On 6/18/2003 at 1316hrs., Rev. Hansen received this prophecy:

"Haiti: a land drenched in the blood of goats, and sheep, and chickens, and pigs. Yes, the blood offered to please the gods of hell will not save you for what is coming upon your land. Only my precious blood from my Son Jesus can protect you from the wrath coming in the future.

Yes, blood is coming and only my blood can spare your soul from the justice that is coming against the gods of hell. You worship other gods and spirits, but 'I AM that I AM Jesus Christ' is returning to judge the nations and returning to judge Haiti.

Yes, your leadership, whose bodies have been baptized in the blood of animals (pigs and goats etc.), will not help you now. The gods and spirits from other lands far away across the oceans will not help you now, for I am coming back to judge all. Thus saith the Word and the Spirit of the only God that lives, Jesus Christ."

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