World Ministries International is not a church; it is a 100 percent mission organization which helps the various churches with Bible schools, conferences, seminars, crusades and revival meetings in order to fulfill their God ordained destiny. Dr. Hansen also ministers to children in slums and orphanages with food, clothing and dental care. We depend on your financial assistance to help the suffering and dying people throughout the nations that have become victims to corrupt governments, tribal fighting and racism. The poor, elderly and innocent become prey to the spirit of the beast through leadership that uses the people for personal gain and power.

The 20th century was the bloodiest century in the entire history of the human race. In World War I, eight million people died and 52 million died in WWII. There were 170 million deaths as a result of the purges in the Soviet Union, China, Germany and Japan. Between 1975 and 2000, approximately 1.14 billion babies died in the genocide called abortion. This alone adds up to over 1.38 billion violent deaths, yet I must warn you that persecution of Christians is more common in our generation that ever before in history. More people died for their faith in the 20th century than in all previous centuries combined.

We ask you to please become a partner with Dr. Hansen in sounding the alarm to governments and people that Jesus is returning! Before He returns, the nations are coming under the plagues of God because of their persecution of the seed of Jesus Christ. The news media is brainwashing the populations of the world into accepting the United Nations values and beliefs which are totally contrary to the Judeo-Christian values and beliefs on which America was founded and allowed to prosper. Now we face an economic collapse, apocalyptic crises and nuclear warfare because we have put our faith in man instead of Jesus Christ.

Dr. Hansen needs your financial support to speak the truth on television and radio. His call is to travel the nations and warn the governments of the soon return of Jesus Christ and their need to come under the Lordship of Jesus; not the United Nations.

We need your generous financial support so we can help the weak, elderly widows, orphans and destitute who have suffered through corruption and fighting and now live in slums or refugee and displacement camps.

We are reaching out to business people who will join with Dr. Hansen, specifically100 businessmen that will give $1000 USD each month. Others may be able to give $100 USD monthly.

We need faithful Christians to give! Any gift will help, so please do what you can to help us help those in desperate need. Please, write a check today so together we can sound the alarm to America and the nations! Thank you for your prayers and your support.

May God bless, protect and prosper you! Jonathan Hansen

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