As I travel the nations, I find a common thread of failure that is unraveling the world. That thread is weak spiritual leadership. Scripture records Jesus asking the question, “Will I find faith?”, concerning the time of His second coming to earth.

Weak leadership is destroying families, businesses, churches, ministries and nations. Strength in leadership is only possible through the power of the Holy Spirit, which in turn is only possible if we determine to follow the Lord, making decisions in obedience to the Word of God. Living faith in leadership is demonstrated by the heroes of faith in the Bible: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Joshua, Gideon, Samuel, David, Elijah, Daniel, Queen Esther, John the Baptist, Peter, Paul and many others. They put their trust in God to the point of risking death, some of them becoming martyrs. They were willing to be rejected, persecuted and even to die in order to be found faithful.

Throughout the Bride of Christ today we find weak leadership. What qualifies a married couple to be an Ananias and Sapphira or an Ahab and Jezebel? In the case of an Ananias and Sapphira, one spouse covers up and goes along with the sin of the other, and consequently, they will both be judged by God. Prayers will not be answered in the home if sin abounds, as sin always stops the blessings of God. What makes an Ahab is a weak husband that will not discipline his wife where counseling or correction is needed. Instead, he enables her to continue in her sin by defending and protecting her and making excuses for her behavior. Protecting a wife is called for when a wife is unjustly attacked. When the criticism is justified, to defend instead of agree with the correction, enables the wife to continue in sin and the husband is acting as an Ahab. Again, the prayers of that couple are not effective and many are not answered with blessings and victory. If we want Great Faith...the kind that miracles are made of...we must deal with the sin in our homes, whether it is our attitudes, temper, bitterness or our tongues that spread evil reports! When husbands and wives are involved in the seven sins that God hates; backbiting, busybody, complainer, murmurer, slanderer, talebearer, gossip, or whisperer, then they undermine their own authority in the home. This causes their prayers to be unanswered and their children to lose respect and disobey them. They also talk together about them and against them. The spirit of rebellion against authority now prevails. This type of disunity cannot produce a Pentecost outpouring of blessings from our prayers. As the cliché states: “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

I minister to leadership both politically and spiritually, because leadership is primarily responsible for the blessings and prosperity of a nation or its deterioration and demise! I have written a book entitled, “The Science of Judgment”, which explains how God blesses and destroys nations according to His laws (values, morality). The book explains the rise and fall of nations since the beginning. It is a science provable by facts. Around the world people have migrated to America because it was a Christian nation blessed by God and His laws of sowing and reaping spiritually. These people had fled their nations because of drought, famine, civil war, religious persecution and so forth; the result of their serving false gods or ideologies. Today in America our leaders are taking God out of society, government, media, public schools and universities, movies and allowing other religions to have influence. As a result, our nation is being destroyed from within.

Often I hear naïve Christians trying to portray a Jesus in their own image instead of recognizing the reality of who Jesus truly is. People are constantly saying, “That is not my Jesus”, when they don’t like issues dealing with their particular fetish. The fact is that there is only one Jesus, and you cannot make Him fit into your value system. He is not your Jesus, He is the only Jesus, with values established before the foundations of the world. Jesus is the Lamb, yet He is also the Judge. He is the kind, gentle, meek and mild God; yet He is also the avenger and the righteously angry God that drove hypocrites out of the temple and chastised His own disciples on their little faith. Jesus even asked them if they would follow the crowd and leave Him as well. He was challenging, instructing, and correcting the crowd; not just feeding them and doing miracles. Jesus was the ultimate activist in changing morality and society’s culture when it conflicted with the morality, values and culture of the Kingdom of God.

Sometimes I wonder what Bible some people are reading. They are like cherry pickers who pick out only the verses they like and ignore and/or disclaim the others. I believe we are living in the generation Jesus was referring to when He asked, “Will I find faith when I return?” Many spiritual leaders (pastors etc.) are changing the words of God and actually the morality of God with their interpretation of trying to be politically correct and consumer friendly to please their neighbors and fill up their churches. Society wants a consumer friendly, sinless, politically correct message. Weak, spiritually gutless ministers are following their wishes, like many did in Germany when Hitler gave his address regarding the new Germany’s values. Jesus loved the sinners, yet continued to speak against their sins. Sin stops people from obtaining eternal life and stops their prayers for prosperity and healing on earth from taking place.

All through the world today, there is weak leadership behind the pulpit, trying to sanitize the gospel. Pastors are following a church growth strategy that takes sin out of the message and true worship out of the church. The strategy includes never mentioning sin and never confronting people in sin or holding them accountable for their sin. They act like the Holy Spirit is the one who should take over the believer’s job to do the great commission and the Christian is only to love on them with sloppy agape. They criticize Christians who hold up signs in front of an abortion clinic or try to stop same-sex marriage from becoming a law in their state or nation. They say people already know this is wrong, so we don’t have to tell them.

Dear saint, I totally disagree with the methodology and statements I just mentioned. In our schools, from kindergarten through the universities, alternate lifestyles such as homosexuality, lesbianism, same-sex marriage, transsexualism, pornography, abortion, tattoos, and more are being taught as perfectly normal and acceptable. The majority of Americans today are pagan and do not know right from wrong, totally unaware of the Bible’s definition of morality and sin. The Bible teaches that faith comes by hearing the Word of God being taught and preached, including naming God’s definitions of sin. We are not to share our beliefs only when asked to do so. Certainly, the timing of God is everything in any situation; however, there is also a time to speak clearly and name sin, both publicly and privately.

I listened to a Christian teacher state that 91% of people think that Christians are anti-homosexual, and he was inferring that Christians harp on this issue. Again, I disagree. Most Christians do not have that level of faith or the spiritual fortitude to call sin by its name in private or in public. They do nothing, while the atheist and amoral members of society aggressively attack the righteous and change the laws. They are as guilty as the politically correct Lot who lived in his community and said nothing. Judgment fell on that community, including on Lot’s own household. Lot was a good consumer-friendly person who did not have the faith to represent God as an ambassador for the Kingdom. Instead he allowed the Science of Judgment to fall on his neighbors, friends, family and community. Lot fell into the trap of today’s modern methodology preachers who want to fill up their churches by watering down the gospel and not mentioning or confronting sin.

One of the worst forms of weak leadership is the pastoral staff being disloyal to their Senior Pastor by talking negatively about his decisions and leadership behind his back. I am on several apostolic and educational boards. If I have a concern, I talk to the set man alone, or at the board meetings. After the decision is made by the set man, I totally back his decision and follow it without criticism to anyone, including my wife. Why should I complain to anyone? It would only be because of my pride, which would cause me to complain to others so I look good, but I am actually dividing the brethren. Nobody needs a Miriam, Aaron, Korah, Absalom or Judas working with them. There is no greater disappointment and pain than having someone you trust, someone you meet with daily and confide in, go behind your back complaining about your decisions or any other faults they think they see. I reiterate, “they think”, which might be what they don’t understand themselves because of their level of carnality or lack of knowledge and wisdom. This type of person, whether they are an assistant pastor, department head, or personal intercessor, causes disunity which stops the vision from coming to pass, such as what happened to Moses.

Ask yourself, “Are you a “toothless eunuch? Are you a steer instead of a bull? Can you effectively fight the enemies of Jesus Christ and produce other spiritual men and women of great faith?” God has given the set man the vision for the ministry or church if it is set up in apostolic alignment. The staff’s responsibility is to help that vision from God come to pass. They can talk to the set man about their concerns or ideas, but once the decision is made, they are committing sin if they discuss it in a negative way with anybody. They need to back it, realizing that God has chosen that leader, and unless there is sin involved, they need to shut up and simply follow it with all their heart. If they cannot do that, then they need to leave because they are too immature with too much pride to serve on that team. They must not become guilty of dividing the brethren because of their sinful pride.
Let us be: l) Steady as the Rock. 2) Anointed and Powerful as the Apostles. 3) Dedicated and committed as the Prophets. 4)Determined never to compromise as the martyrs.

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