DREAM - The Bear - Deer and Sheriff

On June 29, 2020, I woke up from a dream at 2:30 am, went back to sleep and continued with the dream and woke up again at 5:08 am.  I was in a building project but didn't want sidewalks, as this project appeared to be on my private property, not in the city.  I was verbalizing that intent publicly, yet I was wanting to keep this project sort of quiet for now.

The sheriff position was up for election but I hesitated to run for the office because of the scrutiny that accompanied running for that public position.  I was concerned over private affairs becoming public such as health insurance and finances etc.  I found myself out of nowhere, shooting a bear in the woods, possibly in my 2 acre prayer walk area or it could have been in the national forest and wilderness.  I was now going to have to clean/dress the bear but the next thing I knew, it was the next day and I still had not cleaned and dressed the bear.  I then remembered that I had failed the day before to take care of the bear so the meat would be preserved to eat.  I went quickly to where I had shot and left the bear to take care of it because I knew the stomach would bloat and spoil the meat if I waited too long with the temperature climbing higher.  I knew we needed additional meat to eat but could not hunt deer as I was busy cleaning the dead bear.  All of a sudden I looked up and saw through the branches of a tall pine or fir tree what looked like a deer.  My partner said, "look it's a doe, we can't shoot her because we don't have a doe tag."  As I looked hard at the deer, I thought I saw a saddle on it as if it was a horse, but then I saw antlers and knew it was a male deer which we could shoot.  I said to my companion, "it's a buck and I shot it."  I yelled at my partner to come and help me drag the deer back to where we were cleaning the bear so both could be cleaned and we would have food to eat.

The next thing I knew I was back at the building project on what appeared to be my property and a man yelled "there will be no sidewalks put in here".  I then announced loudly the same announcement that there will be no sidewalks put in here and woke up.

I believe God is going to ask me and others to be willing to be in leadership positions no matter how much public attention and scrutiny we come under.  That the building project is building and extending the kingdom of God.  Much of the building and preparing will be done out of the public eye but there will come a time when secrecy will no long be possible.  As David killed lions and  bears and Sampson ate the honey out of the lion he had killed, so we shall defeat many deadly enemies spiritually and humanly and inherit their strength (influence), possessions and inheritance.  Even though tough times are coming, God will bring us the victory like He brought the deer right to where I was working on cleaning the bear and now I had additional resources that I did not have to spend time and energy looking for.  He even brought me food right to where I was already working, meaning the battle I was already in and fighting.  We are going to have to be very careful as my friend first thought the deer was a doe and I thought I saw a saddle on it as if it was a horse.  Only after very careful observation did I realize it was really an edible buck.  If we are not careful in these dangerous times, we are going to make mistakes and not obtain all the victories that we could have because we did not have spiritual eyes to see the real enemy or real people that God wants us to minister to and disciple.  We could have many more victories if we had sought after, developed and relied on the gifts of the Holy Spirit like discernment, before making some decisions.  Yes, as I yelled for help to drag the deer back to where the bear was being cleaned; so we will have to recruit help, train and disciple them to be in the battle alongside of us to bring expansion for the many battles and victories that we are in and await us.  The bear is also an unclean animal, so God is saying we don't have to compromise in these days because He will sustain us through all trials and battles and give us victory after victory.

When the man finally yelled there would be no sidewalks on my building project, I knew that the time had come for me to also make it clearly understood, with no more subtlety or secrecy, but now loudly proclaim myself that there would be no sidewalks built on the project or on my property.  There is coming a time that we all will take a stand clearly for right and wrong openly, proudly and confidently with conviction that we cannot go along with any compromise or sin no matter what societies reactions will be!

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