In this newsletter, the term “radical left” means a Marxist, Communist, Socialist world view that believes in a big centralized government that is against Judeo-Christian values and morality. They believe in the state owning the property and controlling the activities of the people. This is what is happening throughout the nations today as their sovereignty is eroded by evil leadership bent on controlling the world. The Book of Revelation warns us about this.

Please read my article, “WHAT IS GOING ON”. It explains that there is a spiritual battle taking place in the nations. People that eat from the fruit of the forbidden tree, as warned about in Genesis 3, are against the values of Jesus Christ. These liberals support sins of abortion, homosexuality, same sex marriage and all religions except Jesus Christ. These Humanist, Marxist, Communist, Socialist and Islamists, are against Israel and through the universities, media, movies etc., are propagating the morality of the forbidden tree. They are against God Himself, but are so delusional in their vanity, they would deny that fact. Romans chapter one warns about a spirit of delusion that will come upon a person that rejects the truth.

Let’s take a brief look at two world leaders who are far to the ideological left; President Obama of the United States of America and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada.

Both of these leaders support sins of abomination described in the Bible. They both support a centralized government and a Marxist ideology wanting to destroy capitalism as well as Christianity. They both ran on a platform of bringing change to their nations which will usher both America and Canada into The New World Order. Both of these men grew up and were mentored by Marxist, Communist and socialistic ideologies and values. Both are bent on revolutionizing their nations from Christian capitalism. They are trying to put the people under the laws of the United Nations, which believes in the transfer of wealth from rich Christian nations to third world nations run by dictators, Marxist, Communist, Socialists and Muslims.

According to the Philadelphia Trumpet January 2016, “Trudeau is not the first Canadian Prime Minister to heap praise on communist China and its authoritarian leaders. A previous prime minister swung Canada far to the ideological left. He downplayed the importance of free enterprise and private property rights, and sought to implement his vision of a ‘just society.’ He annihilated the role of Christianity in Canada, and he became famous for initiating the multicultural experiment that seeks to turn Canada into ethnic representation of the world. By the time this man left office, he had taken a virtually debt-free country to the edge of bankruptcy. This prime minister also invoked Canada’s War Measure Act and suspended the Canadian Bill of Rights during peacetime. He claimed power of censorship and initiated search without warrant and arrest without trial. He became Canada’s...only dictator. This man was Justin’s father; Pierre Elliot Trudeau...Trudeau attended the prestigious Jesuit College Jean-de-Brebeuf in Quebec...became an ardent supporter of the clerically influenced dictatorships of the day...Trudeau joined an underground organization dedicated to overthrowing capitalism, and rioted in the streets with other young, would be revolutionaries. In 1942, young Pierre Trudeau gave a fiery speech in which he called on Canadians to rise up and overthrow the government...While in Paris, he proposed a Harvard doctoral thesis on exploring potential areas of reconciliation between Catholicism and Communism... Pierre Trudeau traveled to Ghana when Communist Kwame Nkrumah, who characterized himself as the African Lenin, seized control of the country. He also happened to be in Algeria when Communist Ahmed Ben Bella took over. Bella was awarded the prestigious Hero of the Soviet Union decoration for heroic feats in service to the Soviet state...Pierre Trudeau and Fidel Castro were fast friends...Trudeau visited Communist 1960 he returned to China to meet Mao...In 1953, the United States banned him from entering the US., citing him as a Communist agent...After his election, homosexuality was decriminalized”...pages 11, 31.

“In October [2015], Canadians emphatically elected charismatic liberal leader Justin Trudeau [Pierre Trudeau’s son], who promised Canada ‘sunny ways’ and ‘change’...’real change’...He too attended a Jesuit school...He was very open about his bad boy past and his illegal drug usage (he says he smoked marijuana during his youth and as a member of Parliament). Other aspects of Trudeau’s background are also reminiscent of President Obama’s. Both came from broken families. Both came out of academia and graduated from prestigious universities. Both were teachers. Prior to entering politics, Trudeau became a successful activist. President Obama was a community organizer and activist. Trudeau focused on environmental issues, which President Obama has also embraced. President Obama is seen as the most feminist president in U.S. history. Trudeau wants to be the most feminist prime minister in Canadian history. ‘I am a feminist. I’m proud to be a feminist.’...Justin Trudeau is a reflection of Canadians’ values. Canadians were already headed in the direction Trudeau epitomizes” 32.

Justin Trudeau’s Vision for Canada, pg 31. “Legalize marijuana; accept more refugees; treat descendants of indigenous peoples as a nation equal to Canada; temper Canada’s support for Israel; stop combat with the Islamic State; reengage with Iran; shrink the military; borrow money; increase taxes on the wealthy; increase taxes on businesses; adopt the United Nations mandate on climate change.”

Dear fellow believer: Jesus instructs his followers to take dominion, subdue, be salt, occupy and make disciples of the people in every nation. Adam failed to subdue and cast Satan out of the garden, and Eve was deceived. If the nations are going to be filled with the glory of the Lord, Christians must understand that they are at war with Satan, who persecutes the church through evil men that society elects or tolerates. The battle lines are clearly drawn. If believers do not obey the Great Commission and make disciples in their nations, putting Christian leaders into their governments rather than evil men following a liberal ideology, they will be persecuted. The Holy Spirit and evil spirits in people are at odds with each other according to Genesis 3:15. Some nations will resist this New World Order. The prosperity and peace or deterioration and destruction, as well as persecution of Christians in the nations, are up to the believers in that particular nation. Please get involved in representing the values of Jesus Christ without fear or compromise and make your nation a sheep nation instead of a goat nation.


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