We are in a battle in America between the faith, beliefs, and principles of our Founding Fathers and the faith, beliefs, and principles of the worst butchers in history, including Vladimir Lenin and Adolf Hitler.

George Washington said, “Reason and experience both have forbidden us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principles.”

John Quincy Adams proclaimed, “The glory of the Revolution was the bonding of government and Christianity.”

John Jay, the first Chief Justice and one of the three authors of the Constitution stated, “It is the duty of the nation to see that it has Christian leaders.”

Patrick Henry asserted, “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”

We all know that the faith of our Founding Fathers came from the Bible, which is why the Pilgrims/Puritans settled in America. They wanted freedom to worship God through Jesus Christ and to enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, which includes owning property. These are our inalienable rights as spelled out in the Declaration of Independence. These were the very reasons our fathers came to America and the very reason for the War of Independence. Americans did not want their God-given rights taken away from them as happened when they lived in a country where the King (tyrant) and government ruled over them as slaves of the State. They were told if, who, and how they could worship. They were told where they could live, work and serve the State. The State controlled the people who did not own their own land unless they were part of the Elite.

Karl Marx was born in Germany in 1818. His goal with George Hegel was to destroy Christianity because of the Christians' beliefs in their God-given inalienable rights. Karl Marx believed the complete opposite. Marx believed that the world must be managed by strong, governmental control so that people would not destroy the earth’s resources. He believed that individuals were not created equal but were inferior to one another, which gave justification for the Elitists to rule their inferior fellow human beings.

People like Karl Marx, George Hegel, Frederick Engel and Charles Darwin, who hated God and the individual rights given to believers by the Bible, wanted to replace that mentality with evolution and other theories such as the law of opposites, the law of negation, and the law of transformation, so that the masses could be controlled. This is what communism is all about; controlling people through government by taking away property. Throughout history the opportunity to own private property meant freedom. Men were considered freemen if they owned their own property, thus qualifying them to get married and vote. Committed Marxists want to take away your land, thus your freedoms, by removing the absolute truths taught in the Bible. This is why the Marxists hated Jesus Christ and the cross. Jesus gave us freedom when He died on the cross, giving us our inalienable rights so that we would not have to live under bondage.

Marx and Engels outlined their strategy for the overthrow of any Republic under God in “The Communist Manifesto”, which calls for the abolition of private property, thus eliminating individual freedom and rights in favor of serving the State. The Communist Manifesto was fabricated to destroy the ideals, values, beliefs and morality of God and to destroy the rights and freedoms of individuals in favor of the State and environment, thus sustaining population control by taking away the inalienable rights given to a person from God. This describes a Beast Government which one can read about in Revelation 13.

Karl Marx was the ultimate Green Agenda crusader. In his day they would use the term “nature” instead of “environment”, but Marx was the extreme environmentalist who wanted to prevent people from using nature to pursue happiness. He did not believe in God, but he believed people needed to be controlled by the Elite for the earth’s welfare. In contrast, America’s Founding Fathers knew that owning property meant liberty and freedom, allowing an individual to pursue happiness through their own hard work using the land, water, oil, coal, and water for profit, which is capitalism.

The philosophy of Marxism gave justification for the tyrants and dictators of the world to control and kill their own people so they could govern their own nations. When you take away the morality of the Bible, which is governed by absolute truth, and replace it with Marxist relativism, then people who are socialists, communists, fascists, agnostics, atheists, evolutionists, or humanists have no problem lying because everything is "relative" and "the end justifies the means" to control the ignorant masses who need to be ruled by the Elitists so they won’t destroy the environment.

The United States of America practiced capitalism because it was based on the values of the Scriptures which reward a person according to the law of “sowing and reaping”, thus using their “talents.” We find ourselves in a fight for the Republic of the United States of America. Do you want to live under God with inalienable rights to pursue life, liberty, and property, thus being happy and free? Or, do you want to allow the liberal political environmentalists to continue to lie about global warming and the rights of abortionists and homosexuals to turn America into a Marxist country where people are controlled and Christians are persecuted?

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