In the liberal political environment today, anyone who disagrees with the liberal opinion is subjected to name calling. They try to discredit the person's opinion and their character. They classify the person as either a conservative, a hate monger, a racist, an Uncle Tom, a religious fanatic, or a combination of these adjectives. The truth and merit of the point, subject, or issue being raised is not important to them because it challenges their belief system, which a degenerate or carnally-minded man cannot tolerate.

I am not a racist. I pity a racist. I am a Christian who believes the gospel of Jesus Christ commands all nationalities, tribes and ethnic groups to be brothers. There is no superiority in the family of God. The Christian should not vote black, brown, or white, but should vote Christian first. I know that racism is present in both white and black churches. Racism is not in every church, but it certainly is a major problem in many churches, which has made it a major problem in America. If the church had overcome racism, then the church would be united and we could have overcome one of the biggest causes of racism in America...evolution. The theory of evolution, I believe, is a demon-inspired doctrine and religion because it rejects God. Evolutionists have even fabricated ideas to make their case more acceptable. Evolution can never meet the criteria of science mathematically; yet, atheists teach it in our public schools as a fact. The fruit of evolution has produced abortion, homosexuality, and every ideology and philosophy contrary to Judeo-Christian values.

In the Hansen family, I have a black daughter. I do not like to use the term "African American" because we are all Americans. We should stop labeling people as this can be another form of racism and can actually cause racism. I have a Chinese aunt, a Malaysian cousin, and an Italian son-in-law. I have black friends and colleagues that I work closely with, and I have Africans on my staff. I have been the senior pastor of a black church, an assistant pastor of a Singaporean Church comprised of Chinese, Malaysians, and Far East Indians, and I have been the interim senior pastor of three Malaysian Churches. Speaking the truth on a subject does not make a person a racist.

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a Christian first and a black person second. He would never have voted for a racist whether the person was black, white or brown. His message, "I Have A Dream", was based on the truth of the word of God. He decided who to vote for based on their character, not their skin color. Today there are many racists who use Dr. King's name and prestige to promote their own agendas.

Rev. Dr. M. L. Johnson, a black scholar and senior pastor, wrote a book titled, “Overcoming Racism through the Gospel.” In this excellent book he states dogmatically that we, the church, must be united and vote Christian...not white, black or any other color. He states that if a person votes strictly according to their color of skin, that person is a racist. We must not vote according to political affiliation, but according to the candidate's values and character in agreement with scripture.

On pages 190 and 191 of his book, Dr. Johnson wrote concerning evolution: “For black an acknowledgment of their own genetic inferiority! There is no common ground. If we accept evolution, we reject God.” Dr. Johnson made this statement because Charles Darwin was a racist who taught that evolution proved scientifically that the black man was inferior to the white man and thus gave justification for slavery. Dr. Johnson continues, “Some may believe that the traditional black leadership, especially those who were educators, may have thought that they were wise enough to steer around the issue without ever addressing it and exposing it for what it actually was—a statement confining blacks specifically as being a race barely above the simian (ape) family—more animal than human!...Even blacks who are in power today, particularly those of the liberal slant, seem to have little or no concern for the psychological mangling of their own black brothers and sisters in the public school systems. We rally and launch various protests and boycotts at the mentioning of an ethnic slur, but warmly embrace a system which declares us to be subhuman!...Evolution psychologically exerts a doctrine of racial superiority in whites while simultaneously posing feelings of racial inferiority among blacks.”

If Alan Keyes, a black American politician who ran for president had been on the Republican or Democratic ticket, I would have voted for him because of his Christian character, values and beliefs. It is biblically correct to vote Christian and not along racial lines. This is the only way to take back America from the devourer and allow God to bless and protect this country. Evolution and racism produced Adolph Hitler, as he was a strong backer of evolution and, thus, had no problems exterminating Jews and blacks. God help us all if the Church refuses to become united and fight hypocrisy, racism, and false doctrine, such as evolution. The agnostics and atheists who have rejected Jesus Christ will persecute born-again believers as they change the laws to support sodomy while they push their own liberal agenda through the public school system. They want an anti-Christ culture, putting in place civil and criminal penalties against those with Judeo-Christian convictions who speak out against these abominations, such as the sin of homosexuality.

Church, let us unite and eradicate racism in America!

Dr. Jonathan Hansen

© 2008 World Ministries International