At 4:16am on July 9, 2020, I awoke from a dream.  In the dream I was caught up in a war.  There were men in both civilian and military attire.  I was in some type of building with other men discussing the situation with other people wearing civilian clothing.  Word continued to come in that he was dead.  We went to a coffee shop to continue talking, getting away from the former location as it was becoming more and more dangerous and people were being killed.  In the coffee shop I sat with other civilian leaders and military men as we continued to discuss the situation.  We were at several tables, not all sitting together.  Some were not leaders, but all were in the same dangerous situation.  I remember hearing a comment that they were killed by terrorists.  I sent other men to get more people we knew and when they returned without them, I asked "Where are they?".  The man answered, "They were sleeping."  I said, "Why didn't you wake them up?"  Some people left to assess the situation and try to bring others into the battle.  I found myself staying and talking with another leader, who at times leaned forward with his head in his hands in serious contemplation and despair.  I continued trying to talk with him and encourage him.  We talked for a long time, sometimes with others joining us, and changed tables several times.  I found myself alone with this man, again with the others either gone or meeting in a group of about five discussing the situation, three of them in civilian clothing.  All of a sudden, the man I stayed behind with became anxious and scared saying, "I have to get out of here; I must go!"  I grabbed his forearm and said, "Where are you going?"  He just replied again, "I must go!" He rushed out of the building and melted into society.  I sat there alone contemplating why he had gone so quickly.  Then I quickly went to where the five were gathering and told them what had just transpired with our leader friend.  I explained that, without warning, he came to his senses and realized what time it was.  He said, "I have to get out of here; I must go!" and he ran out without giving me a chance to ask him about his fears or reasons why he must go.  I said to the others, "I think there is a possibility that our leader friend is a traitor and he left us quickly because he knew this location would immediately come under a terrorist attack."  I asked them, "Where are the others that we sent men to get?"  A man said, "They were sleeping."  I said, "Wake them up!"  As the others left to try and wake them up, still others left because it was not safe to be in the coffee shop any longer.  Even the lights were off now as the shop seemed closed for the night.  I stayed behind in the dark meditating on the situation and what could be done.  Then I awoke.


When the dream started, I found myself already in a very dangerous situation.  I had gone somewhere to meet people and found myself caught up in an unexpected war, meaning this was now a full-blown war that had erupted out of nowhere, even though some of us were already aware of that possibility.  Some of us were aware because we had not lost our first love for Jesus.  We were in an intimate relationship with Jesus, studying the word daily, mediating on the word and being led by the Holy Spirit.  We were baptized in the Holy Spirit and exercising the power gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Some believers are well aware of the seriousness of the situation in America today.  But most people, including most of the bride of Christ, are still, even now, pathetically ignorant of our blight.  I say "pathetically" because there is no excuse for this ignorance, other than they have lost their first love and are consumed with the things and cares of this world, ignoring reality.  Or maybe they are caught up in some of their denominational teachings, being led to believe nothing bad can happen to "Gods elect".  They believe we will be "out of here" raptured before all evil breaks loose and the anti-christ is revealed with the mark of the beast.  The rest of society is ignorant, as they have been deceived and don't recognize this battle to topple the Republic of the United States of America through atheistic teachings of Marxist, Communists, Socialists, Islamic and evolutionists.  They teach their propaganda in the public schools and universities as well as being supported by the media and Hollywood.

As the fighting was taking place in the dream, people were dying and we went into a building, possibly a warehouse, to escape the immediate danger outside.  In the warehouse we were discussing the crisis, but continued to get interrupted with reports of our friends being killed.  We were told of a coffee shop that was a safer area, so we changed locations to the coffee shop as the warehouse was coming under more dangerous attack.  In the coffee shop the leaders discussed how to get a grip on the real situation going on now in America and what can be done to try and turn it around.  I kept giving instructions to go and wake people up, meaning since 1985, after my first supernatural dream where God showed me his heart was broken because most Christians were in love with the world more than they were with him.  When I asked God why, He said, "because the pastors behind the pulpit are more in love with the world than they are in love with Jesus".  Since then I have been traveling the nations and the United States trying to wake up the church to return to their first love, Jesus Christ.

At the coffee shop we continued to assess our predicament and plan strategy to counterattack.  The fact that I kept telling people to go and wake them up demonstrates my efforts since 1985 to sound the alarm and try to wake up the church and leaders of the church to the urgency of the hour and to get into the battle to extend the kingdom of God.  I have been trying to usher in a Holy Spirit revival so people come back to putting Jesus first in their life.  I've tried to wake them up to the danger around them that America is under attack with attempts to remove Jesus Christ and Christianity from America and move us into a New World Order where Christians will be the enemy.  They will be persecuted, hunted down and killed.  There will be Christians and friends among us that will betray us.  They will falter under the attack and decide they no longer want to be an enemy of those that hate God.  They will compromise and align themselves with the enemies of God instead of fighting them with the true gospel.  Some will even convince themselves that the church will not be here when all hell breaks loose because they have listened to a false grace gospel, as well as a false escapee gospel.  When the mark of the beast is introduced some will even take the mark telling themselves this cannot be it and Jesus will understand because He sees our heart.

In the dream I kept telling others to go and wake them up, but most wanted to sleep, and the person did not shake them hard enough to get them out of bed.  Today we must get in people's faces with the reality of their situation spiritually, and the reality of the battle we are fighting in America and around the world.  An antichrist spirit is sweeping the nations, trying to usher all people into a New World Order.  If we don't wake up in America soon, we will lose our Christian heritage, freedom, Constitution and Bill of Rights.  America is under attack as they try to change our way of life and freedoms guaranteed us Under God in our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  They want to tear down Capitalism, replacing it with Socialism and Christians who resist will be persecuted, imprisoned and killed.

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