At 0256am on June 14, 2020 I awoke from a dream.  I got up and wrote it down, finishing at 0342am.  I was traveling in what appeared to be a VW van full of people.  We were headed for a beach.  The impression I got was we were in Oahu, Hawaii.  I was in the front passenger seat giving instructions on how to drive to an inexperienced learner.  He was constantly crossing the center line and even moving onto the wrong side of the road, completely into the oncoming vehicle's lane.  I told him to give me the wheel and let me drive or we would all be killed.  I steered the vehicle back onto our side of the road and continued safely.  As I was driving the van on this two lane paved road, there was an intersection ahead where a person could either slow down and stop, turn right or left to continue onto another paved two lane highway, or drive straight ahead leaving the paved two lane highway and drive onto a one lane unpaved road through a corn field with tall corn stalks on either side blocking any view.  I chose to drive on the unpaved, newly cut, one lane road which was barely wide enough for one vehicle going through the corn field.  Even though I could not see on either side of the vehicle, only thinking this must be a safe, authorized road that is a short cut to the beach.  All of a sudden in front of me, without warning and with no time to stop, the road was gone.  The growing corn field now blocked the road, blinding our view in front and on either side of us.  I continued to drive through it thinking I was approaching our destination.  Instead, without warning and with no time to stop I was driving off a cliff, hundreds if not thousands, of feet straight down.  There was no time to even slam on the brakes and put the car in reverse as I drove off the road, over the cliff and into the air looking down although the car was still straight, as if a road was under us.  By the time I regained my senses, over 75% of the van was off the road over the cliff, in the air.  It was totally impossible, within the laws of gravity, not to plunge straight down to our deaths killing everyone in the van.  Somehow the van moved backwards, onto the cornfield traveling backwards through the narrow, newly cut one lane road and back onto the paved two lane highway.  This was totally impossible.  I did not drive the vehicle as I could not react fast enough nor did I keep the vehicle from plunging straight down the cliff when it went off the road instead of driving on air.  I stopped when we were safe on the two lane paved road and looked at the rear two tires.  All the rubber was burned off as it appeared someone tried to stop, fully applying the brakes but there had been no time to actually do that.  God had Himself, through mercy and grace, broke His own laws of gravity and applied the brakes; reversing the direction of the vehicle backwards even though it still faced going off the cliff.  Remember, it was humanly impossible to even have time to apply the brakes to stop the vehicle, not yet to put the car in reverse.  This was totally a supernatural act of God to spare the lives of the people in the van who had done their best to get to the beach.  


In these very uncertain, unchartered and dangerous times we are living in, one must be in an intimate relationship at all times with Jesus and led by the Holy Spirit moment by moment throughout the day.  Even though I took the wheel of the car back from the inexperienced driver who ended up driving on the wrong side of the two lane paved road, I myself made a bad decision in the flesh to take the new, one lane, freshly cut road through the corn stalks, straight ahead in what appeared to be going to the beach.  I had a choice.  I could have stayed on the safe paved two lane highway, even though I would have had to turn changing directions either right or left instead of taking a short cut.  I thought I would go straight ahead saving time in a shortcut to the beach, but instead of getting us there sooner it was a trap to kill everyone in the van.  Only a very close relationship with Jesus again led intimately daily, moment by moment, by the Holy Spirit will keep us safe in the future so we make safe decisions to spare our lives.  The inexperienced driver represents those Christians that we are training and raising up as well as the body of Christ that are young and naive.  We must watch over them and disciple them quickly so they do not become a casualty during these times we are facing and heading into.  Even the most mature and experienced servant of God can make wrong decisions in haste if they don't seek the Lord and lean on the Holy Spirit each and every day and throughout the day for decisions, even mundane decisions, they will have to make.  God's grace is there and He will help us even at times when we do falter if we learn from those casual bad choices and stay close to the Lord leaning on him daily.  We must watch after the younger ones in the faith, teaching them earnestly the ways of God with all diligence and at the same time, realize that we ourselves will become prey as Satan is setting traps for us if we are not alert and vigilant.  Supernatural miracles are going to be increasing more and more as God protects and preserves His people.

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