I awoke approx 4:26 from a dream.  In the dream I saw a man who carried a long weapon like a rifle.  It was much larger circularly like a bazooka, only it wasn’t a bazooka.  It appeared to be hollow in the inside but when he pointed it at people they died.

He spoke it seemed in a European tongue.  He was captured but the person guarding him died after approaching him, not seemingly aware of the dangers of his weapon.  When he was close to the prisoner, he just fell over and then all could see the prisoner had pointed his weapon at his guard up close as they were face to face and the now dead guard did not seem to even notice the prisoner had this weapon pointed at him.  Standing so close, it is hard to believe this prisoner could even point the weapon at the guard.


I believe this prisoner is the devil.  God has already defeated him but the world and most Christians do not recognize how dangerous he is and continue to open the doors and allow the devil to aim his weapon and send demons to attack this witless, naïve people.  The clueless people in the nations and the pathetic lukewarm, dysfunctional, ignorant church have lost their ability to guard against the dangers of the demoniac as they don’t even realize their existence or their vicious weapons they use against this clueless generation. 

Only the remnant who are walking close to God can know these demoniac enemies and educate the people of their existence and their dangers.  WE must engage in this spiritual battle for the soul of America and the nations of the world.  We must be true ambassadors for Jesus Christ fulfilling the Great Commission.  We must lead another Great Awakening.