Do you realize World War III is about to happen? Do you realize that Americans are losing their freedoms and laws are being created to persecute fundamental Christians? My background is Law Enforcement. Besides working with ministers of the gospel, I work with politicians, attorneys and police officers. Dear fellow believers, America is under assault by a radical, evil, liberal political machine that is trying to eradicate America as formed by the constitution of the United States and move Americans into a New World Order! I need your help!  I need your support both in prayers and financial backing. Evil politicians are backing, supporting and creating sins of abomination such as abortion, homosexuality, lesbianism and same-sex marriage that bring God’s judgment on a nation. Help me sound the alarm. I have both radio and television programs called “Warning” that help expose these evil plans, laws and people as Luke 19:13, Matt. 28:19-20, and Matt. 5:13 command us to do!

Please partner with me. My television and radio programs are like none you have ever listened to or watched. They are as blunt, honest, and fearlessly informative as Glenn Beck was on television, only more so! At World Ministries International (WMI) we also feed, clothe, and educate the poor in countries throughout the world. But ladies and gentlemen, if we lose our freedom, none of our benevolence will matter.

Join with me as a television partner each month and you will receive a gift of four of my 30-minute television programs on DVD and one week of my radio messages on CD. As a radio partner each month, my gift to you will be a one-hour CD of one week of radio messages. Even a one-time gift would help, but please do something now while we still have the freedom to get this message out. Evil forces are trying to bankrupt the USA and then none of us will be able to help anybody. Please give while you still can. Help me protect America; help me protect Israel; help me protect you!

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