Politicians are noted for being, as the American Indian would describe, "two faced", or speaking with a "forked tongue". Many politicians are perceived as liars like some used car salesmen. They say different things depending on the crowd listening to them. The same can be said of some pastors in America...and even around the world. People no longer know what their pastor truly believes, as he seems to speak according to the person or audience he is addressing. In other words, the pastor is afraid to speak the truth according to the Word of God or his personal convictions lest he offend people and they quit supporting him.

Many pastors are also afraid to speak the truth because they are afraid of criticism or persecution. This was brought to my attention by a leader visiting me from Africa. He said that pastors seem to be afraid to speak the truth on moral and controversial issues. We discussed the moral and ethical sins involved with abortion, homosexuality, lesbianism, same-sex marriage, etc. I complained to him that if the pastors were true watchmen, then America would never have elected Barak Obama. In my opinion, he is the worst president in the history of the United States of America in regards to godly values and beliefs. I shared with my guest that I felt African American Ambassador Alan Keys would have made a great president, as he is against these sins throughout society.

The prophet, Nehemiah, condemned the watchmen for allowing their enemies to infiltrate and take over Israel. He blasted the spiritual leaders of Israel for failing God and the people. The prophet, Elijah, complained to God regarding the spiritual leaders who had failed the nation, but God reminded him that there were still seven thousand who had not bowed their knee to evil. I certainly know and work with good pastors and politicians throughout the United States and the world who are involved in trying to represent Jesus Christ and keep Christian freedoms secure. These same leaders complain to me about the overwhelming failure of many of their colleagues who are afraid to speak the truth because they do not want to be criticized or persecuted. These cowardly business-minded pastors just want to be politically correct.

Dear saint, the battle lines are drawn. Dick Simmons, founder of the prayer group "Men for Nations", believes that America will either be healed or destroyed. I am attempting to help Dick raise up 500,000 men who will commit to pray between the hours of 5:00 AM and 7:00 AM each day on behalf of this nation. I am also trying to get two thousand people in every nation to pray for what God has asked me to do...to turn the nations back to Jesus Christ. I need intercessors! I need an intercessor leader! I need people who will commit to giving something every month to this ministry so that we can broadcast the warning message on radio and television. Please partner with me...time is running out!

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