When the inherent ingredients that make a nation prosper are removed, that nation falls apart. For example, a State Fair prize winning apple pie will lose its delicious taste and become totally worthless if you don’t follow the recipe, replacing the correct type of apples, sugar, flour and cinnamon with substitutes. As a nation removes Jesus and His values and replaces them with immorality, idolatry, killing the innocent and dividing the land of Israel, that nation will deteriorate from the prize of the earth to a third world country.

The blessings of America, which caused the people of the world to envy her and attracted people from other countries to migrate here, were blessings bestowed upon the United States because it had the right amounts of Christian values, behaviors, morality and ethics to make it prosper.

Prior to 1962, America unapologetically considered herself a Christian nation. Even though there have always been those living in America who rejected Jesus Christ as Savior and lived an ungodly life as well as those who were trying to change the intent of the founding fathers’ meaning of the Constitution, we as a nation were innocent. Each day in the public schools every student proudly recited the Pledge of Allegiance with the words “under God" proudly and loudly spoken. Teachers opened the day with prayer and the Bible was read. If a student disobeyed in school, not only did they get a spanking by the teacher or principal, but when they got home the parents would give them another spanking. Schools were safe, and the Christian morality taught at home and in the churches was reinforced in public school.

Television programs and movies also reinforced morality and good behavior. I remember programs like "The Lone Ranger", "Roy Rodgers", "Leave it to Beaver" and "Father Knows Best". These were good morality and character-developing tools that helped parents reinforce what was being taught at Church; thus keeping the fabric of the nation strong, healthy, and prosperous. Crime was low and the problems of teenage alcoholism and drug addiction were nearly non-existent in comparison to today.

Abortion was still a crime classified as "killing a baby", and homosexuality was known as a "psychosexual disorder". Both abortion and homosexuality were held by society as crimes and sin. A family was considered to be composed of a mother and father with children; divorce was rare. Society knew the difference between right and wrong. Boys didn't dress like girls, and more girls were virgins than otherwise.

In 1962 the Supreme Court instigated the removal of prayer from the public schools within the first year and the removal of Bible reading the following year. The ingredients that had produced a prize-winning apple pie were taken away and the pie became just another pie. So it is with America becoming just another pathetic nation, resembling those from which people had migrated. Instead of true American heroes like Abraham Lincoln or Roy Rogers, the children of America have become as degenerate as their rock and roll, long haired, psychedelic, drug popping, sexually fornicating stars that they worship.

Our country has been under assault by radical liberal politicians who continue to try to outlaw everything that is holy and characteristic of our Judeo-Christian heritage. By removing these Judeo-Christian ingredients which had made America the greatest nation on earth, they are now making our country as pagan as the nations from which so many people fled.

Today, thanks to our politicians and a Church which has failed the Great Commission, we have a nation filled with the same immorality that brought judgment on Sodom and Gomorrah. Boys look like girls and both sexes are sporting spiked, colored hair, earrings, nose rings and belly-button rings. Angry homosexuals, lesbians, cults, witches, feminists, and radical revolutionary movements are all demanding their rights and blaming society’s woes on Christians. We now have Marxism and Shariah Islam trying to take over America, and our president, Barak Obama, as a matter of fact, was a Muslim youth!

God help us all!

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