Two steps back. Surprised? Just like I said, their plan for control is moving ahead, and just like mice being conditioned, most people are looking for the fictitious cheese. Keep believing it all, like good little scared puppets. Just remember, when your freedoms are gone, you won't be able to lay it on Trump, the Republican party, or anyone but yourselves. While you believe a mask will save you, I will continue to believe in the only real protection, the Holy Spirit. While you allow fear and hatred to keep you in line on the escalator to bondage, I will believe what God says..."Fear not, for I am with you, even into the end." They are just conditioning you lowering your resistance as they take away more and more of your constitutional rights to buy and sell until you are willing to take the Mark of the Beast. You say I will never do that. Sure most of you will. You don't have the spiritual strength even now to push back against these unconstitutional dictates from democratic Marxist polices.