The saga of Joe Paterno, football coach for Penn State University, is indeed a sad story. Coach Paterno was referred to as the most successful coach in college football with 409 wins.As of this writing, due process for the guilt or innocence of Coach Paterno has not been established in the matter of exactly what he knew of the sexual abuse done to boys by his assistant coach,Jerry Sandusky. We do know that he reported the incident to the President of the University. Everyone seems to be throwing stones, or should I say boulders, at Joe Paterno, a dead man.But, they ignore and remain silent about many other grievous and barbaric sins of our society such as abortion, homosexuality and Shari'a Law.

Four sins bring judgment on a nation...idolatry, immorality, killing of the innocent, and dividing the land of Israel. America is guilty on all four counts, and our nation is deteriorating right before our very eyes, as Rome did. Initially,Rome was a Republic built on law as America was a Republic built on Judeo-Christian laws. Rome was destroyed from within as the people of Rome became more and more immoral, engaging in the same four sins that bring judgment on any nation. The people of Rome engaged in idolatry after initially declaring Christianity the religion of the state; they engaged in immorality such as fornication, adultery, homosexuality; they killed the innocent including abortion, and they divided and controlled the land of Israel. These sins brought judgment on the nation as their economy fell and enemies abounded, within and without. Finally, in fear for their security, they gave their leader more and more power until he became a dictator called Caesar instead of President. This leader caused the collapse of the state through his anti-Christ laws.

A dictator becomes a tyrant through democracy which is defined as mob rule. Rome was governed as a Republic under the law, as America once was, but they changed their laws through the dictates of the mob controlled by Caesar. He distracted them with games such as the Olympics and the gladiators, along with his free handouts to pacify the lazy, immoral Roman citizens.

In America today we are giving away more and more of our God-given freedoms which were guaranteed by the Constitution and Bill of Rights, turning this country away from a Republic and moving toward mob rule (democracy as France did when they killed the aristocrats). Now we give more power to the President through the Supreme Court which changes the original intent of the laws established by the Founding Fathers into the wishes and immorality of the mob who have rejected Jesus Christ. Our country is now on the verge of collapse, entering an age of socialism or worse, led by an increasingly more powerful President who is becoming a dictator. The innocent are being destroyed through immoral laws such as abortion, which cuts up a baby inside the mother’s womb and have now reached 55 million victims of this beast government. Yet, hypocritical people throw boulders at Paterno and Penn State.

Just as Caesar did, the gladiators are back in the form of professional athletes who distract the mob and divert them from focusing on the affairs of the state. For the billionaire businessmen who own these teams to use taxes to pay for their stadiums and coliseums is insanity. In turn they pay their players millions of dollars each year, which is ludicrous beyond belief.The ordinary family cannot even afford to take their children to see these professional gladiators who have become American gods. In 1973, the immoral Supreme Court of the United States changed the laws of America which had been founded on the Bible. They made abortion and homosexuality legal when both had formerly been crimes. In the Dred Scott decision of 1857the Supreme Court decided that blacks were not legal people.More recently they decided that a baby in the mother's womb is not a legal person with rights. They allow monster doctors and nurses to kill these precious humans right up to the time of birth.

Yes, they are replacing our Republic where, all people are protected by laws originating from the Bible, with mob rule which allows a President to become a dictator. They are appointing people who allow Shari'a Law to put the nail in the coffin of freedom for the people, leading to persecution of the innocent as the Bible warns us in the book of Revelation. Under a dictator, Shari'a Law rules because the mob elects the person and then intimidates anyone who resists the leader or the new laws they create. Shari'a abuses women, making them the possession of the men in society, and men are allowed to take as many as four women as their wives.

Watch out America! Without a tremendous revival, persecution is coming! Please read II Chronicles 7:14. The stones are being thrown at a dead coach, but the hypocrisy of most of the stone throwers is demonic insanity. God help us all!

Dr. Jonathan Hansen

© 2012 World Ministries International