Dr. Mike Hyodo heads up World Ministries’ arm of outreach to the world. Dr. Mike is a dentist practicing in Bellevue, Washington. His love for the Lord constrains him to reach out to people across the world, making dental care available to people who cannot afford this care. Through the leading of the Holy Spirit, Dr. Mike procures dental equipment from wherever it becomes available...in other words, the Lord fills his basket and Dr. Mike is out distributing the treasures from that basket. We would like to share with you in this newsletter some of the stories being written by God’s grace and mercy to His people.

Botosani, Romania

Rev. Hansen was speaking in Romania on “The Future of Europe”. The Lord opened the way for the message to go out to  2,500 churches.

The team had the opportunity to visit some of the very poor people in the villages and take them gifts to meet their daily needs.

Dr. Mike taking pictures of the children in an orphanage in Botosani, Romania. In July of 2000 the WMI team spent three weeks ministering in Botosani. During this time, Dr. Mike was working toward completion of a new dental clinic to serve these children and others in that needy city. With Dr. Mike and the children are Rev. Hansen’s daughters...Melita (bottom left) and the twins, Talitha and Kareen (standing).

Dr. Mike with the Hansen family and
Karen & EJ Buckardt. Mrs. Hansen is on the right.

Rev. Hansen with Reuben, a young boy with a withered leg due to an accident several years prior to this visit. Hansen prayed that muscle and flesh would be added to the leg bone. He told Reuben that the next time he saw him he would run and play football with him. The very next day Reuben came running up to the car and jumped into Hansen’s arms ...fully healed.

Here WMI donates a refrigerator to
the children’s hospital in Botosani.

Karen & EJ Buckardt attempting
to bring order out of chaos.


Jamaica, West Indies
November, 2001

From November 2nd through 19th, 2001, Prophet Hansen ministered in Jamaica at several churches. One of these churches was Light House Assembly, pastored by R. J. Edwards and located in Spanishtown near Kingston. Dr. Mike Hyodo attended these meetings to assist in the area of intercession. Pastor Edwards and Dr. Mike are now discussing the possibility of putting a dental clinic in the church.

Prophet Hansen with Pastor Edwards

This is a part of Pastor Edwards’ church facility that is
intended to be used to build a dental clinic for the area.

Pastor Edwards’ church, Light House Assembly,
where revival meetings were held nightly.

Doctors, Dr. Mike, Rev. Hansen

Dr. Mike and Rev. Hansen (above) met with two doctors at a local hospital (below) where they discussed the possibility of sending dental equipment to this area. The need is so great, both spiritually and physically, here in Jamaica.

San Salvador, El Salvador
January, 2002

This time Dr. Mike takes off for the sunny south with
his beautiful wife, Trisha, for a one week trip to...

San Salvador

The team from left to right: Our local dentist, Sarah Velasquez Lopez, Dr. Mike and wife Trisha, our driver Carolina Rivera, and our talented interpreter, Santiago Zetino. The entire week was spent with Sarah, Carolina, and Santiago, who helped us at every turn.

Arriving in San Salvador, Dr. Mike and Trisha went directly to a church meeting where they spoke briefly about how God is judging El Salvador with the large earthquake this year, as well as America with the terrorist attack on 9/11/01. The next evening they went to Sarah’s church, Iglesia Del Camino Church where they met the pastor general, Carlos Navas, who invited them to visit his television station. The next day they enjoyed a tour of Channel 27, a Christian TV station. Pastor Navas is interested in getting Apostle/Prophet Hansen on this station, possibly coordinated with a visit to Honduras in September of this year.

The testimony about our local dentist, Sarah Lopez, is really a blessing. Ten years ago while still working as a nurse, Sarah received a prophecy that she would be running a dental clinic serving ministers and the poor. She subsequently completed dental school, but found that establishing a dental clinic was financially an impossibility. There were no associate jobs available, so she came to America to earn money to start a clinic. Since she did not know English, after several months she had no money. Her pastor here in Seattle called World Concern and they contacted me (Dr. Mike). We met and Sarah shared her story with me. We prayed and asked God to build her clinic. Weeks later a dentist whom I had never met called me to donate dental equipment. Months later, a missionary from Honduras was sending a container from Seattle to Honduras and allowed us to put the equipment on that shipment. God supplied everything. It didn’t cost us a penny!

When Sarah shared her testimony at church,, Dr. Fernando Mencia was visiting and decided to allow her to build the clinic at his facility at a reduced rate that allowed her to get started.

Dr. Mencia, Dr. Sarah, Dr. Mike

Sarah introduced Dr. Mike to Dr. Mencia, and when he heard that Dr. Mike was in Rotary, he insisted that he meet his friend, Dr. Valle, who was president of the San Salvador Rotary. We appreciate our new friends in El Salvador.

Dr. Valle, Dr. Mike, Dr. Mencia 



The Hansens in Nairobi, Kenya, where they have brought clothing, medical, food and other supplies many times to meet the needs of the poor in that area. Rev. Hansen ministers apostolically in Kenya. Pictured here are Pastor Adipo, the Hansen twins Talitha & Kareen , and Mrs. Hansen in the slums of Nairobi.

Many people are being fed.


May, 2002

The Lord opened many doors to bring the message of His grace and care to several locations in Russia, resulting in many souls being brought to the kingdom of God. Dr. Mike and his team brought the blessing of good dental care, along with their testimony of God’s goodness to many of the citizens of Perm, Russia.

Dr. Mike rejoices with a Russian general
who gave his heart to Jesus.

Here many are receiving dental care
from teams of dentists and hygienists.

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