 2007 - U.S., IDF Hold Joint Exercise on Response to Nuclear Attack

www.GlobalResearch.ca - February 21, 2007 - "Theater IRAN Near Term"..."Code named by US military planners as TIRANNT, "Theater Iran Near Term" has identified several thousand targets inside Iran as part of a "Shock and Awe" Blitzkrieg, which is now in its final planning stages."

Reuters - March 27, 2007 - China Shifts to Euros for Iran Oil...Iranian officials have said for months that more than half the OPEC member's customers switched their payment currency away from the dollar as Tehran seeks to diversify its reserves...

Aljazeera.net - March 25, 2007 - Gulf Economies to 'Drop the Dollar'...Nasser al-Shaali noted that the UAE central bank had already started buying euros...

Newsday.com - March 20, 2007 - Crisis Looms for Entire Economy...Congress must focus on rising mortgage defaults to prevent a slip in confidence leading to collapse...If Washington doesn't address the rapidly building multi-trillion-dollar crisis in residential mortgage defaults, its paralysis will help trigger a national economic recession that could touch every homeowner...Congress must realize that we are on the abyss of an enormous economic crisis...We won't be focused on a war against terror anymore or which state is red or blue.  America will be reeling from the effects of a self-inflicted depression that would cripple our nation and give comfort to our political enemies and our economic rivals.

www.GlobalResearch.ca - March 17, 2007 - Iran to Sell Oil in Euros and Other Currencies...Earlier on Wednesday, the media reported that Iran has started talks with a Japanese refiner to receive the payments in euros or yens instead of US Dollars...

The Independent News - March 11, 2007 - Cashless Society by 2012, says Visa chief...Some retailers could soon start surcharging customers if they choose to buy products with cash, because of the greater cost of processing these payments, he warned.

NewsWithViews.com - March 10, 2007 - American Express Addresses RFID Tracking Plans for People

Money and Markets - March 8, 2007 - The Iranian Nuclear Controversy Could Soon Explode Back on the Scene, Catching Investors by Surprise


The situation in America is serious.  We are facing a crisis of catastrophic proportions.  The Bible warns Christians that hatred and persecution will come upon them, especially prior to the return of Jesus Christ.  "Then they will deliver you up to tribulation and kill you, and you will be hated by all nations for My name's sake," as Jesus said (Matthew 24:9).

WorldNetDaily - February 7, 2007 - When Grandmas go to Jail Witnessing..."Arrested for sharing the Gospel?  An expected outcome in North Korea, China or any Muslim country on the globe.  But in Pennsylvania?  Yep.  Arlene Elshinnawy, a 75-year-old grandmother of three, and Lynda Beckman, a 70-year-old grandmother of 10 (along with nine others), were arrested for sharing their faith on the public sidewalk in Philadelphia, PA., USA.  They faced 47 years (the rest of their lives) in jail for spreading the Gospel because of a Pennsylvania "hate crimes" law that is nearly identical to H.R.254 - the "hate crimes" bill reintroduced in Congress and said to be on the "fast track" in the House Judiciary Committee.  This is the same bill that previously passed both the House and Senate and was killed only because of Republican Leadership opposition in conference - something we no longer have..."  This news report indicates  the seriousness of the hour.  Please help me sound the alarm to America.

May God bless you,  Jonathan Hansen


Jonathan Hansen
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