On April 23, 2015, I suffered a pancreatitis attack. Upon arrival at the hospital, they treated me first for a heart attack, but after the EKG came back normal they finally - after further tests - realized I had pancreatitis. They informed me that the disease pancreatitis is very serious and sometimes fatal. They also said the x-rays showed I had a cyst in my kidney and nodules in my lung and a large fatty liver.

After six days, I had been able to keep some food down and was released as an outpatient to continue my treatment. This by itself was an answer to prayer as people are usually in the hospital 15 to 30 days with pancreatitis. Over the next four weeks I met with different doctors. On May 6, 2015 I saw an urologist about the cyst on my kidney. More X-rays were done that very day for my lung which had nodules on it and for my kidney, as the urologist said the cyst in my kidney appeared to be cancerous. I also saw an upper GI doctor for my liver and pancreas. I told my daughters and son-in-laws that I had peace with God and accepted his sovereignty. I told them that it would be better for me to be with the Lord but that it would be a pleasure to continue to extend the kingdom of God on earth and that I believe in God's power and ability and thought it was His will to heal me for his continued service in extending the Kingdom of God.

I typed 15 pages of Scripture on the promises of God and healing. I've been claiming them every day, praying over my organs as I walked, inhaling the word of God during the day and at night in my bed. I allowed the Holy Spirit to search my heart for any sins of unforgiveness etc., including my lack of self-control in Biblical eating and confessed and asked God to forgive me. After being filled with the word and spirit day and night, faith arose and I quit taking my Nexium pills for acid reflux that I had been taking for ten years. I also quit taking my 3 different high blood pressure medications cold turkey, without consulting the doctors. Three weeks later I told my doctor who said you cannot do that and I told him I did without any heartburn. My associate gave me some materials about a Christian Herbalist but I told him I don’t even want to look at them because I am believing I am healed. I told my wife I don’t want to have the doctors operate etc., I don’t want to go to the herbalist now or a naturopath, even though I am not against them, but in the Bible Jesus did not tell them to go to these people, he just healed them. I told God I want You to heal me. I do not want to tell people I went to these other people and give them the credit, but that You and You alone healed me!!

I went in to see my urologist after the third test, the first two showing what he thought was cancer in the cyst, in my kidney and nodules in my lung. He took about ten minutes reading the x-rays looking confused. He studied them in front of my wife and me and finally said, "I cannot find any nodules in this third CAT scan and I find no cancer in your cyst in the kidney. The nodules in this final x-ray have just disappeared." Exactly how we prayed. Even the lungs, they cannot find what they originally thought and said was there. Praise the Lord! They said I need no treatment. They want to see me again in six months to make sure. I love you all. God is sooo good.

I told several doctors after the first two x-rays were bad, that I believe in God and healing. This time when he told me there is no cancer, I jumped up, thrust my fist in the air, said praise God and ran and hugged him. Jeannie said his eyes got great big, he was so surprised. On May 28, 2015 after blood tests, I saw my primary care doctor who said my blood labs were excellent. My triglycerides had dropped from 229 to 79 with all the blood tests showing great readings. My doctor was so amazed and happy and said he is not worried about my liver, God had healed it too. Finally, on June 16, 2015 I saw my gastroenterologist again and this time he said my pancreas was healed and I do not have to go see him again. Now I have lost 42 pounds and I plan to lose another 15 pounds to be at the weight I was when I was married. Yes, Jesus healed all my diseases as I repented of my sins of unbiblical eating etc., and put my whole trust in Him. PTL! I want to thank all of you throughout the world and those in the CLEN, ACTS and ICAL families for your prayers. I want to especially thank Dr. Ron Cottle and Apostle John Kelly for walking through this with me, Dr. Nickels who prayed with me and my spiritual sons and daughters. Now two of my four doctors who treated me want to go on a mission trip with me, one of them is a Sikh. We serve a mighty, mighty God!

Jonathan Hansen

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