On November 9, 2016 I wrote the following.

America got a reprieve since enough fundamental born again Christian's helped to elect President Donald Trump. Now we need to pray that he behaves like a Jehu, Cyrus and Hezekiah to turn to God and backs the values and morality of God/Jesus Christ and changes the immoral laws of abortion and brings traditional marriage between a man and a woman back to the states. May their be Jeremiah's and Nehemiah's and Joseph's in his life to turn The United States of America back to God to stop persecution and avoid further the judgment!! May he stop our enemies from entering the United States of America as well as stopping other countries that are in the process of obtaining nuclear weapons. May he fundamentally work toward changing the philosophy of the United Nations with its socialistic/communistic Philosophy and anti-Judeo Christian values and beliefs or take us out of the United Nations which is an agency working toward creating a new world order a one world government that would persecute Christians.