I hope all of my wonderful Soldiers of the Cross Intercessors are enjoying the leadership of Pastor Ron Marlow. He is helping me to get the 2,000 intercessors I need in every nation.

Truth takes away deception and prayer brings conviction. You have heard me say this many times. As I am declaring the word of God and attacking strongholds throughout the world, I am being attacked in return. I especially need 2,000 intercessors in America, since this is the nation from which I am sending my "Warning" television and radio programs. My family, including my daughter, my wife, and myself, have been attacked, as well as many on my staff. My wife has just gone through several months of chemotherapy and then a mastectomy. The doctors are saying now that "there is no trace of cancer". For that we praise the Lord for His grace and healing.

We need your prayer covering! The results of this last election demonstrate how important it is for me to be broadcasting on as many television and radio stations as possible. Only truth removes deception so that people can vote properly. It requires millions of dollars each month to do this type of battle.

It is true...I am under attack. I am willing to be attacked and persecuted for the glory of God, but I do need your prayers. Years ago the Lord told me to "speak the truth and My people will back you". He said to get 200,000 people in America who will give $25.00 a month or more as partners so we can do battle on national television, syndicated radio, etc., in order to combat the brainwashing of Americans from the lies of members of the media, as well as politicians who are committed to move America away from a Republic into the New World Order.

This is why I need you to willingly pledge $25.00 a month and then pray with sincerity, passion and urgency for 200,000 people who will also partner with me on that level, enabling us to fight this tremendous spiritual battle through to victory. You are not paying to be part of this intercessory ministry, but as part of leadership, you are joining with other members of WMI leadership who believe in the mission of WMI and will back it with their financial support. Twenty-five dollars is a very small amount. Whoever is called to help me, if they are truly burdened and committed, certainly should be willing to make this commitment so that we can all challenge and pray for others to do the same. Please ask the Holy Spirit if you should be one of my Soldiers of the Cross Intercessors.

Thank you for praying for me, my family and my staff, as I truly need you.

Dr. Jonathan Hansen

We need faithful prayer warriors to join ranks with us. (II Chronicles 7:14) We are not simply a church, but a 100% missions organization, depending solely on the grace of God through people like you to get this message to the world.

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