Seoul, Korea October 2016

October 7 - Arriving and being greeted in South Korea for The 6th World Holy Spirit Conference.


October 8 - Prayer Mountain Korea, visiting Yoido Full Gospel Church of 800,000 and the powerful SaRang Church.


Yoido Full Gospel Church

SaRang Church

October 9 - Incheon Jung Bu Methodist Church, South Korea.


October 10 - Morning worship session.


October 10 - Dr Hansen - opening speaker at the Conference.


October 10 - Morning altar call and ministry time.


October 10 - Afternoon and evening sessions.


October 11 - Morning session.


October 11 - Afternoon session.


October 11 - Evening session.


October 12 - Last day of Conference Morning and afternoon worship, speakers and altar time.


October 12 - Last day of Conference; closing worship and altar time.


October 12 - Dr Hansen - closing speaker at the Conference.


October 13 - Free day with some of the speakers of the World Holy Spirit Conference.


2016 was the third year in a row that I have had the privilege of speaking at the World Holy Spirit Conference in South Korea. It was my honor to be the opening and closing speaker for this great conference. I spoke on “The Person of The Holy Spirit Healing Nations” and “The Holy Spirit in Korea Saving Nations”. I also gave a prophetic proclamation that it was the church in Korea responsible for uniting North and South Korea.

I also had the pleasure of choosing several speakers and I had Dr. EJ Buckardt and Dr. Mike Hyodo join me. Also part of my WMI team/sons was Eric Hurd.

Dear partners, those who read this newsletter, we are in troubling times. The forces of evil under the influence of demons are trying desperately to form a New World Order. They are trying to topple the Presidency of Donald Trump because he actually believes in the sovereignty of America and people loyal to global government from both the Republican and Democratic parties that are fighting him. World War III is on the horizon. Please support me financially as I continue with all my energies to sound the alarm. We are in serious need of your support as we are suffering financially and cannot continue to fight this spiritual battle to keep the church free in America and around the world without your help. Please help me continue to prepare the church for these end times and the return of Jesus Christ.

Thank you, Dr. Jonathan Hansen

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