On Sunday July 16, 1995 at 0450hrs., the Lord God Almighty gave a word to his servant Jonathan Hansen concerning the people of the great nation of India. The following warning is a direct message from God:

"India, India a land and people so diversified; you are divided by problems -- sins as large as the ocean; you are divided by the sea. Turn back to me. All people come from me. I make them blameless, innocent from transgressions, from the coming Judgment. Then, they go their own way: they make their own gods of mortar, brick and clay; They choose their own prophets; from the dust of earth they came, and unto the dust they go. None with eternal life, just prophets of doom and death; a spirit from a false god, only a 'form' of myself. I will surely visit your transgressions, and your iniquities, I already see. None will escape from the eyes or ears of the Lord; for I see and hear all things, all lies, all secrets and all filthy abominations that daily go out throughout the land. Turn, turn from your wicked ways, saith the Lord of Hosts, for I am the King of Glory. You will not stand against me with all your wizards and sorcerers. I am a jealous God and my rage is about full. I will visit your sons and daughters with the wrath of my indignation, and will know I live. Your eyes will melt before thee and your ears burst; your skin will burn and you will remember this day of warning. Turn to me, turn to me, while there is still time, while my mercy and grace still flow. For I am coming with a sword, with pestilence and fire; and you will know that I live thus saith the Lord of Hosts, the living God of Israel and all nations, Jesus Christ the Lord. I am the Hope of Glory, King of all rulers; The Ruler that is yet to come and reign over land, ocean, sea, the world foundation and all that dwell therein."

After receiving this warning from the Lord for India, Brother Hansen went to sleep. Within minutes the Lord spoke to him with another warning. As Rev. Hansen lay in bed thinking about this sudden revelation, the Lord said, "Son of man, get up and write the words that I have given you." Reverend Hansen got up and recorded:

"Oh India, oh India, the land and people who have closed the ears. For you to know that I live, you will be hit with a giant earthquake, the largest you will have ever seen! First, it will strike Bombay then Madras, and you will know that I live."

The Bible tells us the Lord God Almighty and Jesus Christ (they are one) will give the interpretation and meaning to Divine Revelation. As his servant Prophet Hansen waited upon the Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord revealed the meaning of this prophecy:

God is giving a strong warning of impending judgment. This is an act of his everlasting mercy and grace before eternal and final judgment arrives.

India is a country so different, so separate from the rest of the world, and from their own people in that very land. Born as babies, as all of us are, God holds them innocent. They grow and follow their own hearts, their own minds and many different evil spirits, which control the continent. The continent, which once was unified, is now split into separate countries brought on by their own desires from evil hearts.

The people all say they love their god or gods, but the gods they serve are idols made up to fulfill their own ways. They cannot see, hear or smell. They represent a lie. The only Living God allows us the freedom on earth to choose to live in harmony and peace with him and his creation through his Son. The Holy Spirit then abides in our being, giving us tranquility, causing us to be content. We harm no one and desire what is good and right and precious for one another. The world would then return to its original intent and state of holiness, beauty and perfection before sin (which is impurity, disease and death) was allowed to exist, brought here by rebellion against all that is good, pure and holy. When man rebels against his Maker, he is rebelling against his own being and existence.

God wants to return the earth to its original state before man rebelled. God is and will judge and separate all those who continue to cause the problems under which earth and mankind now suffer. God the Holy Spirit, through Jesus Christ, is returning in full power and authority to restore his world. A world without the corruption of the glutton, demons and the devil. All spoken through the prophetic divine word will happen so you will know he lives, he reigns and is the great and only "I AM that I AM."

India, plagues are coming upon the earth and they have already started. God is calling you to repent of your evil ways, your lusts, your desires, lying and cheating. India will burn with fire. One must accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. The mark of the Beast is coming; all those who refuse to accept Jesus Christ as their God, will take the mark of the Beast. Thus, in reality pledging their allegiance and loyalty to the New World Order under a false messiah led under the influence of Satan himself. Your religions will all follow this devil inspired world leader, and all nations and people will be judged.



Get a Bible and read Revelation, chapters 13-22. Read it, study it, live it, breath it and you will find eternal life and escape the final judgment.

This prophecy was recorded on July 16, 1995 and conveyed to church leaders at that time.

© 1995 World Ministries International