Do you understand God’s laws which when continually violated demand judgment? The United States of America is in a fight for its soul. We are in a fight for the survival of our nation as a republic. Dangerous and sinister forces, both human and demonic, are working to topple the nation. It will require an army of passionate believers in America to stop the escalating judgment and destruction from ushering our nation into the New World Order. Look closely at the following chapter titles and you will get a good idea what my book, “The Science of Judgment” explains. 

1. The Laws Regarding Prophecy and Judgment
2. Patterns of Apostasy
3. Purpose of Chastisement
4. Standards for Justice and Mercy
5. God Forgives When People Repent
6. God Holds Nations Responsible for What Leaders Do
7. Parental Responsibility
8. The Feasts of the Lord
9. Solomon’s Transgressions and Their Consequences
10. Righteous Kings versus Evil Kings
11. Example of King Jehoshaphat
12. Ungodly Alliances
13. God is Predictable
14. God Holds People Accountable
15. Man Can Turn Into an Intelligent Beast to Do Evil
16. Problems with the Theory of Evolution
17. Evolution and Racism
18. Darwin’s Hatred of Christianity and Its Fruit
19. The Fall of America and Her Destruction
20. Cult Christianity
21. Radical Liberal Politics
22. People Choose Their Nation’s Leaders
23. Qualifications for Godly Leadership
24. Romans 13 Delegated Authority
25. Satan is in Charge of This World, Not Jesus
26. If Laws Violate Conscience, We Must Disobey
27. We Are in a Cultural War
28. Our Responsibility to a Hostile Government
29. The Christians’ Science of Judgment

We are literally living in the generation described in Isaiah 5:20. What is right is now classified as wrong and what was always evil is now accepted. What insanity it is that a person can be arrested for spanking their children or chaining up their dog, but mothers are celebrated for killing (aborting) their babies. In public schools and at home, many adults are teaching alternate lifestyles to their children and students such as homosexuality, pedophilia, lesbianism, transsexual behaviors, fornication and adultery. The list of sins is endless. America is actively pushing their immoral culture around the world through television, movies, education, news and political pressure to name a few. 

On page 7 of the January 2019 Whistleblower magazine it states, “Today’s Democratic Party, pushed radically leftward by President Barrack Obama, has become almost indistinguishable from the Communist Party USA...Today, the CPUSA no longer fields its own presidential candidates, but rather, urges voters to support Democrats, having enthusiastically endorsed John Kerry, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. If you think this comparison of the Democratic Party with the Communist Party is hyperbolic, I suggest you stop reading right now and pull up the CPUSA’s website at CPUSA. org...Try to discern any major differences between the Communist Party’s concerns, sensibilities and solutions-on issues from gay rights to unfettered immigration to renewable energy to wealth redistribution to condemning cops as racist to universal healthcare and those of today’s Democratic Party.” 

God raised America up according to the laws of “sowing and reaping” described in my book, “The Science of Judgment”. America became the greatest nation on earth equivalent to an empire. 

In the February 2019 issue on page 10 of the Philadelphia Trumpet, we learn that the United States of America has “more bases in foreign lands than any other people, nation or empire in history. According to David Vine of American University, the US maintains roughly 800 military installations in 80 foreign countries. American troops in Europe hold back an expansionist Russia. Troops in Asia keep China from dominating the Pacific Ocean. Troops in the Middle East contain Iran and ensure the free flow of oil and troops stationed on ships throughout the world, guard vital trade routes like the Strait of Malacca, the Strait of Hormuz, the Bab el-Man-deb, Gibraltar, the Turkish Straits, the Suez Canal and the Panama Canal.” 

I am warning you that America is being judged and without a revival, led by Christians, America will become a second rate nation, reduced from our former super power strength. America’s national debt has risen to over $21 trillion and I warn that America will be closing down overseas bases, bringing troops home, exposing our vital interests and leaving our resources vulnerable to our enemies. 

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Jonathan Hansen

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