Dear fellow believer, we are in an intense spiritual and cultural battle in the United States of America, as well as in every nation of the world today. All nations are involved in this spiritual battle whether they are aware of it or not. The Science of Judgment is coming to pass in all nations because of God’s law called the “cup of iniquity law.” Nations rise and nations fall according to this universal law set in place by God. Nations prosper or they suffer because of this reality. It doesn't matter whether a person believes in oxygen or not because they breathe it daily in the air in order to survive. Truth is truth regardless of a person's understanding of it, their knowledge of it, or the wisdom of accepting it. We could say the cliché, “ignorance of the law is no excuse”, because a person or nation comes under the consequences of the Science of Judgment regardless of their awareness or adherence to it.

The church in America is facing persecution like never before because believers in America are ignoring all the signs of an invading, humanistic, radical, liberal army that is determined to remove all vestiges of Jesus Christ and the traditional values, beliefs, and morality under which America was founded and prospered. I believe paganism unofficially became the morality of America in 1962 when the Supreme Court’s landmark decision involving Madalyn Murray O’Hair instigated the removal of prayer from the public schools within the first year and the removal of Bible reading the next year. Along with paganism, humanist values and immorality are being taught throughout the public schools and universities (evolution). With the absence of a healthy church, America’s traditional values and morality are being deliberately challenged and removed by radical liberals throughout the House and the Senate.

William Ayers, founder of the Weather Underground organization that set bombs in public buildings and escaped imprisonment because of government mistakes in collecting evidence, boasted ,"Guilty as hell. Free as a bird." This radical liberal revolutionist worked on the board of a non-profit, the Chicago Annenberg Challenge with President Barack Hussein Obama for five years according to Whistleblower Magazine, Jan. 2009, "to push a radical agenda on public school children." In The Phyllis Schlafly Report, Jan. 2009, she states that William Ayers taught that "Education is the motor-force of revolution"...and "In 2008 he was elected by his peers as vice president for curriculum of the American Education Research Association, the nation's largest organization of education professors and researchers."

These pagan politicians and radical activists, who have the appearance of a chameleon and the scruples of an intelligent animal, are lying constantly to the American people. They take away people's freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States, putting American citizens more and more under the jurisdiction of the United Nations. The world government’s goals, values, and agenda are anti-American and anti-Jesus; meaning, anti-Christian. We need to understand that the United Nations is comprised of socialists, communists, and dictators, including Muslim dictators whose ideology and values are totally the opposite of those under which America was founded. Many of these world leaders were actually thugs who could have been charged with crimes against humanity. Instead of being arrested, they were made part of the government so they would stop the civil wars and genocide within their own countries. In the eyes of the world, the bully on the block usually gets rewarded. This again is the "law of the jungle" that the racist, Charles Darwin, created with his myth called evolution.

I want to quote some statements by Joan M. Veon who wrote, “The United Nations and Its Global Agenda for the Environment, Economy and Family”: “I found the world government in Cairo in the form of the United Nations, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. While this was one of the many shocks in Cairo, watching the U.S. State Department orchestrate the response which they wanted from Third World Countries, which coincides with that of the UN, was another. Our government is actively participating in the evolution and strengthening of world government. This means that our Constitution is in the process of being replaced. If our Constitution is replaced, our way of life, values and our UNLIMITED freedoms which come from God and not government, such as speech and religion, will also be replaced. In short, we will go into bondage and have no rights—only those accorded to good global citizens. It was not until I went to the UN Conference in Cairo and started reading the ‘Program of Action’ which is a document consisting of the new social, moral, political, economic and ecological ideas to be ratified at the conference, that I realized all of these morally negative behaviors originated at the United Nations! When I realized the UN is a world government is when I understood why these outrageous policies were endorsed by our government. Part of the process of moving the world into world government is to change the ‘frame of reference’ and break down social values in order to recreate a ‘New World Order.’ Our government no longer supports the Christian heritage that America was founded on and is working hard to replace our values, way of life and Constitution. Current legislation will bear this out. Judeo-Christian values represent the ‘old world order’ which they want to replace with ‘the New World Order’ which is humanistic, changes the Judeo-Christian family structure, and replaces our way of thinking with values related behavior. Understanding this philosophical difference made me understand the New World Order’s agenda of abortion rights for all, acceptance of diversity, homosexual rights, and the empowerment of women and the UN. The philosophical concept of good government has changed from that of protecting your own national boundaries to the ‘withering away of the state...Those countries who would oppose the Program of Action are threatened by both the US State Department and the World Bank with financial blackmail—the interest rates on their World Bank loans will be increased and they will not be granted any more loans if they do not consent."

"With regard to the regional commissions, the world is divided into regions-Africa, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia and the Pacific and Western Asia, for example. Currently the regional commissions are making decisions, but they still need the approval of the respective nations. When world government is up and fully functional, it is the regions which will govern."

"America is divided up into ten regions. This action was taken by President Richard M. Nixon and is known as Executive Order No.11647. In an article in the August 25, 1992, Los Angeles Times entitled, ‘MAPS: Geographers Redraw Future National Boundaries,’ George Demko, a geographer and director of the Rockefeller Center at Dartmouth College stated, ‘As we’re challenging the traditional ideas of state sovereignty, globalizing economies and communications, and breaking up the last empires, the geography of the world is unhooking old connections and hooking up new ones."

Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you are getting the picture that if American Christians do not decide to get into this spiritual battle and obey the great commission decreed in Matthew 28:18-20 of making disciples in all nations, then believers are going to come under the tyranny of a beast government. Both in America and the world, the Science of Judgment plays out against Christians who fail to take their Christian responsibilities seriously to preserve a nation. The Science of Judgment will also play out in the nation as the people continue to go deeper and deeper into sins, led by the lust of the flesh and the temptation of the spirit of the beast. America’s cup of iniquity will continue to fill and overflow, resulting in crisis after crisis because of man’s rebellion against God. Remember...four sins bring judgment on a nation...idolatry, immorality, killing the innocent, and dividing the land of Israel.

As I mentioned in my article on the Theory of Evolution, when a person rejects the authority of Jesus Christ and accepts the myth of evolution propagated by Charles Darwin, whose famous disciples were and are some of the worst butchers in modern history, then civilization based on Judeo-Christian traditional values is thrown out the door. Dictators such as Adolph Hitler, Lenin, and Stalin, who lived by the morality code of Charles Darwin’s teachings on “the survival of the fittest”, justified their law of the jungle mentality to kill the weak, disabled, and innocent individuals against whom they were prejudiced. There are no absolutes in morality any longer. In the eyes of a serial rapist or killer, nobody has the right to tell him what is ethical or moral. Now the law of the jungle applies where only the fittest and strongest survive. The evolutionist/humanist/atheist moral criteria is now based on its own set of values, beliefs, and morality. No other intelligent animal has a right to tell them how to think or live. It’s the law of the jungle philosophy. Only if you are a bigger and stronger animal who can stop them from doing what they want to do will you force your will on them.

This is such utter hypocrisy as these selfish, self-righteous people want to live the way they choose and have their personal rights protected. Yet, they force their immorality and animal values system on the weak and innocent. They pass laws to kill the baby in the mother's womb based on the baby's possible disabilities, such as Downs' syndrome; or, just for the mother's own convenience when she decides she does not want to raise this baby that she created by fornication, adultery, or even within marriage.

The continual exposure to the track record of humanists, atheists, evolutionists, and abortionists who are deliberately lying is endless. In their mentality there are no longer any absolutes because there is no God to hold them accountable for their actions when they die. Lying becomes a tool which they use to justify the means to accomplishing their goals.

Senator H.L. Richardson in his book, “Confrontational Politics” writes, “...anything goes, Baby, as long as you have the power to get away with it. Is it possible for a radical liberal to have a conscience, to feel guilt over telling a lie? Do they have pangs of remorse when being politically underhanded and forcing their will on others? Not in the least. In fact, if lying advances their political goals, they conclude it’s immoral not to lie. They latch on to an old Commie cliché, ‘The end justifies the means.’ If you accept the humanist perspective, absence of God—why not? Why bother to worry about a conscience if there is no God to hold us accountable? It can be argued that a conscience apart from God is impossible." (Pg. 12)

Fellow believer, we are in a battle for civilization. We are in a spiritual and cultural battle. We are in a battle for our literal Christian freedoms versus living in a nation governed by a beast government where tyranny rules. We are in a monumental battle because the Church has failed to be salt and light. Christians have failed to represent Jesus Christ and instead have given excuses to justify their cowardliness in the face of an evil generation that hates the morality of Jesus Christ. Jesus did not command us to just pray for others, but He commanded us to make disciples of them. John the Baptist, whom modern day consumer-friendly pastoral cowards like to criticize as being too rude, insensitive, and blunt, was called by Jesus as "the greatest man born of a woman" because he literally confronted an immoral people and government. Jesus used the same words as John the Baptist when He confronted hypocritical leaders. It is time we as Christians learn to confront sinners and call abortion, homosexuality, fornication, co-habitation, and adultery by their true biblical name...sin. It is time we confront a radical liberal government, legislators, and senators for passing legislation that is sin and brings judgment on our state and our nation. Romans 13:1-7 tells us that all authority is delegated authority under God, who is the higher authority. When delegated authority on earth, such as a husband or civil government, becomes a terror to good rather than to evil, then we must express our disapproval and, if necessary, disobey their orders and laws. Moses confronted Pharaoh, Elijah confronted Ahab and Jezebel, and Daniel disobeyed the king's law on prayer and publicly opened his window to pray. The list is endless of Christians, prophets, and apostles who disobeyed civil authority to obey the higher law, which is the Bible.

Christians in politics must stop compromising with the radical liberal politicians. We must stop compromising with the enemy. If a radical liberal politician initiates some legislation, we must not compromise. In other words, we cannot get involved in a give-and-take marriage mentality. The liberal humanist has not yet achieved the goals they are striving for, so why compromise and help them achieve what they do not have yet? How can you as a believer compromise with that which is immoral and evil? How can you compromise with sin and Satan? Instead, learn to attack back and give no ground to liberal politicians. Whatever ground the liberal humanist compromises for is based on the fact that they got something which they never had before, so they won. It is the "something for nothing" mentality. They will ask for 100% and settle for something they never had before. The liberal has nothing to lose and everything to gain. We cannot continue to compromise with the enemy. We are at war spiritually and culturally. Either they win or we do. We cannot co-exist. This nation will either be led by the animal value system or by traditional values based upon Jesus Christ. Lot was a perfect example of living in an environment without changing it. The Bible says that because Lot lived amongst all the immorality without confronting the sinful behavior of the people, his soul was vexed and judgment came upon the city, including his wife and his family, who all died for their love of the world.

The radical liberals are using the same strategy that the Muslims are using against the Jews in the Middle East conflict. In the Palestinian territories the Muslims will fight the Israelis. When they are losing the battle, they will agree for a temporary peace and compromise, but in the process they have gained more land than they had before the war started. Yet, Islam will never be satisfied until they take all of the land away from Israel. The Islamic peace treaties are for one reason agree on peace when they are losing so they can re-group and fight again when they are stronger until they can have a total victory! In the teachings of Islam, you make temporary peace with your enemy until you are strong enough to defeat him. The goal of Islam is world domination for Allah...that is the objective. This is what the Prophet Mohammed and the Prophet Salatin taught to deal with the infidels. They believed lying was justified when dealing with a non-Muslim, as the Koran justified lying to an infidel. They both made peace treaties with their enemies with the full intention not to honor the peace treaty but instead break the treaty and defeat their enemy when they were in a better position for total victory. Their agenda has never changed!

With both radical liberals/humanists and the religion called Islam, they use the same type of deceptive method to get what they want. When you take away the moral authority from the true and living God manifested through Jesus Christ, a person or nation is left to the values of the animal kingdom, whether it is atheistic or through some false religious experience or religion. Conservatives feel that if the liberals do not get all they want in some legislative debate, they won a partial victory. In reality, the conservatives lost. The conservative politician has continued to give more and more moral ground away as they retreat from the moral battlefield instead of righteously, without shame or intimidation, calling that particular piece of legislation sin. The conservative politician must unashamedly refer to our Christian heritage and morality. Violently, through debate, they must convince the anti-Christ liberals and others who have been deceived since 1962 when prayer and the Bible were removed from the public schools, that a pagan, humanistic philosophy has caused the spiral of debauchery and decadence with crime spiraling out of control. History shows that Hitler, Stalin, and other inhumane butchers have justified their crimes against the unborn, the weak, the disabled, the Jews, and others by this evolutionary demonic lie spawned by the racist, Charles Darwin.

Senator Richardson states in his book, “Confrontational Politics”: "...the word hypocrisy doesn’t exist since it is possible, even liberally moral, to be on both sides of any issue. If caught in a lie, the ‘moral’ thing to do is extricate oneself with the least amount of political damage; deny, admit guilt, ask forgiveness, attack the character of the accuser, whatever works. If the opposition is incapable of exploiting the lie, ignore them—because if no political harm occurs—who cares? (Pg. 14) The humanists believe their control of America will come incrementally, a bit at a time... (Pg. 78)...Liberal legislators practice deceit, it’s well within their ethics to do so. Dogs bark, snakes wiggle, jackasses bray, vultures vomit and radical Leftists lie, it’s their nature to do so." (Pg. 111)

Lying is part of the DNA of a liberal politician. They will pretend to be conservative when it is in their best interest, but when the chips are down, they will vote as a liberal according to their real beliefs, betraying the people who had put their trust in them. When a conservative holds them to task over fiscal responsibility, they accuse them of having no mercy for the poor. When they are debated over the same-sex marriage issue, they will attack back with “you are a homophobic”. When you call homosexuality a sin according to the Scriptures, they accuse you of being a hatemonger. All these anti-Christ liberal people do with their pagan beliefs is viciously attack Judeo-Christian values and beliefs. The seed of Lucifer hates the seed of Jesus Christ. All the world is living in this great spiritual battle that will culminate in the Battle of Armageddon.

Conservative Christian politicians must understand this demonic battle that we are all living in and be true ambassadors of Jesus Christ. We must be salt or else we are good for nothing but to be led and dictated to by pagan leaders.

Senator Richardson states in “Confrontational Politics”: “When we give in to them, even an inch, we’re not compromising, we’re abdicating our rights and our honor...We must stop using the term compromise when confronting the Left.” (Pg. 26) "The left-wing legislator, if his district isn’t totally safe, will often pick a Conservative issue and sound like one of its champions...not enough to make any difference, but with sufficient vigor to convince the proponents that he is on their side. Such action is usually nothing more than protective coloration, Conservative camouflage. However, behind the scenes, out of daily view from his constituency, he works diligently to undermine these particular issues he has just voted for. ‘Tough on crime’ rhetoric is standard fare. Match his rhetoric against contributions received from the Left. The Leftist politician with public fanfare, votes for the death penalty and then marches-in-tune with the Trial Lawyers and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) on every measure that counteracts his vote. Abortion is another issue where duplicity raises its ugly legislative head.” (Pgs. 109, 110)

The pagan liberals have turned good into evil and evil into good. They are dedicated to changing the Christian culture of America into a pagan culture so they can control how you live, believe, and speak. Dictators operate through the "spirit of the beast" where they intimidate and control people through fear, laws, and punishments. Americans are coming under the spirit and control of a beast government because the liberal pagans are changing and are determined to remove all Christian morality, forcing their Sodom and Gomorrah culture onto Americans. They have already changed most of the morality into paganism, and now they are telling you how you should speak. When they do not like what you say according to your conscience, they call it "politically incorrect". What is so pathetic is that Americans are buying into this tyrannical control because of fear. Who made these rebels gods? Why are we allowing these anti-Christ immoral pagans to dictate how we live and speak?

Before we lose all of our freedoms, we need to speak according to our conscience and not live according to their self-made rules of political correctness. Whoever heard of a nation going to war but only allowing one side to make the rules, telling the other side that they cannot shoot back? This is what is happening now in American politics and in society at large. These humanist pagans have made their own set of rules which they want conservatives to live by, allowing them to win this cultural war we find ourselves in. What utter insanity to abide by their totally unfair, dictatorial rules. A conservative politician or person cannot abide by the rules of an abortionist, sodomite, adulterer, liar, etc. It is time we become salt and take back America before all is lost and judgment has fallen upon the Christian for failing to be salt and light, allowing judgment to fall on America for its sins of idolatry, immorality, killing the innocent and dividing the land of Israel.

Radical liberals are dedicated to totally changing the Constitution and removing America’s Christian heritage. They are aggressively changing the laws of America to enforce their immoral beliefs. They are sold out to the New World Order and the United Nations agenda which seeks to dissolve the rights and sovereignty of individual nations, forcing the citizens of the world to come under their laws and courts. They want to control the people of the United States and the world. They are willing to lie to get their beliefs passed into law. Allowing the disabled, the weak, the elderly and babies to die is within their immoral beliefs. These humanists are against the values of a living God, and they are fighting Jesus Christ Himself. Many of them will lie and say they believe in God because to them God is a name to be used for their convenience. One thing is certain; the God they do not follow and believe in is Jesus Christ. Lying words are not the testimony of their sincerity or their salvation; it is their fruit. Watch their voting record and you will know which god they serve...Jesus or themselves; or maybe, Allah. All through paganism, as religious people were killing Christians, they did it in the name of their god. Humanists are pagans, and they vote for legislation that kills babies and takes away the freedoms and rights of a free people who believe in what Jesus teaches as sin. Yes, these liberals want to control you as the people did Lot in his sodomite culture and the cities where he lived and worked.

President George Bush is certainly not a radical liberal, but he still betrayed the conservative Republican Party platform of small government, balanced budget, and states rights. Instead, he promoted big government, massive spending, and centralized government. President Bush is a One World Order man. He betrayed the Republic of the United States of America by his continual executive treaties, giving more and more of our power and sovereignty to the United Nations. This is why true conservatives like Senator Alan Keyes and Chuck Baldwin, who both ran for President in 2008, wanted to take us out of the United Nations. They knew the UN would remove our sovereignty and usher in their immoral, anti-Christ values. Because of his fear of Islamic nations and their control of the oil supply to America, President Bush betrayed the American people by calling Islam a peaceful religion. He knew Islam is, and always has been, the most dangerous religion on the face of the earth since its inception. President Thomas Jefferson declared war on Islam instead of continually paying ransom to release Americans from Muslim pirates who had made them prisoners after attacking and destroying American ships. President Abraham Lincoln used the Civil War to call the nation to repent of their sins because he believed that the Civil War was a judgment of God because of their immorality.

President Bush betrayed the fundamental Christian conservatives by failing to call Americans to repent of their sinful lifestyles after 9/11. President Bush's policies of dividing the land of Israel for peace with the Muslim Palestinians, who have no legal and historical rights to the land, as well as allowing Muslim clerics to pray in the White House, continued to fill the "cup of iniquity rule" originated by God, bringing judgment on America.

As this is being written, we now have Barack Hussein Obama, the most radical, liberal politician the United States of America has ever seen as a as our President. As a senator, President Obama was guilty of ushering in some of the worst laws, and is continuing to do the same as President. I do not believe that he is a Christian. I do believe that he is a very effective, manipulative communicator, as Hitler was, who used the Christians in Germany to gain and maintain power, even though he was a merciless tyrant.

A radical liberal will attack you when you challenge their policies and their sins, and they will call you what they themselves really are. A person is not a racist because they criticize an individual's policies or point out their sins. A racist is a person who ignores a person's immoral policies and sins because they have the same color of skin or they both come from the same tribe. I would certainly have supported African American Alan Keyes for President of the United States. His fruit proved he was a true Christian conservative. Alan Keyes is against abortion, homosexuality, same-sex marriage, embryonic stem cell research, and the United Nations. He is a genuine citizen of America. Of all the candidates who ran for president, Barack Hussein Obama was the Christians' worst choice because of his beliefs, associations, policies, and his goals for America.

A person is not a Christian just because they say so any more than a person is a donkey because they say they are. A person is a Christian when they truly follow the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and have accepted Him as their Lord and Savior, confessing that there is no other way to heaven except through the salvation that Jesus Christ provided by dying on the cross to take their judgment. A Christian knows all religions do not meet the criteria of eternal salvation. Salvation is only provided by God’s method for atonement and forgiveness of personal sins...Jesus! He sets the rules; not men and their religions. A donkey is a donkey because it is an animal that eats grass, walks on four legs, and has four hoofs. Barack Hussein Obama is not a Christian or a donkey, but a radical, lying liberal who violates the teachings of Jesus Christ and has, in fact, ridiculed the Sermon on the Mount. Obama believes all religions lead to heaven and that they serve the same God.

Obama supports same-sex marriage, abortion rights, homosexual/ lesbian/bisexual rights, embryonic stem cell research, partial birth abortion, and infanticide. He is a socialist/Marxist, and he believes in liberation theology which even the Pope has condemned as heresy. Many of his infamous associates in Chicago are involved in questionable activities and crimes, as well as some who are radical socialists and Marxists. Many of Obama’s associates have deliberately tried to cause the collapse of capitalism by the Cloward-Piven Strategy. This strategy is named after two radical socialists named Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, both very radical Columbia University professors. Obama himself understands the strategy and has tried for years to bring it to pass. Making Barack Obama President of the United States is like putting a fox in charge of the chicken house, or allowing a lion to guard the sheep. It is pure insanity by a racist and dumbed-down population. Obama walks hand-in-hand with hell itself in working against Judeo-Christian values, implementing revolutionary changes which Christians see as spiritual debauchery and treason against the Constitution of the United States he and other liberal liars had sworn to defend.

On page 27 of "Whistleblower Magazine", James Simpson wrote the article, “Barack Obama and the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis-Exposing Time-Honored Leftist Strategy for Gaining Control of Society”. He reports: "America waits with bated breath while Washington struggles to bring the U.S. economy back from the brink of disaster. But many of those same politicians caused the crisis, and if left to their own devices will do so again. Despite the mass media news blackout, a series of books, talk radio and the blogosphere have managed to expose Barack Obama’s connections to his radical mentors-Weather Underground bombers William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, Communist Party member Frank Marshall Davis and others...He can be tied directly to a malevolent over-arching strategy that has motivated many, if not all, of the most destructive radical leftist organizations in the United States since the 1960s...the Cloward-Piven Strategy. It describes their agenda, tactics, and long-term strategy...The strategy of forcing political change through orchestrated crisis. The Cloward-Piven strategy seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse. Cloward and Piven were inspired by radical organizer (and Hillary Clinton mentor) Saul Alinsky.”

Barack Hussein Obama is involved in so many shams, including ACORN, that he should be tried as a criminal in America instead of leading the free world as President of the United States. Obama believes in the liberation theology that Rev. Jeremiah Wright preaches, even though he has tried to deceive America like President Clinton did with the word “is”. That was the reason Obama became a member of Wright’s Church in the first place. Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s church library is filled with books on socialism, communism, Marxism, liberation theology, and Islam. Rev. Wright has invited the Nation of Islam's President, Louis Farrakhan, to speak in his church. Both Wright and Obama know and support Islamic leader, Louis Farrakhan.

Dear fellow Christian, it is time we either become true ambassadors for Jesus Christ and be His salt to America or be satisfied to fall under the Science of Judgment for our cowardliness, laziness, racism, and stupidity. Jesus' example of the virgins with no oil should be cause for all of us to be about our Father's business. If we refuse to be faithful, then truly we will become slaves to a beast government led by a monster in the disguise of a statesman. We have a responsibility to vote for only true conservatives and quit compromising with liberal republicans. How can good mix with evil? It is like trying to mix oil with water. The compromisers, like Judas and Korah, always fail and cause many others to fall along with them. Both liberal Democrats and liberal Republicans are serving Lucifer. It is time Christians quit supporting them! Next time, if we have true Christian conservatives like Alan Keyes or Chuck Baldwin running for public office, we need to vote for them and quit thinking they do not have a chance. If the Israelites thought that way, they would never have followed Moses, Joshua, David, or Gideon to victory. Let us vote for a true, conservative Christian and put our trust in Jesus...or not vote at all.

Kenya ~ Guyana

In 2008 Dr. Hansen traveled to Kenya three times working to bring peace to Kenya because of the 1992 prophecy he gave to President Moi, which is literally coming to pass. He was invited by both the President and Vice President to Kenya’s National Day of Prayer and to Nyayo Stadium. Over 1000 people died and many thousands were forced into displacement camps due to tribal fighting after the December 27, 2007, presidential elections. Over 800 churches were closed with 400 of them being burned to the ground; some with people in them. Not one single Muslim mosque was damaged. All this in fulfillment of the 1992 prophecy that warned: "If Christians, and especially the pastors of Kenya, do not repent of their hypocrisy and start to develop a relationship with God, then the Christians will lose their religious freedom. If you fail to hearken to this warning, there will be fighting, even family against family. There will be famine, you will be persecuted by another religious group, the nation will lose its religious freedom, and the nation will not be the same until Jesus returns!” The prophecy warned about a spirit of Islam sweeping the nation followed by riots.

Kenya is currently in a severe drought and famine with 1/3 of the population facing starvation. The tribal (racist) fighting with family against family (Luo tribe against Kikuyu tribe) literally came to pass as there was a conspiracy to wipe out the Kikuyu tribe. One of the presidential candidates, Raila Odinga from the Luo tribe, the same tribe as President Barrack Hussein Obama, had made a covenant with Islamic nations outside of Kenya that if he won he would help to usher in Sharia law which would have allowed the Muslims eventually to rule in Kenya. The sad thing about this situation is that Kenya is supposed to be 85% Christian, and a born-again man from a small tribe, Stephen Kalonzo, was running for president. If Christians had voted as Christians instead of racists, Kenya would never have gone into fighting and there would not be a threat of Kenya being ruled by Islam as there is now!

On page 7 you will see pictures of Dr. Hansen in Guyana, South America, speaking of a prophecy concerning Guyana and South and Central America, which is now also literally coming to pass! Check out web site for the prophecies concerning America, Kenya and Guyana.

World Ministries International
Reaches Out to Kenya

South C Dental Clinic ~ Nairobi

Bringing food for Displaced Pastors

Bishop John Kanyaley & Dr. Hansen

Mary O'Kello ~ McKini School

Speaks at funeral for
Hon. Zack Gakunju

A gift of love and caring.

Burned out vehicles as result
of chaos after Kenya's elections

Ministering to victims at
Displaced Persons Camp

Dr. Hansen with Teresia Wairimu
at Faith Evangelistic Ministries

Reaching Out to Leaders in Kenya

National Prayer Breakfast ~ V.P. & Mrs. Kalonzo
with Dr. Hansen and team member, Peggy Magnuson

Vice Pres. S. Kalonzo, President M. Kibaki,
Dr. Hansen Rtd. US Cong. Fauntroy,
Prime Minister R. Odinga

Dr. Hansen at Nairobi City Hall
arranged for 1000 Kenyan Pastors

Pres. Kibaki's Protocol Officer
w/Dr. Hansen at Nyayo Stadium

Bishop Arthur Kitonga, Dr. Hansen,
Former Mayor, Nathan Kahara

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PM Samuel Hinds & Dr. Hansen

Prime Minister with WMI Team

Georgetown Mayor H. Green

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Hindu Temple in Georgetown

Eating curried rice with
fingers from banana leaf

Ministering at Prophet Joel's
Anniversary Celebration

Apostle Claude Brooks & wife,
of Love & Faith World Outreach Ministries, Georgetown

Praying with Ps. Lucille King
in Linden, Guyana

Praying with Gen. Supt.
of Guyana A/G, John O. Smith

Apostle B. Ragnaught, Dr. Hansen
at Lifespring Ministries, Georgetown

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