Should Christians Participate in VALENTINES DAY?

In todays lukewarm church this article will be meaningless because nothing is sacred and compromise is the norm. Believers of yesteryear refused to participate in Valentine's Day, recognizing its pagan roots and its lustful spirit.

Valentine's Day customs were handed down from the Roman fertility festival of Lupercalia, where the names of women were put into a box and drawn out by men for the purpose of linking them together for sexual purposes. In Egyptian mythology, Lupercalia celebrated the god Pan. To the Romans, he was known as Lupercus and to the Semites, he was known as Baal.

Around 496 Pope Gelasius changed Lupercalia to St. Valentine's Day as the Catholic Church has consistently incorporated pagan holidays and rituals into the Catholic Church in order to, in their opinion, Christianize the heathens, which we recognize does not make a person a Christian.

It is an historical fact that the first pope, Constantine, was a sun-worshipper and not a true believer in Jesus Christ; also that there is no direct succession from Peter to any Pope. Once Christianity became the State religion in Rome, then true believers who were leaders of the church, were replaced by politicians who wanted to lead the church in order to gain wealth and power. These were evil churchmen who engaged in different types of sins such as adultery, fornication, pedophilia, homosexuality, murder and more. I have done five days of television on the sins of the Popes which I recommend you order.

Pan/Lupercus/Baal is the deified Nimrod of Genesis 10 who built the tower of Babel in rebellion against God and set up a false system of worship called Mystery Babylon, along with his mother/ wife, Semiramis. Now Pan (Nimrod) is called the god of shepherds who replaced the true Shepherd, Jesus Christ. Nimrod is the pagan man of honor of all holidays. On Valentine’s Day, Nimrod is honored as Cupid.

To summarize, this festival also honors Venus, the mother of Cupid. Venus is recognized as the goddess of sexual immorality. The name Cupid means “desire”, and Nimrod’s mother, Venus (Semiramis) lusted or desired after her son who became her husband, which is incest. That is why Venus is the goddess of immorality. This twisted sexuality is the object of Valentine’s Day which is the number one day of the year for fathering illegitimate babies (bastards).

Dear saint, this is not an innocent holiday that Christians should be allowing their children to participate in. Only the lukewarm church and ignorant believers like I used to be who were raised by good but misguided parents follow this custom. When I learned the truth I quit it because I wanted nothing to do with compromising my position on this most immoral and spiritually dangerous holiday for my children.

I want nothing to do with Mystery Babylon and following the traditions of the Vatican and the spirit of immorality which is associated with this pagan holiday which nobody can deny! The time for compromise and political correctness has to end. “Come out of her my people” says the Lord.

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