It is the duty of every Christian globally to be making disciples of all nations and equipping the saints to do spiritual battle in the country in which they live. People throughout the world are being programmed to accept the mark of the beast. A cashless world society is about to appear as crisis after crisis hammers each country.

My background is in military and law enforcement, being assigned to Strategic Air Command (nuclear base) in the Air Force and then later becoming a member of the Sheriff Department's SWAT team and President of the Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers in Spokane, Washington. I hold two BA’s, two MA’s and two Doctorates. I am not a flake. With my eyes and heart focused on Jesus Christ, and as the President of World Ministries International, I am dedicated to warning the nations of His soon return.

I work with both political and church leaders of nations, encouraging them to follow Jesus Christ in order to avoid the plagues of God which are prophesied to come upon those nations who stubbornly resist the call of Jesus and who are persecuting His Bride.

In America we are losing our freedoms while a liberal media and government are attacking the traditional family values set for us by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The media, public schools, and government are promoting immoral and amoral values/behaviors, brainwashing Americans into accepting the laws of the United Nations and a New World Order citizenship; thus, destroying our sovereignty, our Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

As believers we are called to be watchmen on the walls. Romans 13:1-7 warns us that civil government is meant to be the delegated authority as an arm of God to promote righteousness. Civil government is not supposed to support evil or to become evil. If they do, it is the duty of the watchmen on the wall to sound the alarm and expose, rebuke, and, if necessary, resist them and vote them out of office.

These biblical examples refused to bow to ungodly leadership:
Joseph - Refused to bow to Pharaoh.
Moses - Challenged, threatened and rebuked Pharaoh.
Elijah - Corrected and came against King Ahab and Queen Jezebel.
John the Baptist - Publicly rebuked King Herod for his adultery.
Daniel - Refused to obey the civil government and opened his window and prayed.
The Apostles - Continued to preach in Jesus' name, violating civil law.
Jesus Himself rebuked hypocritical leadership.
We have reached this deplorable state in America because Christians have failed to be salt and light, and consequently, they are being ruled and persecuted by the pagan!

I need your support as I travel and warn the nations of the world that Jesus is returning. Pastors in America, help me expose the lies of the enemy as I use television, radio, articles, crusades, conferences and revival meetings to lift off the deceivableness that has come upon the people because of the brainwashing of her leaders through a post Judeo-Christian era. America needs another great awakening. I am open to coming to your area for a conference or to speak in your church and awaken the Bride of Christ to her responsibilities to influence her culture for Jesus.

America is in a soft revolution. If the Church doesn’t wake up now, Christians will come under tyranny as we lose our freedoms while our country turns to Socialism/Marxism. Enclosed is a brochure detailing my ministry, as well as a renewal form that I urge you to return if you wish to continue to receive my monthly newsletters. We are in a battle and America’s future is in the hands of Christians who must choose to take back this nation ...or lose her forever!

Dr. Jonathan Hansen

© 2010 World Ministries International