My heart is aching as I watch the news and listen to the lies of the liberal media concerning the situation in Israel, along with the coercion President Barack Hussein Obama is putting on their government. May14th through 22nd, my wife, Jeannie, and I, along with Peggy Magnuson of WMI, were in Israel with Tour Host, Tani Zarelli, wife of Washington State Senator Joseph Zarelli. My purpose in traveling to Israel with Tani’s tour was to let God speak to me concerning what He wanted WMI and myself to do for Him in Israel. I needed to forge relationships with different leaders there in order to effectively serve the Lord in exposing the lies of evil men in their attempts to destroy the people of Israel and occupy the land that belongs to God Himself. This was not a normal tour group. We traveled through the Occupied Territories, at times in an armored bus. The pictures on this page will show the different places we traveled in the West Bank, near the Gaza Strip and in the valley below the Golan Heights. These are some of the people that God wanted me to meet so I can work with them in the future in doing everything within my power, operating with the anointing of a prophet, to protect the land of Israel. The enemies of God want to divide the land, making it possible for the Muslim terrorists to have new places from which to attack Israel and kill the Jews and Christians who live in the Holy Land.

Dear fellow believer, the situation is more than critical! President Obama and the extremely biased media are trying to persuade the leaders in the Knesset in Israel to continue to give up their land to the Palestinian Muslims in exchange for peace. These Muslims have no historical basis to claim these portions of land as their own. Furthermore, Israel was promised peace if they would give back the Gaza Strip, and they complied. Instead of the promised peace, they have been continually attacked by over 7,000 Katusha rockets in and around Sderot since 2005 and from Lebanon in 2006. We visited Sderot which is an Israeli city only one mile from the Gaza border. The very next day the city and people of Sderot were attacked by these bombs again. Every Israeli area in the Occupied Territories had their own stories of attacks and atrocities which they have suffered at the hands of what we call Muslim terrorists. It is more than naive to believe the promises from the Muslim propaganda machine. All through Gaza, the West Bank, the Golan Heights and the neighboring Muslim countries of Lebanon, Syria, Iran, etc., the children are being taught to hate and kill Jews, calling them pigs and monkeys.

Will you get in the battle with me? Every time land is given up for peace, they attack Jews and destroy the holy places such as Joseph’s tomb. I met with many leaders including a Knesset Member who will allow me to interview him and others in Israel. Please help me to go back immediately with television personnel. I need your financial support to help me tell the real story of the land and people living in Israel and the Occupied Territories.

Dr. Jonathan Hansen

Gaza Border: Yisroel Stefansky,
Dr. Hansen, and Host Tani Zarelli

Dr. Hansen in Child’s Bomb Shelter -
Sderot Playground

Inside Children’s Bomb Shelter Ps.
Mark Biltz, Dr. Hansen, Yisroel

Noam Bedein w/ Katusha Rocket
at Sderot Media Center

Itamar Settlement - West Bank
Dr. Hansen, Mayor Moshe, Tani

The Knesset Israel’s Parliament

Hebron - Jesse’s Tomb
David Wilder, Dr. Hansen

Dr. & Jeannie Hansen
at Machpelah in Hebron

Kiryat Shimona Cemetery
Lebanon/Syria Border

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