Dear partners of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ,

As you are reading this, l am in the nations of Liberia and Ghana with a team from World Ministries International (WMI).  The team is composed of Rev. E.J. Buckardt, Pastor Ty Gulstrom, Dr. Michael Hyodo, DDS, Dr. Audre DaCosta, DDS, and myself.  For over a year, the Lord has been burdening and leading us at WMI to speak the prophetic Word of the Lord and to meet the needs of the people of West Africa.  This trip will be the first of two trips to Africa this year, and will provide much "ground breaking" for future ministry to this continent.  Along with starting dental clinics in these countries, we will be spending much time speaking to the political and religious leaders of the-­ nation of Liberia.

Below, I have included a portion of a recent email from Bishop Josiah K. Pah, which outlines the itinerary for the African nation of Liberia.

"Please note the schedule as prepared at our end, by the Government of Liberia and the Gospel for Africa respectively.  We wished to have you with us as of Monday, February 23, 2004 up to February 29, 2004. Please see the itinerary as spread below:”

Monday February 23rd -Arrival of Apostle Hansen and team to Liberia. Evening hours, executive board meeting with Gospel for Africa officials, and other church leaders.

Tuesday February 24th - 11:00 AM, a special meeting with the speaker and members of the National Transitional Legislative Assembly, Capitol Building, Monrovia.

Wednesday February 25th - 11:30 AM, meet-with Chairman of the National Transitional Government of Liberia in the Executive Mansion.

Thursday February 26th - 11 :00 AM, a special meeting with the bishops and other church leaders of Liberia.

Friday February 27th - 11:00 AM, a meeting with the Chief Justice and members of the Judiciary.

Saturday February 28th - Visit the health centers, hospitals and displaced camps.

Sunday February 29th - General Worship and Prophetic service with the Christian Churches of Liberia.

The February 25th meeting outlined above is with Gyude Bryant who is the interim "President" or Chairman of the National Transitional Government of Liberia until 2006. As you can see, this week of meetings has the potential to heavily influence the top leadership of Liberia Please pray right now, and throughout the duration of these meetings that these leaders would be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and call out for national repentance so that the judgment of the Lord is lifted and the blessings of Jesus flow freely to a land that has known war and bondage for many years.

2004 will be a year for Possessing the Land! As we have sought the Lord for the strategy for 2004, He has led us to minister in the following or nations: Jan. 22-26: Texas, USA. Feb. 18 - Mar. 9: Liberia and Ghana. April 16-26: Jamaica. May 21-June 7: Japan. June 22-29: Cuba. July 9-20: Jamaica. Aug. Florida, USA. Sept. 12-15: Georgia, USA Oct. 7-19: Russia. Nov. 4-15: Texas, USA. Dec. 1-15: Sierra Leone, Africa.

Thank you for your past, present and future faithfulness and partnership with me in sharing the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. If you have not done so already, please contact our office and become one of our Tape of the Month Partners. For your love/missions offering of-$25 a month, I will send you a week of radio messages on CD or cassette, along with two pastoral/teaching articles each month. If each of you who is reading this article would partner with us in this way, together we could shake the nations and help meet the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of a lost and hurting world.

The Lord richly bless you, 
Brother J. Hansen

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