Jesus said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand...” This truth explains why America is losing its soul. It explains why the United States of America has lost the battle in most arenas of government, education, entertainment, media, art, business and religion. The Church is divided. The Christian community has lost its first love, the unadulterated truth of Jesus as the Messiah and the Bible as the authentic expression of God’s character, morality and will to mankind. This must be accepted as absolute truth to guide the nation’s laws, politics, television programs, school curriculum, etc. Instead, the majority of Christians either attend churches with a Marxist slant or they attend churches where their pastors have lost their first love and do not have the faith or strength to lead their congregations with absolute truth. These pastors now come promise their role as spiritual and moral leaders of America. Consequently, America continues to be led by people with an ideology in direct contradiction to the word of God. These spineless pastors do nothing but pray, as they cannot lead. Prayer by itself is a sin and a coward’s way of avoiding the responsibilities of fulfilling the Great Commission (Matt. 28:19-20). We are commanded to make disciples by speaking, preaching, teaching and correcting--not avoiding conflict and persecution.

Even though I am a strong advocate of being under authority, I think that some denominations can become led by doctrines of demons which change the Scriptures and become rebellious against the absolute truth found in the Bible. As I explained in my article, “Christianity and Capitalism vs. Marxism and the Green Agenda", we are in a war of trying to remain a Republic under God with inalienable rights for the individual to pursue life, liberty (property) and happiness. The alternative is a Marxist ideology that puts the State (Elite) in charge of the people (surfs) like that operating in communist countries where the people are controlled to supposedly preserve the environment by taking away people’s rights, liberty and property. In such, the Elite live as kings at the expense of the inferior surfs. In these countries, true born again believers are persecuted by other Christians who turn them in to the state, or who in turn, arrest them for not complying with the government (beast) laws. This is what the book of Revelation warns will happen to any nation where the church fails to be salt, leading that nation under Jesus (Matt 5:13).

The Communist organization known as the Federal Council of Churches is the forerunner of the National Council of Churches (NCC) with its Geneva parent organization, the World Council of Churches. The NCC leads dozens of Protestant, Orthodox and Anglican denominations, including the Presbyterian, Episcopalian, Evangelical Lutheran, United Methodist, and many others. There are many good Christians attending these churches; yet, it does explain why many of the pastors are so liberal, backing the United Nations anti-Judeo-Christian morality agenda of abortion, homosexuality, and all religions serving the same god. Since the NCC has a Marxist heritage, it explains why they have backed liberation theology, supporting communist guerrillas in overthrowing the governments of Mozambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and Angola. They are an ally of the Cuban government and other socialist and communistic regimes. In 1962 the Bible and prayer were taken out of public education, and television promoted an immoral Marxist form of entertainment. Please refer to my article, “The Christians' Great Commission”, which explains the responsibility of the pastors according to Romans 13 to hold civil governments responsible to a higher authority, not cooperating with governments that contradict the word of God. Today we have many pastors who are worthless pawns of a corrupt government, causing the people to back immorality instead of rising up against it to ensure freedom.

Originally this country had pastors who led the fight for freedom. The pastors were the politicians, and the educational institutions were backing absolute truths as taught in the Bible. People fled the Old World where they were controlled and persecuted for worshipping Jesus, and they came to this New World which became the United States of America, forming a nation where they could prosper under the laws of God. Again, pastors understood what made a nation prosper. They understood that the Bible gave individuals inalienable rights under God so they could own property and be free men. They formed the Constitution and the Bill of Rights which protect citizens from any other form of ideology which could be used to enslave people's freedom by taking away their liberty and property. When Britain tried taxation without representation and planned to force these freemen to come under the yoke of slavery, the pastors led the charge to be a Republic under God's government through the absolute truths taught in the Bible.

The following quote is taken from the May 2012 Tribulation Watch Newsletter: “At the beginning of the American Revolution, when Paul Revere set off on his famous ride, it was to the home of the Rev. Jonas Clark in Lexington...Patriot leaders John Hancock and Adams turned to Pastor Clark and inquired of him whether the people were ready to fight. Clark unhesitatingly replied, ‘I have trained them for this very hour!...and once the sound of the battle subsided, some eighteen Americans lay on Lexington Green; seven were dead -- all from Rev. Clark’s church. Headley therefore concluded, ‘The teachings of the pulpit of Lexington caused the first blow to be struck for American independence, and historian James Adams added that ‘the patriotic preaching of the Rev. Jonas Clark primed those guns.’ After leaving Lexington, the British crossed Concord Bridge and then headed back to Boston, encountering increasing American resistance on their return. Significantly, many who awaited the British along the road were local pastors, which became known as the Black Robed Regiment. Pastors such as Rev. Phillips Payson and Rev. Benjamin Balch, who had heard the unprovoked British attack on Americans, took up arms, and then rallied their congregations to meet the returning British. As word of the attack spread wider, pastors from other areas also responded. Weeks later when Americans fought the British at Bunker Hill, American ministers again delved headlong into the fray. For example, when the Rev. David Grosvenor heard that the battle had commenced, he left from his pulpit--rifle in hand-- and promptly marched to the scene of action, as did the Rev. Jonathan French. This pattern was common through the Revolution as when the Rev. Thomas Reed marched to the defense of Philadelphia against British General Howe; the Rev. John Steele led American forces in attacking the British; the Rev. Isaac Lewis helped lead the resistance to the British landing at Norwalk, Connecticut; the Rev. Joseph Willard raised two full companies and then marched with them to battle; the Rev. James Latta, when many of his parishioners were drafted, joined with them as a common soldier.”

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the pastors of America led freedom's charge. If the Republic is going to continue to be free, they must lead it again or the soul of America is lost and so is freedom! Pastor, are you going to be a godly leader to keep America leading the cause of freedom and liberty throughout the world, or are you going to be a redcoat and cooperate with Marxist ideological politicians who are working against the spirit and laws of God, and who are working to destroy the morality and freedoms of the Republic, ushering in persecution to loyal Christian patriots by changing America toward a socialistic, communistic, Marxist government?

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